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Edwards survives--and that's saying something

I noticed that the cable news channels were even re-airing the debate later on last night. There's good reason for that, too. As careful as Bush & Co. have been, some things still do slip out, and usually out of Cheney's mouth, that should embarass his co-workers and frighten everybody else. And besides that, people just like looking at John Edwards--he's the father, brother, son, etc...that everybody wishes they had, and listening to him speak, one begins to fall into a dreamy trance...

On the other hand, I was impressed by the way Cheney threatened the use of biological or nuclear weapons in a big city, twice. I mean warned, not threatened. He was warning us of the threat, which he said was very "real." And he should know too, because he's on top of all that. Now that Osama is cornered in a 40 sq. mile part of SE Afghanistan, the threat is worse than ever, apparently.

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