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Keane wins Eastside Democratic Club Endorsement!!!

Here is a repost of their endorsement. Way to go Teresa!!
The Eastside Democratic Club of Portland endorsed Pacific Green Party candidate Teresa Keane for at U.S. Senate at their meeting October 5th. The club represents progressive activists, working together since 1984. At the meeting, Teresa easily contrasted her positions to incumbent Democrat Ron Wyden who has steadily moved to the right co-opting to Republican Gordon Smith. Teresa will represent the people of Oregon to enact single-payer, universal healthcare, family wage jobs, environmental protection and sustainability and foreign policy based on peaceful solutions. Teresa will also work for government reform to remove corporate corruption and special interest money from the halls of Congress.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votekeane.org

Yay! :) 06.Oct.2004 18:59

Mistletoe Angel

I intend to vote Keane this November for the Senate seat and will support the Green Party in all the positions below presidency to see to it their base grows.

Noah Eaton