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Photots of October 3 Portland Peace March

On Sunday, October 3, 2004, Portland showed the world that it is opposes the Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are a few photographs from the march, which took place after a rally in the North Park Blocks.
The Portland streets were filled with creative signs, radical cheerleaders, many citizens concerned about the direction our country is taking, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but with U.S. support of Israel, our actions in Colombia, and other places all over the globe where we support repressive regimes and tolerate human right abuses.
We can always count on the community spirit of Portlanders to stand up and speak their minds when they perceive social injustice. Here are some photographs of a few signs and those people who took the time on a sunny fall day to speak truth to power and try to strengthen the conscience of their community.

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Glorious pictures 05.Oct.2004 20:11


Being IN the march, I never did see it nor could I see the end. It's like being in an endless sea of bodies for peace, and I was floating, moving along with the waves and the beats and the currents.

gk dito 05.Oct.2004 20:20


Yes thank you for the photos most of the time I only get to see those beatiful people around me and many frighten cops. Thanks for the photos.

numbers? 06.Oct.2004 14:57


How many peeps were there?

Why now! 12.Oct.2004 15:07


I love the photos and comments, but why is this a center-post feature now?

Makes my day! 12.Oct.2004 16:29


The large peace dove picture makes my day! Who was in on that?

Yes lots of fun 12.Oct.2004 17:24

"rebel" ha ha!

Yes, hoping that our government will stop having wars and bring peace is fun!
Bceause, as we all know, Joh Kerry is the answer to all of our questions! Government itself isn't oppression- no, government is really there to help us, even though it puts a majority of people of color in prison, and constantly protects the rich white upper classes- that's all just a coincident!
If we keep waving these big peace signs every politician will come to love peace and hate violence!
And we will live our lives under the rule of peace! And the white people will still have everything- ha ha! And Native peoples and African Americans and Immigrants will still starve by the millions, but hay, we'll stop bombign Iraq! And there will still be rampant sexism and class division- but you will be able to drive your SUV with a clean concience, and you will sleep safe in your locked-up white picket fence home knowing that YOUR KIDS will never have to go to WAR, and as long as YOUR WHITE FAMILY is safe- well, who cares about OPPRESSION in general? Right? Right? "Peace and love"- vote for your fucking government, go ahead.

PEACE ISN'T YOUR SECURITY... get over it. Stop government if you want justice.

being in the march 14.Oct.2004 06:33


i did go to the march and i should really stop going to them cause all they do is piss me off...esspecially the speakers. The whole theme was "get bush out of office and peace will come" its complete bull sh*t first of all and to say that getting bush out of office is going to stop hatred and violence is ludcrise(i cant spell =\). Mainly becuase bush isnt the cause of all hate...i could go on. The other theme was "Give us money and there will be more peace" Bull shit. You do not need a permit, and i wish portland would have more "illegeal" marches. Protest taht kind of facism. October 3 did nothing except get people to think they did something good.