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Keane's banner stolen by cops

Teresa hung her peace banner at the Rally yesterday but it upset someone at Homeland Security so they stole it. Here is the report.
At the Peace rally today I hung my peace banner on the locked gate of the empty Customs Building adjacent to the Peace Rally gathering place. The banner had 4 lines and said: Stop the War; Teresa Keane; U.S. Senate; votekeane.org. The Portland bicycle cops drove up as the banner was being hung. I asked them how it looked and they said okay and left us alone. Later, the Homeland Security force arrived and the banner disappeared. I approached Commander Ian Canaan, Department of Homeland Security, and requested the banner back. He refused to return it and said it was hung on federal property and I could complain to his boss Ken Spitzer. So now we have the facts that our Peace Rallies are being monitored by Homeland Security. Gee aren't we peace activists a dangerous threat. As your U.S. Senator, I will fire these guys and have them go get a real job.

Please send your complaints to Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Services, 400 15th St SW, Auburn, WA. 98001
206-610-6496,  Ian.Canaan@DHS.gov


homepage: homepage: http://www.votekeane.org

Thank You Teresa 04.Oct.2004 14:54

You Have My Vote

I have planned on voting for you already so this only reinforces my decision. I saw you at the parade, but I never saw you opponent Wyden there. Wonder why? Maybe because he is no friend of the peace movement, having voted for the PATRIOT Act and voted in favor of giving GW the authorization to go to war (which is illegal). Wyden is also no friend of the forest as he helped wuthor the Healthy Forest Plan. Or the No Timber Company Left Behind plan. I urge anyone planning to vote for Wyden to please reconsider.

Thank You Teresa for trying to oust Wyden so that his constituents can have a real progressive as their voice

No he didn't 04.Oct.2004 17:23

George Bender

I'm no fan of Ron Wyden, but it's not true that he voted for war with Iraq. None of Oregon's congressional Democrats voted for the war. The two Republicans did. It's important to get our facts straight.

sorry 04.Oct.2004 17:34

I was wrong

but he did vote for the $86.5 billion.

You seem a little vindictive, Teresa 04.Oct.2004 17:39


You try to take advantage of a rally to "advertise" yourself, some government(union) worker just does his job and you want him fired. This would be followed by a wrongful termination lawsuit against the taxpayers. Of course, that is only if you win, so I think his job is pretty secure.

you miss the point 04.Oct.2004 18:00


You can't file a wrongful termination suit if you simply get rid of the jobs. Happens all the time in government whenever a position can no longer be paid for or no longer suits the interests of those making the decisions. Homeland Security and JTTF are nothing more than tax-payer supported anti-democracy goon squads. The sooner those people have to get real jobs the better. And Keane has my vote as well.

Keane hears from Homeland Security 05.Oct.2004 13:17

Ian J. Canaan, Commander

> Mr. Keane,
> In response to your complaint about the taking of the banner you
attached to the U.S. Custom House in Portland over the weekend, I refer you to the following:
> 1. 41 CFR 102-74.415- This statute prohibits posting or affixing
> materials to GSA-controlled property.
> 2. The Hatch Act- This act prohibits political material being
posted in or on government facilities.
> The violation of the Title 41 section is a misdemeanor crime and
carries a penalty of a fine, or imprisonment for not more than 30 days, or both.
> Your sign was confiscated as evidence of the aforementioned crime.
If you would like your banner back, it will be available from Officer Robert> Endresen. Please contact him at 503-326-5590 to arrange pickup.
> Please be aware that future incidents such as this will result in the
> permanent confiscation and ultimately the destruction of any signs or
> banners attached to Federal property.
> Ian J. Canaan, Commander
> U.S. Department of Homeland Security
> Federal Protective Service
> Western Washington
> 206-510-6496

senator keane (don't think so) 05.Oct.2004 18:57

baghdad bob

well i agree with the cops in this case. if teresa put her sign on the statue of liberty, the washington monument or on the front door of the white house and they took it down would she be crying foul? no, she put her sign on an abandonned federal building (or so she says).. that makes it okay.. sometimes we don't have to watch endless debates to see is the best qualified.. thanks teresa you have saved me a lot of quality time.. bb

yet again, missing the point 06.Oct.2004 01:38


Homeland Security has no business monitoring peaceful demonstrations. They're supposed to be out catching terrorists, which seems to be a little too difficult for them. The local police didn't have a problem and didn't see a need to escalate a harmless situation, good for them. Homeland Security has nothing better to do, showing what a ridiculous burden they are for the tax-payers of this country. If they can't do real work I don't want my taxes to pay their salaries. And, as someone who's lived in DC I can tell you the cops there wouldn't have a problem with this either; in fact, it happens all the time and the DC cops are used to it and know better than to waste people's money in pursuing frivolous charges. I'm not surprised that Homeland Security doesn't "know better" since they seem to be paid (with the taxes of the citizens of this country) for the job of harassing anyone who disagrees with the current administration. You've got to love a country that takes money from its citizens to pay for those who will oppress them. We need to rekindle our love of democracy, liberty, and individual rights as the founders of this country intended for us.

"[The] law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."
- Thomas Jefferson

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."
- George Washington

"I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us that the less we use our power the greater it will be."
- Thomas Jefferson

"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government."
- James Madison

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."
- Thomas Jefferson

Homeland Security 06.Oct.2004 06:34


My husband works for Homeland Security and I have VERY proud of him. They are not at political rallys to oppress peoples views. The only time they are EVER called to a rally is when they will be marching past any Federal Buildings and it is their job to see that the buildings or properties are not defamed in any way. Yes, our tax dollars pay for their wages, but I'm glad we have their protection. If the protesters don't want them at their rallys, stay away from any federal properties and you won't see them! Then you will only have to contend with Portland PD, who is also paid with your tax dollars. But then, I'm sure, someone will find something to complain about against them too.

Two threats to our civil liberties 06.Oct.2004 07:04


Homeland Security shouldn't be monitoring political events.
Ms. Keane shouldn't think, that as a U.S. Senator, that she could snap her fingers and get people fired just because they incur her wrath.
It's hypocritical to complain about abuse, and then promise to be abusive herself.

yes, more costly, intrusive, and wasteful government spending, please 06.Oct.2004 11:57


"Buildings and it is their job to see that the buildings or properties are not defamed in any way"

Wow, what an excellent use of our tax dollars: paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to do what, protect against spray-painting or a broken window that could be fixed for a thousand dollars. Or someone hanging a banner. What a waste.

"stay away from any federal properties and you won't see them"

Yes, surely an easy task given how small and unobtrusive our federal government is.</sarcasm>

Getting rid of the department of Homeland Security should be a top priority for anyone who believes in this country. We don't need a new massive government department to do what already bloated departments are supposed to be doing. And, come on, "Homeland Security", are we going to put swastikas on our flag next? Of course, any 1 senator is going to have trouble doing this but anyone willing to raise the issue is doing well by me.
I pledge allegiance...
I pledge allegiance...