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AUDIO FILE: October 3 Portland Peace Rally and March

Sunday, October 3, 2004, the citizens of Portland Oregon filled the streets to protest the ongoing Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Estimates vary, but there were at least 3000-5000 people marching through the streets, with signs, chants and a love for Democracy and Humanity.
This is a 40 minute audio file of the speakers who addressed the crowd before the March took to the streets. Among the speakers were Annette Broussard and Sean Cruz from Military Families Speak Out; Pastor Leroy Hayes; a veteran of 1991 Desert Storm, representing Veterans for Peace, local 17; and Keynote Speaker, Barbara Dudley, professor of Political Science at Portland State University. These are just the names I remember. A couple speakers spoke about fair housing issues, another about Palestine and the School of the Americas.
Barbara Dudley spoke last, but not least, for about 10 minutes. She gives a concise analysis of the situation in Iraq, speaking about the farce of the upcoming elections in January, as well as the decling morale of the soldiers over there. "Their tours of duty have been extended time and time again. The White House does not want these soldiers home before the election. Too many of them are disillusioned with the war, and their disillusionment would spread like a virus through their families and their hometowns......According to a story in USA Today this week, more than 1/3 of the individual ready reserves being reactivated for duty in Iraq have failed to report on time."
"There is nothing postive that can come from continued occupation of Iraq. We are not preventing civil war, we are only fueling it."

Thanks to all those who took time out to speak their minds and demonstrate that there are many Americans who value life, all life; who value the principles upon which this country was founded, if not consistantly honor; who value the earth and the many diverse cultures of the earth and who take seriously the responsibilties inherent in the privileges of wealth and liberty we all enjoy.
October 3 Peace Rally

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Corrections 04.Oct.2004 00:29


The first speaker from Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) was Annette Pritchard. The PGWI veteran was Sean Lewis (me) from Veterans for Peace, chapter 72 [  http://www.vfpchapter72.org ].

Thank you :)

thanks 04.Oct.2004 07:33


for those corrections. Only heard the last name and just took a guess, a bad one at that......