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KOIN report on today's march

Local news grossly underestimates number of people at march...not surprising, but still discouraging.
I had a nice time at today's march and rally. The brilliant early fall weather lent a festive air to what might have been a far more sombre and serious assembly. I imagine that because it has been a long time since Portland has had a mass march like this, people were only too glad to be in the company of like-minded individuals not rushing headlong to support our government's arrogant endeavours.

I'm not so terrific at estimating crowd numbers, but I've been in enough to hazard decent guesses. It seemed to me that there were a few thousand easy at this march. It wouldn't floor me if the actual number was higher. In any case, I happened to catch KOIN's 'report' on the day's event. The reporter looked charmingly into the camera as she said that "nearly three hundred" people marched downtown today. Three hundred? What the hell? I mean, who gives them these numbers? Why are even our local media outlets so misleading?

I suppose I know the answers to those questions, but it really pissed me off nonetheless.

Not that it matters, but does anyone know the actual crowd estimates?
fox 03.Oct.2004 23:54


Fox news had no coverage, what-so-ever. We had thousands there.

rally 04.Oct.2004 00:02


One of my friends estimated closer to 2000, but that's probably a little high. One thing I noticed was a lot of less public anti-authoritarian organizing. Not black-bloc, masked anarchists, but folks who seemed pretty well into building actual people power. There were a number of groups interested in gardens, etc. "The Community Independance Project" was one of them... More power to them!

My Count 04.Oct.2004 08:36

Den Mark, Vancouver

As a Science dude, i use samplings in order to count big numbers. At this march, i positioned myself on one corner, & counted number of ranks of people per block, number of people per rank, & number of blocks, & did so conservatively. Very accurate estimation method. My number: 4900. I'm confident with that number.

My guess 04.Oct.2004 13:20

a friend

Yeah, my estimate was 2000-3000. The media estimate is laughable. Do you know what 300 people look like in a large space? I've been at many large demonstrations, so my estimates are becoming pretty accurate. When I was on hills, I tried to view the march front and back. I was disappointed that it wasn't larger--where are all the Democrats when you need them? But the size was decent, and we were respectably LOUD.