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Rally Given Brush Off By Local Media

Feeble coverage of today's rally.
The local media's lavish coverage of every little murmur of Mt. St. Helens (and interviews with what looks like every tourist, geologist, and official within five miles of the crater) almost completely eclipsed any coverage of today's peace rally in the North Park Blocks.

After returning home, I made a point of channel surfing between the various stations and found only one (6) with a brief report that ran perhaps 20 or 30 seconds with quit shots of the march. The reporter estimated that there were "300 people" involved. Anyone who was there knows that there were far more than 300 people.

Folks began to gather well before the 2:00 pm announced beginning with announcements, speeches, and introductions. The march proceeded into town and circled back to the park blocks on 6th Avenue. Streets had been blocked and police on bicycles, motorcycles, and foot were ranged along the route. I did not notice any problems.

Later on, there was a quick story on the female soccer players, but as far I could tell otherwise, our local news stations gave it a miss. Ironically, one of them gave more time to an incident at a Bush/Cheney office where someone had thrown a rock and stolen several computers. "It is unknown if this act was politically motivated," they solemnly intoned.
I just hope that it's worth it! 03.Oct.2004 20:11


After all this worrying and exhaustive media coverage, I hope Mt. St. Helens goes off bigtime. I mean, it's a f'in VOLCANO. How cool is that.

When Will You People Learn? 03.Oct.2004 23:35


The corporate media doesn't care about your silly little march, why should they? Corporate media is part of the oppressive fascist police state that is everywhere right now in this country. If your not making them money or protecting their bottom line (which is making money) then you'll never see any coverage for a rally such as the one downtown today.

Don't trust corporate media! If you want a good example of what I'm talking about go to the "videos available online" link in orange text at the top of the Portland Indymedia homepage and watch the Portland Indymedia's Videos From The Resistance, "Fuck The Corporate Media" here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/videos/#FuckTheCorporateMedia

It's the top video on the video page so you can't miss it.

I was there 04.Oct.2004 05:14


three thousand demonstraters. for real. plus a stage, music and booths. the organizers (PPRC)did a real fine job. the next one will be bigger, I'm sure.

this is our time, progressives. reality is on our sides, and power is fading. our message is strong and it resonates with morality and justice. when the oil is gone, things will be so much better. and it is going fast!

Three thousand? 04.Oct.2004 06:13


We passed out fliers at the event. We had 1,000 fliers. We got nearly everyone. At most there were 1,200 to 1,600. A good turnout. Not all these people went on the march, a bunch were pulled into the carnival things booths at the end.

Excuse Me 04.Oct.2004 08:29

Den Mark, Vancouver

Excuse me, please. I moved my ass to the front of the march & stood as marchers passed. I counted number of ranks per block, number of people per rank, & number of blocks. That is as accurate as a person can get without having marchers go thru a turnstile. My number: 4900. I am totally confident with that number. In fact, i was conservative (yikes! "conservative"?) in my counts.

1000s, not 100s. 04.Oct.2004 09:51


I was there. We were up by the front, so never sat and watched the ranks march thru. But there were 1000s, not 100s. We estimated people arrived in the park at a rate between 50-100/minute for a couple hours.. so do the math. My WAG would be at least 2000 people.

I would say that these things ought to be better publicised in the mainstream media.

Watching for news coverage was depressing... Fox had nothing -- zilch, zero... although they did see fit to do something on the biggest
apple pie in the world. And the Pigeon Lady. "Bite Me." Chan 6 had about 5 seconds of coverage... it was less than 20.

The real depressing thing was seeing Fox do a story on the "young vote." they showed more Bush Cheney signs than Kerry at colleges.

I cannot believe that any university in the country has more Bush activity than Kerry support. Give me a break. Even the republicans say
"If you're republican before you're 30 you don't have a heart." A young republican is a sick abberation, not the norm.

We've been let down by the media in this country. They were given right to use the spectrum in trade for helping educate and inform the population. If they were doing their job, they'd have exposed the lies and crap before we were led into this Iraq misadventure. .. like the British press tried to do. They should expose Bush+Cheney as the liars, cheats, frauds, warmongers and opportunists they are. They should expose the neo-cons as a bunch of glutonous bloodthirsty schemers who care nothing for the principles this country was founded on or the debt they're loading onto our children.

The one heartening thing that came out of yesterday for me was meeting an Oregon Guard member, who thanked us for being out there.. He got a redeployment notice of some sort but won't be showing up. We made a difference to him.

National Guard should be used to Guard OUR NATION. Not whatever middle east despot we've installed this week.


how do you know you got everybody? 04.Oct.2004 16:21


I was there from 2pm till the march was over. There were at least 4000 people. My own estimate was 5000. My question to the person who had 1000 fliers, is that How do you know you got every body? It's not like every body was sitting down motionless and you went through orgonized rows and columns to pass your fliers, is it?

Hey! 04.Oct.2004 17:33


I appreciate all the efforts people made to get a headcount.

The fact that we got so many people - without local media's help - shows that we have a strong and connected activist community here. That's worth more than an inaccurate 5-second blurb on Fox anyway.

feedback 04.Oct.2004 18:00


Well it was a fine and fun trip from Eugene to Portland to walk the streets for peace..but it still gnaws at me how "white" the leadership(and to a great extent the crowd) of these functions appears to be..any thoughts from organizers why this reality exists?

Hey, 04.Oct.2004 18:33


I don't appreciate the hostility. I thought it was a pretty good turnout. The politics were really safe. That more than any fox coverage draws people. People are frustrated in general. If you provide a safe way to vent that generalized frustration people will take you up on that. Weither it's cheerleaders for voting, clowns for change, or patriots for peace (?) it's a releaf to take a walk with some smiling friends and vent about the government in a safe and secure enviroment. That's what we paid the cops for right?
I'm a working class Joe and I gotta say it felt good to have so many random strangers smiling at me. I don't see how this will make the government stop it's drive to support the class of people that profit from suffering, but I went home feeling good. So it can't be that bad.
There were five of us, we each had about 250 fliers. We handed them all out. A lot of people responded well to what the fliers said. That was cool. When we got back together we had found that 4 out of five people responded that they already got one. Stretching it, there couldn't have been more than 2400. The rally tapered off a lot by the time we ran out of fliers. It was a good turnout. Honestly I'd put it at between 1400-1900 though with maybee upwards of 2400 at the start. Anyone that honestly thinks they can have a definitive count of that many moving people without a fixed, time lapse camera is smoking the peace pipe. Can I have a hit? Why lie? It was a pretty cool event.

please chill out.

4900 05.Oct.2004 13:13

Den Mark, Vancouver

The number was approx 4900. Period. I explained my system, a very accurate system, light-years ahead of extrapolation based on random momentary circumspection. The exact number does not really matter, but the number was 4900. Period.

Anybody get any pictures 06.Oct.2004 11:09



Did anybody get any pictures??
Care to post them?