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Bush was Wired in Debate

there was something very curious about his speaking style: the unnatural way he would be at a loss for words, pause a couple of seconds looking down at his lectern--as if listening--and then looking up, deliver a full sentence as if it had just come to him out of the blue. This occured several times during the "debate."
Bush Wired in "Debate"

Even though the "Debate" was really just a rigged, dual press conference, with previewed softball questions--and a gagged, hand-picked audience to boot--it was still difficult to believe that the man who Nelson Mandela said "cannot think properly" failed to make a single verbal gaffe while speaking without teleprompter for around 20 minutes.

Bush may not have misspoken but there was something very curious about his speaking style: the unnatural way he would be at a loss for words, pause a couple of seconds looking down at his lectern--as if listening--and then looking up, deliver a full sentence as if it had just come to him out of the blue. This occured several times during the "debate." He seemed to be getting live help. It was noted that Karl Rove was on hand at the Miami event. If he was not sitting in full view of the audience, then he's the likely candidate to have been the brain on the other end of Bush's wireless earpiece.

Consider also the following transcript evidence from an earlier Bush press conference:

Opinion: Bush Wired for Sound? (24 Dec 03)

RadioFreeUSA.net Editor
Early in the Bush administration, commentators poked fun at his inability to accurately read a teleprompter. Then he seemed to improve. Some Bush watchers believe he now wears a hidden earplug of some kind and says whatever comes through to him from his (unseen) handlers. Hard evidence for this theory is hard to find but... consider this quote from a December 15th press conference.

After Bush makes a mistake (saying "commiserate" instead of "commensurate") he doesn't correct himself but rather appears to echo his unseen handlers frustrated comment.

George Bush: "I want to remind you all that in order to fight and win the war, it requires an expenditure of money that is commiserate with keeping a promise to our troops to make sure that they're well paid, well trained, well equipped. . . . See, without the tax relief package, there would have been a deficit, but there wouldn't have been the commiserate -- not 'commiserate' -- the kick to our economy that occurred as a result of the tax relief."

HA! 02.Oct.2004 07:46

I saw it too!

I thought the same thing! How is it, a guy who can't even read a damn telepromter without fucking up could deliver all those multi-syllabic words without missing any! (all right, except "vfrrrrcifrrrlssly" -- as in, "that's why they're fighting so vfrrrrcifrrrlsssly.")I've never seen him able to pull it together thru even ONE of his few, sparsely attended speeches. I was looking for an earpiece also.

Others are coming to this conclusion too 02.Oct.2004 08:02


Forgot where I read it, but somebody pointed out that where he said "Let me finish", it seemed apropos of nothing and he had plenty of time -- responding to in-ear handlers?

Is Bush using a wireless listening device? If so ... 02.Oct.2004 08:35


Is Bush using a wireless listening device? If so ...he is likely to be using a Completely-In-the-(ear)-Canal (CIC) earpiece, then it is likely to operate using FM technology.

People who or hard-of-hearing use assistive listening devices (ALDs) in conferences, theaters and other large auditoria to get Personal Address System sound delivered direct to their hearing aids or cochlear implants without any background noise which can be highly distracting.

If Bush and his handlers are using such a system, it is likely that it is operating using FM technology that is commonly found in ALDs, in which the latest short-distance transmitters uses a bandwidth between 216-217 mHertz. It is possible that a totally unique bandwidth was chosen, but then it would have to be customized, and not beyond the $$$ reach of the Bush campaign.

However, if we assume that Bush is wirelessly listening to his handlers, there maybe a way to check it out and listen in.

A Device made by Phonak (www.phonak.com) called a Microfield is able to scan the 216-217 mHz frequency range and will pick up any FM transmission in that range. (old technology uses 72-74 mHz, and the microfiled can also scan this bandwidht, but this range was recently sold off by FCC to a cellphone company, hence the newly designated 216-217 mHz bandwidth dedicated for ALDs).
(Unfortunately, Phonak does not list the Microfield, but I have a microfield receiver, and have seen them in operation)

Police scanners could also work if they scan a wide enough range of frequencies.

The most important criteria is to be within 100-300 feet of these extremely short-distance transmitters.

If an audience member wearing a microfield can detect such a transmission, it would be interesting to observe hopw the bush campaign respond to such evidence.

FYI, if you are interested in how high quality "pirated copy" or bootleg recordings of concerts are achived, it is simply by using an available ALD plugged directly into a recorder. If the listener could also record Bush Handlers talking to Bush, this would be excellent evidence.

Perhaps some-one can test this hypothesis at the next debate doing this. Please forward this suggestion to interested persons going to the Ohio, St. Louis and Pheonix debates.

Bush Blows Debate: Talks to Rove in Earpiece! 02.Oct.2004 08:58


links work here

Bush Blows Debate: Talks to Rove in Earpiece!
During the Presidential Debate Bush made what may be his most costly error- he exposed that he's using an earpiece to help him answer debate questions. In the middle of an answer bush said, "now let me finish" as if someone was interrupting him - yet nobody did - he was talking to the person in his earpiece.

Listen to the mp3 yourself- or watch the video at c-span
ffwd to 40 min 30 sec

There is an mp3 with the audio at NYC indymedia

I've been thinking for years that we need something major to blow this scam wide open, like Bush exposing himself on national tv. Last night he did just that.

The 'let me finish' quip was clearly bush talking to someone (probably Rove) in his earpiece- saying 'let me finish' (before you give me the next answer). He blows it 60 seconds into his 90 second reply- so no warning lights had gone off and the moderator had not motioned for him to end as there was plenty of time left.

There is really no other plausible explanation for this huge blunder- who was he telling to 'let him finish'? The voices in his head? Is he talking to God again? Shouldn't this be enough to warrant a major investigation of some sort- bush is so incompetent he needs an earpiece to speak in public! The entire Bush regime is a house of cards- let this be the first card pulled from the bottom tier - send this fool and his evil cabal to the ICC for War Crimes.

This info has been sent to the Kerry campaign, will they do anything with it? If it were Kerry's blunder, you know Bush's team would be all over him. If Kerry won't do the same, one must ask- why not?

by : John Reynolds

To redpeter 02.Oct.2004 09:02

Pravda or Consequences

Your article has been posted to St. Louis, Cleveland and Arizona.

What would be really cool would be to substitute "our" verbiage for "theirs" and watch the fun.

or 02.Oct.2004 10:29


Or play music from Bush's party days and give him a flashback, and watch him watch his hand. Have you ever looked at your hand, man? Cool, man.

bush is a psychopath... 02.Oct.2004 11:00

this thing here

... as far as i'm concerned, which would explain his total inability to coherently address questions.

many of the questions addressed to him, certainly the one enquiring his thoughts on those who have lost loved ones in afghanistan and iraq, requires empathy. bush has no empathy. that is an impossible, nonexistent emotion in his life. so he has to blunder and act his way through such a question, because he knows the words of empathy but not the music. he can recite the words, but he can't feel them, so the whole thing comes accross, at least in my opinion, as being acted and forced, like something somewhere is not right with the man.

all of his goddamn smirking and grimacing and fidgetting is also a sign of someone who's not right in the head. if the man is a psychopath, it's as if all of the emotional and intellectual processes in his mind are all fucked and scrambled, and the chaos inside him shows on his face. he probably can barely keep a lid on it, can barely keep himself from suddenly acting inappropriately or saying something totally rude, something only a psycho who's under a lot of stress would suddenly blurt out.

but all that being said, the possibility that he was wired is certainly a definite possibility! really would not be surprising. and also proof that bush really is just a manchurian candidate, a propped up ornament, an affable puppet responding to an unseen master.

Is That Why We Never Saw His Neck? 02.Oct.2004 11:42


He never stopped hunching over that podium. Never stood up straight.

To Pravada or Consequences 02.Oct.2004 13:58


Thanks for sending on the comments to the relevant cities.

A competing transmitter that substitutes (or jams) Rove's comments with reality or 60's party Music would be utterly befuddling for our figurine C-in-C ;7)

No wonder Cheney had to handhold Bush through the 9-11 commission.

Remedy for dirty tricks 02.Oct.2004 15:37

Kolokea Hale mylittlevoice@bringiton.org

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Expose these "patriots" and lets see what they are truly made of.

pirates vote too
pirates vote too

Frequency Ranges and the office of the President 02.Oct.2004 20:34

Vffrslsislosh Nuke-yoo-ler

It is safe to assume that president sports an inner ear receiver.
It is senseless to suggest that considerations for accessible frequency ranges
would be overlooked by the secret service.
Why? Unscrambled signals on common frequencies would be free game to anyone
who could acquire the necessary gear.
If this is something that truly intrigues you, you might begin investigating which ranges
the FCC, et al. have reserved or consider a threat to national security.

Waste of time to try to eavesdrop 02.Oct.2004 23:07


Instead, why not connect an antenna to a broad-range sweep generator modulated with an ear-splitting whistle or siren type signal, or even just popcorn noise. Any earpiece he's using - even if it's encrypted or frequency-hopping - will deliver this signal directly into his ear. It'd be wonderful to see him struggle with the dilemma of having to remove the damn earpiece in mid debate on national TV or wind up being driven nuts (how would you tell?), while simultaneously trying to answer the moderator's questions and keep track of what Kerry was saying.

Freedom 02.Oct.2004 23:23


I noticed he used the words free and freedom at least 25 times during the debate.These words have a profound affect on the sheepish voters.Great propaganda.Other words used often by Bush are children,God,family,values,terrorist,stronger,and,safer.At one point during the debate he stumbled on his words and said Sadam when he meant Bin Laden.

big brother's memory 03.Oct.2004 04:05


I noticed Rumsfeld made the "Saddam Hussein / Osama Bin Laden" freudian slip a few weeks back when he was giving his "state of the war-on-terror" speech, the one where he started out with the joke about his college football days.

Everybody in the audience politely pretended not to notice, or maybe it slipped by them too?

re: wireless 03.Oct.2004 07:06


here's an invention highlighted in popular science, hypersonic sound. no ear implant needed, no wireless scanners would pick it up.

Unlike traditional speakers, which scatter sound, Norris' device streams it in a precise, laser-like beam for up to 150 yards with almost no degradation in quality or volume. If that seems incredible, trust me, it is.

When I met Norris in September he pointed the 7-inch-square emitter at me from 30 feet away. Suddenly I heard the sound of birds chirping. The noise didn't seem to emanate from his device; I felt like it was generated inside my noggin. Yet a guy just 2 feet away from me couldn't hear it.


hypersonic sound 03.Oct.2004 09:04


Does the hypersonic sound device require line-of sight? If it can't go through walls, then it would have to be visibile to work. I've read reports that Bush had a noticeable bulge on the back of his 8,000 dollar suit. My wife, at the close of the debate, claims she saw a "curly wire" leading to Bush's right ear. He seems to have kept his left side to the audience and cameras. Does anyone have a photo or video of the end of the debate, where we might glimpse the right ear?

The Neurophone 03.Oct.2004 09:19

Pravda or Consequences

Here is a reference I read in the St. Louis IndyMedia;

hear's what eyes heard
by silising'wi 10:48am Sun Oct 3 '04 comment#16138

he might have been using a neurophone

"you hear through your skin. And what you hear is inside your head."

wire up his back? 03.Oct.2004 09:45

Elizabeth Garner

During the debate, the camera view infrequently and briefly showed Bush from a point towards the rear of his right shoulder. You could see, rather plainly, something that looked like a wire under his suit jacket. It ran up his spine, turned at a right angle toward his right shoulder blade, then turned again and went up to his shoulder.

If he does indeed have some sort of ear piece, I wonder if this is an antenna to amplify a very low-powered -- and, hence, hard to detect -- transmission to him.

This "wire" was visible only because he was hunched over his lecturn. Had he been standing up straight, it probably would not have been visible.

Microphone 03.Oct.2004 11:34


People on tv always have a little box on their back, often at the waist. This is for their microphone.

That doesn't mean he wasn't taking cues, or reciting verbatim, from a wireless earpiece though. That would explain a lot.

For those who didn't go to the link provided above by JR, here's an interesting post from there:

*Actually, Bush "blew it" last summer in France on live TV broadcasted on CNN. His buddy, Chirac somehow had a mic on Bush AND whoever it is that speaks to him. You could hear "rove"? say a sentence then Bush repeat it exactly the same way...word for word. He just continued on thru it, but when it was over, he acted very paranoid looking all around. Like he was wondering what was to come next. Cherac had a VERY HUGE smile, winked and nodded as they left. It was a beautiful sight! Later that week at the G8 summit...it was said they agreed to keep their differences private. Sorry you all missed it. I live for moments like that! Remember the Dem's National convention and the balloons didn't drop...the guy was going berserk, broadcasting to the whole floor....."where's my balloon's, I need balloons, Now! get me F!@#$%^ N balloons! he later said a switch that was suppose to be in off position got turned on somehow....a little trick the Republican's learned in France!*

It seems a lot of people know just what a phoney, incompetent we have in office. Everyone is just going along with the myth. You would think everything reported that he's said and done would be enough for him to have never reached office, but we are living in very strange times.

What is most disturbing is that all the people that know his incompetence, who have power, have leverage over this dweeb, thus negotiating power, even blackmail power over the US. What a fine mess.

not so... 03.Oct.2004 12:06


There were fixed microphones on the lectern. You can clearly see them rising from the box that had the colored lights on them. That means the candidates would not have to wear any kind of device. Bush had been busted wearing an earpiece before in a speech in France on D-Day. There's no evidence that Lehrer was going to cut him off. Admittedly, this is not a smoking gun, but it's pretty damn suspicious.

I use this stuff all the time 03.Oct.2004 12:58


As a technician in video, theater and film, I have been saying for years now that Bush wears an earpiece.

There are several clues to this, one is the hesitant speech pattern. That is exactly how untrained people (poor actors) speak when reciting the words coming in through the earpiece.

This also leads to verbal gaffs, like "Abu Garef" because the original speaker is a couple of words ahead of the reciter.

I would expect it to be an in-ear monitor receiving radio signals, you'll never see it unless you are looking right into his ear canal. No external belt-pack, no wires. If they are smart, they are using the usual Secret Service frequencies and security protocols (carrier suppression, etc.) Any wires and packs seen by cameras are most likely to be back-up lavalier microphones for sound. The mic heads can be easily hidden under lapels of jackets. The Key Part to this analysis of the debates the other day is the presence of any wires going UP HIS NECK AND BEHIND HIS EAR. That is the 'smoking gun', a sound feed.

Not so sure about the "Let me finish" theory 03.Oct.2004 13:53


I read the comments by "JR" above, and I don't think this particular gaffe, or whatever it was, would be the final straw for the Bush gang...

But if you keep plugging away at it, I'm sure you'll come up with something. It's a good start, but on the other hand, Bush personally does so many idiotic things, it's hard to keep a running tally. I wouldn't doubt that he's actually got an earpiece.

wires and pack on his back can't be from a second mic 04.Oct.2004 10:03


The debate agreement specifies that the "following rules apply to the September 30 and October 13 debates." In that set of rules, number ii states: "Each podium shall have installed a fixed hardwired microphone, and an identical microphone to be used as backup per industry standards." It isn't until the agreement is talking about the other debates that the use of lapel mics is permitted.

Bush Grrrrrrr 04.Oct.2004 14:30

Debra in Kentucky debrahky@aol.com

I am a Republican who didn't vote for this maniac and am not voting for him this time. I find it completely plausible that he has to use an ear piece. The man knows nothing about the real world. He thinks the US is the only country on this planet and is exactly why he couldn't comprehend the meaning of "global test". He rules with fear and religion. That's all he knows.

he talks a load of 04.Oct.2004 16:45

shiRt buttons

I think the 'ear piece' was up Bush's butt,because he talks a load of crap!

earpiece 04.Oct.2004 19:39

Norwegian Leprachaun

I anticipated Bush wearing a receiver. I think that if you find a copy of the 32 page agreement between the two parties, you'll probably find that such equipment is not specifically disallowed. The best you can do in this case is to make a passive recording of the conversation taking place between the President and the off-camera speaker and make it public as soon as possible, if there isn't a federal law against monitoring private communications which privately involve the commander in chief and the President of the United States. Under no circumstances should anyone even think of jamming the signal, or interfering with it, because the President and the Senator are both packing contingents of Secret Service and FBI agents with their own electronic gear. Also, if someone were to reveal a recording of that conversation, Rove & Co. will be quick to point out that it's easy to invent out of whole cloth an entirely phony off-camera voice, so it would be best if the off-camera voice were video taped as well.

Bush earpiece 05.Oct.2004 04:45


I'm wondering if any one else caught this, President Bush met with French president Jacques Chirac around the second of June. Both men were in France at podiums in front of a large press core. Bush had an earpiece in, I thought nothing of this since Bush has not yet mastered English, him knowing any French is a long shot. Soon after turning on CNN, I noticed that some one else was carefully dictating Mr. Bush's exact words before he acually said them. At first I thought this simply must be a tech problem, like an echo of some sort, but that was not the case. I could distinctly discern that these were two seperate voices. The voice was diffrent, as was the annunciation. Okay, I thought, this is just weird, so I flipped it to MSNBC, same deal, Faux News(maja props to skunx), amazingly the same, but the first voice was much lower in volume on Fox.

It was sureal, Bush was being fed his lines through an earpiece, I could come to no other logical conclution. We all well know that Mr. Bush is not the best speaker, but if he can not even read his own speech, then he is not qualified to be a member in AA, let alone the president of the United States.

It did not end here however, Bush was going to take a few questions from the press, everyone always notes how well the president is with names, well the voice in the earpiece is much better with names, beacuse he told Mr. Bush who to call by name, and without fail the earpiece had all the answers to the reporters questions as well. I was just in awe at this point, some clever techy in France had exposed one of Bush's puppet masters. This would be all over the press in no time. I was exstatic.

The next day president Reagan died, all other news stopped.

written by Haywood Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Kerry in a Landslide (doesn't that sound simply wonderful?) 05.Oct.2004 10:52

roooth rlopez4@cfl.rr.com

First of all, make no mistake that even if there were a wire running up and into Bush's ear, it could be disguised with theatrical effects. Think about movie make-up techniques to create any kind of effect. A wire could easily be covered and hidden. Second, anybody out there remember the old SNL skit where Robin Williams did Reagan giving a speech being dictated thru an earpiece when suddenly he starts picking up sports on radio and all sorts of other nonsense. How sad is it that Bush Makes Reagan look coherent?

was bush wired? My sister & I both thought he was 05.Oct.2004 12:56


First I commented to my sister 'He looks like he is being prompted!' Then we both saw the outline of something under his jacket. I said "Do you think he is wearing a bulletproof vest?" There was something there and when he said "Just a minute. Let me finish" I was flabbergasted. Neither the moderator nor Kerry appeared to NOT let him finish! Weird!

The sad part 06.Oct.2004 09:20


The sad part about all this is that it will probably never catch enough wind to make it on the news. Its very suspicious that Bush would say "Let me finish" when nobody was interrupting him. I really think you guys have something here, keep trying to get the word out.

Here's the video of the Bush/Chirac press conference 06.Oct.2004 14:43


Earpiece dismissed as hokey 06.Oct.2004 14:50


Dan Froomkin included a couple links on the earpiece controversy in the Washington Post two days ago(10/4). Unfortunately, he labeled the section as "Tinfoil Hat Watch" - indicating it was too outlandish to believe. But look at those pictures of his back!

potatos or potatoes?? 06.Oct.2004 23:17

sumariel sumariel7@sbcglobal.net

We crucified Quayle for his speach gaffs, does anybody know why the media doesn't do the same with G.W.???????

How to manipulate Bush 07.Oct.2004 11:47


If it's true that Bush is wearing an earpiece - which I doubt - and someone can detect the frequency, then why not feed him comments or at least interference from a competing transmitter? Just imagine what one could make him say....


Ear Color on Larry King Interview 07.Oct.2004 20:17


Did anyone else notice that in the Larry King interview some weeks ago that Bush's ears were clearly a different color than his face? This is the interview he did with Laura around the time of the DNC. Did anyone else think that was odd? It made me wonder about a listening device.

He was wired.. just look at the video ! 08.Oct.2004 00:44

Cyrille Simard (New Brunswick, Canada) cyrille@nordsud.org

It is quite obvious that he was wired ! There is a physical evidence of that because the only video shot that came from behind shows clearly that Bush had some sort of device on his back. right in the middle, under is vest ! Just look at the video and you will see it..

bush wired 08.Oct.2004 03:47


Read the article in Salon which includes a picture of the "device" clearly - it's on hois back, between teh shoulderblades, about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Check it out and decide for yourself 08.Oct.2004 04:38


It's either a transmitter, or his pull-ring...


Excellent point but.... 08.Oct.2004 05:05


Excellent observation. However, as we should be fair and balanced, did anyone notice Kerry just take some foreign piece of paper out of his jacket within the first 10 seconds after they entered? I did.

Here's the photo of the wire from today's Salon piece 08.Oct.2004 05:07


Could it have been a bullet-proof vest? 08.Oct.2004 07:09


It could've been the bullet-proof vest... case closed. We will never know, but I'd take a bullet-proof vest before a hidden mic any day if I was Bush.

To RedPeter re: Is Bush Wired 08.Oct.2004 09:41


I sent your interesting post to Ron Herald at Citizens for Legitimate Gov who had published an article on the same topic ( http://www.legitgov.org/essay_harold_bush_cheated_100704.html) . Ron responded to your article (that I passed on)and is quite interested in talking to you.

Ron's reply:
RedPeter, please join my group.........peace, r o n

Here's ron's coordinates: Ron Harold [ studioron@verizon.net]

Great post redpeter ...you're a true patriot.


Bush Wired 08.Oct.2004 11:27

Patrick J Sullivan celticweav@aol.com

I saw the bulge in his back when the camera shot from behind....I also picked up on him constantly looking down as if he had notes....and became curious about the long pauses...but I couldn't put it all together...it makes sense now .....he WAS wired!!!!

Bush Had a Cheat Sheet too 08.Oct.2004 12:43


Bush is the one who unfolded paper. If you watch vid of the start of the debate you will see the rear camera catches him. Kerry took a pen out of his pocket. I think you can see video of the debate at C-Span's web site.

Bush Bulged and Beaten 08.Oct.2004 13:37


I also thought Bush was wired and now there is reportedly a picture of a bulge protruding from the back of his suit, which may have been the device. During the actual debate I remember thinking that it appeared he was waiting to hear what he should say. And, there was that weird and awkward moment when he asked for 30 seconds for a rebut and then he stood there mute. But then again, if he was wired, how come his responses were still inarticulate and shallow sound bites?

Response to Hayward, Bush Press Conference in France 08.Oct.2004 13:46

maddymappo madzday@netzero.net

It is interesting as Hayward says, that people heard the radio noise at the news conference in France. I watched that conference, and was really embarrassed by his response to a French reporter who asked Pres. Bush " Pres. Kennedy said "everyone has two countries, their own and France." why has there been a divorce between our countries". The President's replied" "To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, there's America, and theres.......Texas" Then Pres. Reagan died and the coverage stopped cold. The question remains, would Bush's advisers really tell him to say something that dumb? Its a puzzle.

Shallow Sound Bites 08.Oct.2004 13:51


Maddymappo -

Because their entire campaign is one big shallow sound bite! :-D

Underestimate 08.Oct.2004 13:57


I just thought it might be wise to point out that if they were going to use a earpiece/receiver setup, don't you think they would use something state of the art and undetectable? I don't think we use such cold war era boxy looking devices anymore.

Ear devices 08.Oct.2004 14:38

Mark DrMilenium@aol.com

.......entirely possible.I use this sort of equipment for my job. For my puposes I have a form-fitted wireless ear piece that, to anyone who sees it, looks like a small hearing aid. The antenna is looped around my neck beneath the clothing and is connected to a digital recorder that I can hold, tuck up my sleeve or slip into my pocket. All of my "lines" are previously recorded and stored in "folders" in the recorder. (news people generally are fed live cues through a similar wired device called an IFB)
Unless I tell someone (like a client) that I am using it, everyone thinks I am delivering speeches from the top of my head.
The real problem is becoming skilled enough to actually "perform" flawlessly with the equipment. Take it from a pro: if Bush is using similar equipment he has indeed practiced but he needs much more work.........

Speech OK- Debate not OK 08.Oct.2004 15:25

Joe in NH

If Bush has trouble with a teleprompter, I don't mind him using an earphone for a speech written ahead of time. No difference whether it is written on paper, teleprompter, or in your ear. It is a big deal to use the earphone in a debate or even a news conference.

salon and others are picking it up 08.Oct.2004 16:12

John Wilson jfw53@charter.net

The bulge in Bush's back is becoming an issue with larger news organizations. The question to ask is what else could it be?


a bullet proof vest - said by right wingers - But than why in a controlled debate and not at every outdoor venue from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin?

A pace maker? - NO! - that's the other guy - the VP

a phoney pic? but it came from Fox News.

SO -- just what the hell else could it be???

But I saw the bulge in his back!on live debate t !!!!! 08.Oct.2004 16:34

g anderson

But I saw the bulge in his back on live debate tv!!!I After decades of expirence in clothing I know Bush's expensive suit should't have a 3x 4 inch by 1 inch bulge in the back.. I assumed it was a mike allowed by the debate rules. So don't telll me what I didn't see... don't tell me what I didn't see and hear that this man couldn't put together sensible sentences. Either Bush has had a stroke or he was indeed packed with a bulging cheaters mike. I know what I heard and saw. ca

If the New York Times says it... 08.Oct.2004 20:14


Here's an article on the online Times from tonight-- according to Bush's handlers, it was a wrinkle in the fabric. Yeah, I get rectangular wrinkles in my shirts all the time.

The Mystery of the Bulge in the Jacket
Published: October 9, 2004

ASHINGTON, Oct. 8 - What was that bulge in the back of President Bush's suit jacket at the presidential debate in Miami last week?

According to rumors racing across the Internet this week, the rectangular bulge visible between Mr. Bush's shoulder blades was a radio receiver, transmitting answers from an offstage counselor into a hidden presidential earpiece. The prime suspect was Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's powerful political adviser.

When the online magazine Salon published an article about the rumors on Friday - the day of the second presidential debate, in St. Louis - the speculation reached such a pitch that White House and campaign officials found themselves inundated with calls.

First they said that pictures showing the bulge might have been doctored. But then, when the bulge turned out to be clearly visible in the television footage of the evening, they offered a different explanation.

"There was nothing under his suit jacket," said Nicolle Devenish, the Bush campaign's communications director. "It was most likely a rumpling of that portion of his suit jacket, or a wrinkle in the fabric."

Ms. Devenish could not explain why the "rumpling" was in a rectangular shape.

Campaign and White House officials said that the bulge was not from a bulletproof vest; they said Mr. Bush was not wearing one.

They said the bulge was definitely not a receiver.

Miriacles do happen.... 08.Oct.2004 20:57

g c anderson

Falwell or Robertson must have prayed hard to have the 'tumour' aka portable mike removed from Bush's back since last Fri. 3x4x1 inches I'd guess. I saw the 'bulge' of rectangular shape underneath the $ 6000.00 suit and now it is Gone Gone Gone. Lordy Lordy the Lord works in mysterous ways.... It's a miracle

see the gafe for yourself 08.Oct.2004 22:44

W stands for Wrong

All the weird pauses now make sense. Check out the evidence yourself at the New York Times debate replay. Play the segment called "Taking Sides", it comes up right away. He says "Let me finish with 30 seconds left". The story is now making the convential press. I hope they blow it wide open.

Friday night debate bulge... 09.Oct.2004 02:37

I want my country back... pawsmcdougal@yahoo.com

Did any of you see the Associated Press photo of w's back in last night's debate. It looked like an alien beast was attached to his back. I think they padded him to hide the device. go here:
picture of wired bush
picture of wired bush

Vest this time? 09.Oct.2004 03:06


Now to me that photo looks like the outline of a bulletproof vest, cut off lower in an arc in the middle and going up over the arms on each side.

Check out the picture in Salon.com 09.Oct.2004 03:55

Kenn Jolemore kjolemore@aol.com

Salon has a picture of Bush at the lecturn from a side/back view and it is obvious thjat he is wearing a device under his jacket Click here: Salon.com News | Bush's mystery bulge or http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2004/10/08/bulge/index_np.html

Yup 09.Oct.2004 07:43


Weird.... I totally saw him fixing and shrugging his jacket on more than one occasion. What a fucker - no integrity, none.

"Let me finish" 09.Oct.2004 10:22


In debate 1 Bush goes on with "let me finish" when he has the green light and no one was interrupting him. Who might he be talking to I wonder...Here's the video

looking down at note pad 09.Oct.2004 12:33

Clint Eastwood

On the Town Hall debate...
In the shots that would have Kerry speaking and Bush sitting in the background Bush would be taking notes and then suddenly look up really, really quickly. Like whip-lash quick, anyone notice this? Before I read all this earpiece stuff I thought it was just a typical crazy Bush thing but maybe it was someone saying "look up at Kerry!" thru an earpiece. Or maybe it was Bush just "getting in the zone" I don't know.

Since there isn't any real proof except a picture of a wrinkled jacket it sounds too much like a wacko conspiracy. The sad thing is, even if he was wearing an earpiece most Bush supporters would probably still vote for him.

View Bush-Chirac Audio Malfunction 09.Oct.2004 12:39

Susie Creamcheese

Watch a video of the Bush-Chirac press conference during which an audio malfunction broadcast the prompter-voice as Bush repeated each line. Go to www.philbrittin.com

he was wired... no doubt asbout it 09.Oct.2004 12:45

rj rjmanga@aol.com

strange... i specifically remember that moment during the debate and i thought to myself... what is that on his back... i am visually sensitive to it because i worked as ted kennedy's phorographer when i was in DC and he wore a back brace... so i thought... mmmm... wonder if it's a back brace -- but it didn't look like the brace kennedy wore... kennedy could not hunch over the podium in the way bush did... if you look at ted now... he almost wobbles -- he wears a brace and it "straightens" his back -- that's its purpose... at the time i saw the thing on bush's back -- i thought it must be a new kind of brace -- but i understand that was the purpose of a "brace" -- to, in fact, brace...

this story has legs because it fits right into the orwellian comparasons to our time...

pat down search 09.Oct.2004 12:54

rj rjmanga@aol.com

let's require that bush be subject to a pat down search... before the third and final debate... and then we'll see bush melt down...

True or False 09.Oct.2004 13:18


What was he thinking

No proof for me 09.Oct.2004 13:38


So far I don't see any proof. I just read the salon article and watched the Paris press conference numerous times.

-Could be a bullet proof vest, it was what I first thought of when I saw the picture of the bulge. There was a trailer for a tv documentary of New York after 9/11 on Bush's website that showed the hours leading up to him delivering the opening pitch for a baseball game and it shows him putting on his vest.

-When using satellites and audio setups the triangulation or whatever can cause the audio to come before the video even if its an echo. The words sounded fuzzy like they could be coming from an earpiece (I've never worn an earpiece though) but the words were the same length and abruptness as Bush's pronounciation a few seconds after. Also, I think it would be difficult to speak while overlapping the person who is feeding you the lines. Its like singing a song you don't know the words to, singing a previous line right while the next line is being sung.

-Bush did a bad job in the first debate, they would have rehearsed with the earpiece and worked out any unnaturalness that it produced.

-as far as writing stuff and then looking up abruptly during the townhall debate: I think writing notes when someone says something bad about you is a good device to "look busy" or make it look as if they said something false. I believe both candidates do that (as well as writing real notes for later statements).

-on saying "let me finish" I noticed it and thought it was funny. The moderator could have been making a motion to suggest he was going to kerry or going to a next question.

He may have used an earpiece in the past and may use one in the future, but for me, this isn't enough evidence for these specific examples.

video 09.Oct.2004 15:27


Check out the tie in this video. You can see the wire for a brief moment. Here's a stillshot

wrong video 09.Oct.2004 15:31


Wrong file, try this video

Bush French Speech 09.Oct.2004 17:38


The reporter's voice in this video ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/10/298647.shtml#144608) is also out of synch with his lips. that undermines the wired theory a little.

W stands for WIRED 09.Oct.2004 18:04


It's an OUTRAGE that the mainstream media has not reported on this yet. I saw the press-conference with Bush and Chirac when it was broadcast this past summer and I was stunned. I was sure it would become a huge news story. But what happened? Nothing!

Someone should start making 'George WIRED Bush' signs and T-Shirts...!!!

So what? 09.Oct.2004 18:07


So what if he was having help? He may not be the most articulate speaker, but he's not a bumbling idiot. There are MANY intelligent, well-read people who aren't the greatest of public speakers. I think Bush has been a good president... I'm better off financially NOW than I have EVER been. And quite frankly, I only care about the working class... I'm sick of the bleeding-heart liberals who give out money through all these welfare programs to people who are too lazy to get off their asses and work. If Kerry is elected, BEWARE tax payers!!!! You think it's bad now... HA! Also, beware a rise in terroristic attacks... John "Yes, I voted for that before I voted against it" Kerry is a mamby-pamby, wishy-washy waffler...

Campaign Denies The Vest 09.Oct.2004 18:18


They denied that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest for the first debate so that theory is out the window. I really belive it was a transmitter.

Same Here 09.Oct.2004 18:28


My feelings exactly I have a business where our taxes will go up if Kerry is elected, when Kerry said that "The president and I and Charlie will be the only ones that suffer" from higher taxes under Kerry's plan, he also forgot to say that anyone who works for small business will also suffer. A tax at the top will always roll downhill in some form. Also have you seen the footage of Kerry sliding a folded piece of paper from his pocket during the dabate? I guess its OK for a democrat to cheat but not a republican huh? The liberals always want to dish it out but then want to censure or sue someone when they are the ones taking it.
Heres the link to the video  http://www.boston.com/news/special/politics/debate_video/sept29/1.html

Betcha Laura wears a wire, too 09.Oct.2004 18:45

Chizoom larglen@socal.rr.com

There is an actor who teaches how to use pre-recorded dialog in auditions. His name is Jeremy Whalen (sp?). This is true, because he tried to promote his technique in Orlando, Florida, back in the '80's. Now turn to Laura Bush's appearance on the Jay Leno show awhile back. I think it was before the Republican convention. Anyway, it was during the daytime (cos I can't stay up that late) and the news shows were replaying a rather clever retort she made to Jay. It got a lot of laughs from the audience, and of Jay fawned all over it. Her response was a play on the commercial, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, only she said something like the White House. If you watch her right before she makes the response, she acted as if she was listening rather than thinking of a retort.
What kind of man would cheat during a debate - oh, yeah, Bush would.

Box not used to feed thoughts 09.Oct.2004 18:47

The Smoking Guy

The bulge in the middle of "W's" suit wasn't used to feed Bush comments for the Debate. That's the control box where Cheney pulls the strings that makes "W" walk and talk

amazing 09.Oct.2004 19:01


You idiots know if he was wired they are not going to put it on his back where everyone could see it. I could care less if he was wired but i seriously doubt it. If he was going to be wired it would have been placed inside his coat or sleeves. Use your brains for one second and think if he were to be wired they are going to have the best technology available instead of that 80's looking transmitter??!?!?! Use your brains puppets.

let me finish 09.Oct.2004 19:09


I work in the video biz and when he said let me finish, Jim was about to raise his hand and Bush said "let me finish" bush mistook Jims hand raising or motion as him asking another question. Its that simple, you people go get laid or something instead of over analyzing everything (except what comes from the left)

No need for an earpiece 09.Oct.2004 19:28


Just google 'bone conduction phone'.

get smart 09.Oct.2004 20:04

ninety nine

People think about cb radios. Not like that.
Likely using spread spectrum radio [  http://sss-mag.com/ss.html ]
Likely using gov radio ranges.
Tune in to voice impossible.
Jam near impossible.
Not a wire in back - a parachute to catch rapid fall if ear voice stops.

Reviewing the videotape -priceless
[ rtsp://cspanrm.fplive.net/cspan/project/c04/c04093004_debate1.rm ]

Use photoshop 09.Oct.2004 21:02


I took the picture of Bush to photoshop, cropped the picture and changed lighting. You can see very clearly the outline of the object.

bush ear piece Fox TV 09.Oct.2004 21:13

phil HowlForever brittin pbrittin@earthlink.net

Hello, I taped the Fox TV news segment of Bush and Jacques Chirac meeting June 5, 2004 in Paris.

The tape clearly shows that Bush uses an ear promptor because you can hear the promptors voice being broadcast all over the room. The technical glitch made it such that you hear what Bush will say .. before he says it.

I have the video posted on www.philbrittin.com

Phil Brittin

Boulder CO 80302

Save this country 09.Oct.2004 21:16


I have been searching this story all day and I think this is a big thing if it can come to the media's attention. I am going to push this, by emailing everyone I can, just like someone earlier said.
I too noticed how often he fidgited with his tie and jacket.
Also what about scowling and blinking, could have been interference or signals, to say "shut up" or whatever.

bush wired 10.Oct.2004 08:38

smart ass

dopes it was bullet proof vest

For whatever it's worth. 10.Oct.2004 08:45

Fabian Jones photoexcitement@hotmail.com

My own take on the subject.

"LET ME FINISH - NOT WIRED" 10.Oct.2004 08:51


Bush is not beyond smoke and mirrors but it's obvious that he was talking to the debate moderator when he said, "let me finish." The clip doesn't show the entire scene, but he's looking directly at him when he said it.
However, is that picture posted on CNN's website today real? It shows a wire box on his back. I don't know what to believe anymore.

A Digital Analysis 10.Oct.2004 09:13

Fabian Jones

Typos fixed and some minor modifications in the text.

pay no attention to citizen cane 10.Oct.2004 09:28


Just listened and looked at the Bush Chirac tape and wow is all I can say. Just could never figure out how someone could constantly talk in short choppy blocks of sentences and now I do. He fiddled with his ear constantly.
No wonder he doesn't like press conferences, he would have to line up his puppet master before hand. Is it Rove or Cheney or someone else.
The subject of bulge on back was brought up at the end of George Stephanopoulos show this morning on ABC, they showed the photo.
I would like to know why there would be a wire behind his tie, could one of you experts eplain that.
It also seems to me that the device is made to easily remove, otherwise people he comes in contact with would notice with any kind of pat on the back.

Why a wire? 10.Oct.2004 09:59

Fabian Jones

There's a receiver on the device to pickup the signal from whoever is feeding him the lines. It has to have a sort of antenae. Then also the piece in his ear has to receive the signal that is transmitted from the box on his back. So there's actually a delay. Maybe it's a hearing aid and he's not only retarded but deaf as well, and is the first president in U.S. history to require a hearing aid. But he's supposed to appear strong and resolute, so whatever it is they need to do a coverup.

not a bullet-proof vest 10.Oct.2004 11:19


Bush's own campaign says he was not wearing bullet-proof vest.

President Bush Wired? 10.Oct.2004 11:45

PaaP msrvls2003poet@sbcglobal.net

I keep hearing George Bush was wired.

I thought he had just gained weight or was wearing a bullet proof vest or was wearing an apparatus that allowed him to speak without holding a mic.

Is this another conspiracy theory?

I hope the President Of The United States, while representing the country that I love could hold his own in a debate without being wired.

Oh, and why is so much attention being focused on the mens characters instead of the issues ?

A real debate should be an outline of issues and facts, not personalities.
With all that is going on in the world I don't see how we have time for the dumb stuff.

Either way, I will continue to Pray for the World because LORD knows we need Prayer.

bush in the classroom: 10.Oct.2004 12:01

edward magee

does this give further proof that bush is wired, when he sat for five minutes in the classroom of children, awaiting instruction being received in his ear?

Come in from the grassy knoll - it's cold out there... 10.Oct.2004 12:07


I listened to the Bush-Chirac audio you're talking about. The voice that you hear before Bush is CLEARLY Bush himself. One of the posters below pointed out how you can get audio/video delay in transmissions. The timing, pronunciation - everything in the "mysterious voice" are clearly Bush himself. This is much more likely just a transmission delay, not something from the grassy knoll.

As for the "wire" during the debates - I have no absolute proof that he did or did not, so I won't fall into the traps you make for yourselves, which is making reality fit your own bias.

However, the "close up picture" of the tie looks a whole lot more like a shadow caused by a wrinkle in the shirt, and the thing on his back is odd if it's a wire, since it supposedly shows a receiver and a wire running towards his right ear - BUT NO CONNECTION TO HIS EAR.

The "let me finish" comment has been tied to the moderator raising his hand as if to cut off Bush according to a witness who posted below.

Bottom line: If you want to get others to vote against Bush, you do yourself much more good to focus on policy differences than grassy knoll conspiracies. Focus on the war, the deficit, jobs, prescription drugs - but stay focused on reality. As a Bush supporter, I don't know why I'm giving you this advice - I guess because I'm more concerned about our country than this election, and the extreme vitriol and hatred driving the anti-Bushies is a very, very worrying thing to me.

MAJOR NEWS WORLDWIDE 10.Oct.2004 12:35


This story is MAJOR NEWS now all around the world. Here in UK it has been on the major news channels.

This could be a story that will run and run. The journalists will be digging at this now until they find something, like that Bush and Chirac meeting.

My suspicion is that the box is a decipering device so that the transmissions cannot be intercepted. Perhaps it is usually located under the armpit, but for whatever reason, maybe a visit to the gents or whatever, ended up in a more conspicuous position.

All is fair 10.Oct.2004 12:46


A wire is not needed to get the voice to his ear. Many posts here have indicated a lot of ways to do that. Receivers can be small. Antennas would be disguised entirely. You would never see a receiver. There are ways to allow hearing without an earpiece. They can do radio transmit without detection of the signals. Look at the speaking style in the video. It looks like something must be going on.

Academy Award 10.Oct.2004 12:57


<b><font color="red" size=4>MAYBE HE STAYED UP LATE THE NIGHT BEFORE THE DEBATE TO STUDY</font></b>

bush chirac -- fascinating clip there! 10.Oct.2004 13:51

tinfoil milliner

Take a look/listen to the longer Bush-Chirac clip.

Bush does not get all the words the same. He trips up a bit. There are differences in cadence, tone, etc. These could be recordings he or someone else had done previously, rehearsed and spit back.

He sticks his fingers in his ears frequently. It's rather funny, when you know the joke.

An earpiece would not be questioned in a place where simultaneous translation is needed. Does anyone know how that's carried out normally? Is it done with an earpiece on foreign visits? If so, why would it be a stretch to use the same device at home?

Why this issue is important 10.Oct.2004 14:00


The people of the United States need to know this. If our President cannot participate in a debate for the people, without being fed his answers, we need to know this. What kind of man have we chosen for our President that he cannot stand on his own words and speak his own words. We are not talking about a speech here, where it could be understandable, no we are talking about a debate.
This issue raises many questions concerning the intelligence and ability of our President to perform his duties. It also raises the question of who really is the President, it is starting to look like it is not Bush, in a very realistic way.
It is looking as if this bunch of men, and we know who they are, picked this man they could control to become president so they could advance their own agendas, and we know what that agenda is.
I think this is the most serious charge yet for the president.
This man who took us to war, was responsible for the deaths of many Americans, to say nothing of the 30,000 plus Iraqies who have thus far paid for the mistakes of this government with their lives.
To all Bush supporters I say, "this will be on your conscience forever, especially if you re-elect him. What will you say to the families who have lost loved ones over a war that did not have to be."
I hope you have an answer for them.
I also hope everyone will see Faranheit 911 where you can see and hear our soldiers as they are screaming in agony after being hit and carried away by their comrades. You can also see and hear Iraq citizens saying how they hate this country for what they have done to them. Pictures of men, women and children, injured beyond recognition and lying along the streets and roads of that country, apparently colleteral damage.
30,000 and counting dead, a President who says things are going well. We have eyes and ears, can we not listen and see the terrible agony that is arising from the country known as Iraq.



why are the television and radio networks not discussing that bush was wired with someone telling him what to say during the debates?

if the above is wrong, what is bulging in the middle of his back. they were given a microphone no need for any wired electronic unit in their body. senator kerry has nothing bulging in his back.

why is bush allowed to have a helper and kerry was not? please someone expose this incumbent so we will have a clear winner at this election.

his four years has been a disaster, let us not repeat it again.


The World According to Fred Burks 10.Oct.2004 15:21

Fabian Jones

[Editor's Note: I received a copy of the e-mail below on Friday, and requested (and received) permission to publish it. I found independent confirmation that Fred Burks worked as an interpreter for George W. Bush comes in an article in the Los Angeles Times in January 2004.]

From: Fred Burks

As a deep insider myself, I have independent confirmation of President Bush using an earpiece to assist him in communicating intelligently with others.
(Democrats.com, Sunday October 10, 2004 1:46 AM)
Bring 'em on
Bring 'em on
What have I gotten myself into?  Damn I'm dumb.
What have I gotten myself into? Damn I'm dumb.

Not Looking at moderator 10.Oct.2004 15:22


When you look at the video, Bush is looking at the camera not at the moderator when he says let me finish. He is looking straight out of the middle of his podium rather than to the side as he does when he looks at the moderator.

Now you may say he caught him out of the corner of his eye. However, if this was true then why did he not turn his head as almost ANY other person would as a reaction?

Additionaly, why would the moderator go to cut him off with more than 15 seconds left when he didn't cut off either candidate, even after the red light started blinking?

For everyone who has said it was probably a bullet proof vest, his own people have said that he was not wearing one.

All in all, I started out thinking that this was a huge conspiracy therory, but I now truly believe that Bush was wearing a wire.

Now the question is, why are news networks not covering this?

Re: Let me finish! 10.Oct.2004 15:25

cardtrickboy cardtrickboy@hotmail.com

About that "let me finish" comment: Bush said the same thing when McCain was berating him for supporting attack ads in the primaries in 2000, and (I think) it made him look very assertive. Couldn't he just have been trying to recreate this moment in the Oct. 30 debate? (Possibly counting on the fact that there would be no cutaway shot of Kerry - as per the debate agreement - to give away the game...)

Let's pray it ain't so 10.Oct.2004 15:38


If President Bush was wired, this country is in deeper trouble than many of us originally thought. It is difficult to be fair in these time; but, despite the rhetoric of both parties, we should put aside our differences for the moment and work at getting the truth and only the truth. I admit I am a Kerry supporter, but if he was the one suspected of wearing a cheat wire, I would want to know, and it would definately change my vote.

cnn and psyops 10.Oct.2004 15:45


Everyone who wonders about media connection to Administration, look at this site.
Everyone who wonders why CNN figures about debate were wiped out in the morning after showing huge lead for Kerry the night before go to this site.
I think this country may be in more trouble than I previously thought. We have to do something and quick before all of this comes down on our heads and it will be too late.

Rediculous 10.Oct.2004 17:47

Concerned Citizen

He would have had better answers to the questions given. Don't you think it is time to stop trying to manipulate people into thinking he is a dirty politician. One could draw the same conclusion from Kerry. "The blank look on Kerry's face just showed that he was listening to someone on an earpiece."

Give me a break....

Liberalism at its best! 10.Oct.2004 17:53

Unbiased in Seattle

Your liberal, asinine theories are more than humorous, they reek of desperation. You can nitpick what Bush was saying all you want, everyone saw the moderator motioning to him as well as Kerry implying he was going to immediately respond verbally. It was the first response and the President was sure he was going to be cut off and to claim that was not the case is completely biased and untrue. It is incredible with all the media advantage (i.e. liberal media) Kerry has, you have to stoop to something this low. Face the facts; your candidate is basing his entire campaign on retrospective decision making, a luxury no President possesses in office. Argue the issues and respectfully disagree, don't make incredulous claims in a vain effort to influence the misinformed.

He Does Better With Some Help 10.Oct.2004 18:57


Him getting some help is a good thing and if he needed an earpiece to help him past his disability what is wrong with that. He does much better with the help. The bulge on his back is curious. It could be the third arm of the alien that took him over.

Bush 10.Oct.2004 19:54


I taped the debate for my spouse to watch later. So after reading stuff here I went back re-watched it and do not see what you all are talking about. Both canidates paused several times during the debate so does that mean that Kerry was wired too. I think some people are just looking for something to make either canidate look bad. They both also looked down at the podium, which does not prove anything...I am in a debate team and I often pause or look down to gather my thoughts.

w's response to wire 10.Oct.2004 21:24

truthout fan

According to w's team the buldge in the back of the jacket during the debate was nothing more than a bad tailor job. Just his shirt all bunched up. This was reported on This week with George S. Do they really believe anyone with eyes will buy this? Ofcourse they do....they do it all the time.

[hw' 10.Oct.2004 21:33


As I watched the debate, seems that 'hard work' & 'harm's way' may have been keywords...(could the communication been w/ herbert walker)...'hw'????????

thinking bytes 10.Oct.2004 21:35

Dee -Spondent in Texas

Though I did not see any glimpses of the telltale hardware during the debates, it was Pressie's sudden marked improvement in both thinking and speaking through 80% of his turns that struck me as highly incongruous and just plain OFF. The jerky pauses followed by replies much more eloquent and articulate than we have come to know and love from him, interspersed by goofy-ass dumb shite just did not give a very seamless impression, pardon the pun. At all. "Hard Work" 17x. Followed by eloquent multi-clause phrases and complex foreign names said more or less correctly! A notably wierd contrast. I watched both debates with a friend and said 'he is getting the good parts straight from a wire'. Reminded me of William Hurt's character in Broadcast News, the Greek debates in that Kevin Kline movie, and, as always the first Manchurian Candidate.... Spooooooooky. Life imitates art. No wonder he looks all freaky fried, biting his lips and shifting his eyes all the time, ready to blow at any second. Bleep Vert! God help us all. "Him who saved us, [please come quick and] save us again." Amen. Let it be.

He did. He didn't. 10.Oct.2004 21:57

Fabian Jones

-He made a face.
-No he didn't.
-I saw him make a face.
-I was watching but I didn't see him make a face.
-It's obvious, he made a face.
-It's obvious, he didn't.
-He made a face, don't you read the news?
-Why read the news? The media's completely biased against him.
-Well, he did make a face. I have the photos to prove it.
-He didn't make a face, that's just a leftist, liberal, girly-man, wimp, Democrat plot to soil the reputation of our beloved, honorable, holy, high-tower, self-professed messiah who we accept upon faith that the almighty God himself chose to lead us to salvation.
I really blew it this time.
I really blew it this time.

Watch out for spreading rumors 10.Oct.2004 22:36

mbramble bramble@netscape.net

Let me preface my comments by saying that I would like nothing more than to see Bush defeated and I detest the way that the administration mistakes facts.

I've watched the Fox News video and this is clearly the result of two different audio feeds. This is most obvious when you hear the first reporter's question twice. The ear piece that Bush was using was for translation of Chirac and not for relaying Bush's words. Bush was also reading his speech from paper. If you can watch this video and not come to the same conclusion, you are letting your partisanship get in the way of the truth.

I have also watched the video of the first debate at the 40:30 mark where Bush says "let me finish." If you note from other pictures the location of Jim Lehrer, and then watch Bush's eyes when he makes this statement, he clearly shifted his focus to Jim Lehrer and then back to the camera. It did appear as if Bush finished a statement just prior to starting again and then he made this statement. There is absolutely nothing suggestive of Bush making a gaff and speaking to someone besides the moderator. If there was video available of Lehrer at this moment that showed him just simply listening, it likely would have made it out by now, and my guess is that he was in fact motioning.

I mention these things because if you look at what happened with the CBS story and the obviously forged documents (I typed up a version in Word myself and it was a perfect match when compared in Photoshop), you will note that more damage was done to those that produced the story rather than the story itself which I think that everyone agrees was based in fact, just not demonstrated with fact.

I'm looking into this story because I wanted to see the goods on Bush, but the only suggestive thing that I have seen is a strange fold in Bush's jacket during the first debate, and only in one single blurry and inconclusive frame. I would like to see more, but the discussion seems to have spread to other conspiracies that are based on clear mischaracterizations.

don't need an earpiece 10.Oct.2004 23:19


I remember there was a gadget that used to be for sale in the Sharper Image catalogue. It was a 'speaker' that hung over your shoulders and vibrated in such a way that you would hear it but no one else would. It was a silly alternative to earphone, that didn't block you hearing while you were driving etc. That could be why the thing was so bulky, and could also be why there wasn't any obvious wire to a speaker in his ear.

"let me finsh" 11.Oct.2004 01:01


For people to make up their own minds.

Not the first time President Bush is wired 11.Oct.2004 01:07

Andrew Weisson

I believe this thing of the wired debate is true because in the last visit of the president to France there was a technical problem during Bush's live speech, somehow the pre-recorded speech that Bush was listening went to the air live at the same time Bush was trying to speak it, he's surprised face was unique, he tried to change the words and improvise a little but then the pre-recorded audio went louder so he had to stop and go directly to the questions by the press. Chirac was also surprised. I saw it live on CNN. I was surprised that nobody commented about it. It was obvious the speech was pre-recorded and he was having this technological aid.

Get Real 11.Oct.2004 01:47

You Know

You guys need to put down your bongs and step outside for a breath of fresh air. This conspiracy theory doesn't pass the stink test. To try to pull something so risky with a guy who has a hard enough time with a teleprompter defies the ingenuity you bestow on Karl Rove. Give it up.

Press Conference in France 11.Oct.2004 02:26


I witnessed from Eastern Europe that press conference in France on CNN international. It was during Bush's D-Day visit to France. I couldn't believe what I was watching. The guy feeding the words to bush had a Texan accent. It would be nice to locate a copy of that video. The more you think about it, the more it seems clear, there's no way he could do as well as he does on his own.

Dumb and dumber 11.Oct.2004 02:46


Mr. Bush is not an over-intelligent person. So please let him have this little wire, in order that he can properly reply to the so difficult questions in the debates. Everyone knows he is only a remote-controlled puppet anyway.

Ha Ha, the devide will transmit encrypted FM payload, so even if picked up.... 11.Oct.2004 04:42

Igor Bounaroti

Intelligence agences have such agent coaching devices, using some symetrical encryption, based on very big key, created for each operation (one time pad) virtualy impossible to break without the device. bush handlers if exist, are stacking beyond and beyond, so ecryption is a must! Also transmition technology, there are other more targeted focused, which i shall not write in this forum.

ARE YOU FOR REAL 11.Oct.2004 05:05


If Bush is right, wrong, or indifferent is immaterial, what is saddening is the total abandonment of logic that those who seek to discredit him will accept. And sadder yet how easily misled this movement is.

After seeing the newscast on CNN I was in total disbelief, and sought out this and similar websites. It is unbelievable that anyone would give this a second thought, let alone a national new service report it.

In reading responses on this website, your claim that Bush is incapable of generating his own thoughts or even reading a teleprompter, then you question why he would make a comment that in your eyes doesn't make sense.

An issue is made of President Bush's demand that he be allowed to finish, but you make no reference to the prior question where he was cut from comment.

Clearly your "logic" is as reasonable as the other misinformation that the media and others hype that has one predetermined agenda, to discredit President Bush who your own comments show you to hate. This same method is used to prop up Kerry's many gaffs and out and out lies, and the accomplishment of this objective has become a mission and of itself.

On the subject at hand, the entire concept is an obvious crock. It is absurd to suggest such, but even allowing it for the sake of argument that President Bush sought to be fed information from the sidelines, don't you think that he would be capable of concealing it from even your "watchful" eyes?

President Bush has access to the most sophisticated covert devices in the world yet you seem to feel it possible that he would have to use a transmitter bigger than a pack of cigarettes and smacking of 1960's technology.

Even if he was operating on an extremely limited budget and his Radio Shack credit card was maxed out, why would he tape it between his shoulder blades? Don't you think he could have placed it in his jacket pocket or under his belt? As to the antenna, do you think it might be wiser to run it around his waist or down his leg?

The point is that it is so obviously absurd that no one of any degree of intelligence or reasoning would give it the slightest credibility. Yet you and even CNN chose to present it in as factual manner as possible while still maintaining deniability, obviously because it casts negatives towards Bush. Sadder still is that so many "liberal" minded people are no doubt gullible enough to believe it.

Do you as caring Americans think for a moment that perhaps your time would be better spent researching facts concerning the issues and trying to figure out what Kerry's mystery plans are before your decide who to support? (Or if you like to pick apart small issues, perhaps try to figure out how Kerry was able to serve only 4 months and 2 days in Vietnam, and was able to 3 times be awarded an award for a major combat injury. Either he is a miraculous healer, or at best sought to ingratiate himself while discrediting the worth of those who truly earned their Purple Hearts. You may also wonder why Mr. Kerry's is declared as a national war hero and his picture enshrined at the Communist North Vietnam War Museum.)

Please remember that logic and reason denote an intelligent analysis of information from all sources in order to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. It is something else entirely when we develop an opinion and set out to prove it through any means possible.

If you have made up your mind and don't wish to be confused with facts so be it, but please don't fool yourself into believing that to be the intelligent approach.

I pray to the Lord that we are delivered from the liars and those who are incapable of critical thought.

Bush is not the only one being dumb! 11.Oct.2004 05:47

One frustrated european

First let me tell you that I do not write english well. If I write a word or 10 wrong and have bad grammar do not let that be the issue later. Ok. Many people in USA think Bush is an idiot, but where does that leaves you, the voters in USA? Why did you vote for him? Why vote for an idiot? Why vote for an idiot if you are not idiots yourself??? Some people tell us that Bush did not win over Gore. Well, why is he then the president? Are you the people in USA being stupid too? Why do you let him be president then? Why do you not remove him like you did with Nixon? In Europa and the rest of the world we do not understand you people in USA. You are all like puppets in strings. We laugh of you, but we are worried. We are worried because we think that we also should have something to say in voting for the president in USA. Why do we mean that? Well, USA is the only superpower left in the world and your president's politics affect us. When he make a desiscion in foreign politics it affects us. And when you the people in USA let an idiot like Bush be president we are deeply worried. Yes, you all complain about everything and call your own president stupid, you all say that you are glad to live in a land of freedom and having the right to speach freely. But who is the stupid one? Why do you, the people in USA, do not DO somthing about it? Instead of just talking? Why do you let people in power do as they like? They lie to you, but you do not DO something about that, exept making a big issue of it in some medias and on the internet. In Europa, if a politician or person in power lie or do something illegal they usually have to leave office. Media here love to dig into such things. Exeption is ones personal lives. If someone have a mistress or a brother drinking to much, so what. That is personal. Remember Mitterand beeing buried? Which two women stod and held around each other at the grave? His wife and mistress. Scandal? No! But in USA it seems that most of the presidential campaign is about personal things. Why discuss the personal things about Bush and Kerry? You should be concerned about their politics instead. We are. Why discuss if Bush was (is) wired or not? You all know he is an idiot like the rest of the world do. You do not have to prove that again. What you should be doing is to make sure he is not elected this time. AND: if he loose this time too, you should make it impossible for him to be president anyway. Look at 2 cases. Which is worse? Clinton had a weekness for other women and for months (years) that was all you were concerned about, and you DID something. You DID try to remove him from office. Clinton lied to you about his personal life (who has not). Bush lied to you about weapons and connections to Alquaida in Irak. Then he smashed Irak and was caught with his pants down lying. And what do you do about that? NOTHING AT ALL! Let me tell you all a secret: Bush is dumb but he is more clever than you since you let him be the president. You are dumber than Bush Q.E.D.

I think it was his devil spikes 11.Oct.2004 06:47


he may have been just bristling mightily from John Kerry's touche's.

Get your facts straight. 11.Oct.2004 06:59

First Lieutenant Frederick J. Wrigley

I will not stand by and let a fellow Naval officer who also served in Vietnam stand alone to let his reputation be tarnished by misinformed civilians. John Kerry joined the U.S. Navy on February 18, 1966. He spent most of his time from February 18, 1966 to March 22, 1967 in training. That's what they do in the military, Son. They train their soldiers to be combat ready. You can't win a war sending out baby blues, can you? From June 8, 1967 to July 20, 1968 he served on the USS Gridley. Meanwhile on Feburary 10, 1968 he requested to be transferred to Vietnam for combat duty. Here's a man who requested to be thrown in the fire. You understand, Son?

I remember those days clearly. In January 1968 we got caught up in a fire fight defending the air base at Khe Sanh. 77 long days of hard fighting. Hell, before the 77 days were up, most of my commanding officers got busted up. When the fighting erupted I held the rank of Private First Class. Before the fighting was over I ended up a Sergeant Major. That's how bad it was. You wanna make a joke about that, Runt?

Now, John Kerry began his tour of duty in Vietnam, on December 1, 1968. He served as swift boat Captain in Vietnam till April 1969. What you gotta understand is that, Coastal Squadron One, swift boat command, had a policy of sending home soldiers who were injured in the line of duty three times. I'm not going to argue about that. It was military policy, plain and simple. No one got a free ride. On March 1, 1970, he was separated from active duty.

What you gotta realize is that you don't do justice to the soldiers who fought for your freedom by discrediting the time they spent in training, just as in combat. You outta have learned by now, Son, John Kerry served honorably, as did every other soldier who served in Vietnam. I'll tell you something else, Son. When I left Nam, I felt a lotta guilt and shame for the things I did and saw. I'll tell you now, it was crazy, things only a crazy man should do. And when I came back to the booing crowds, faggots bearing their asses at us right in public. I spent the rest of the afternoon scrubbin out the coffee some punks splashed on my decorations. I came back confused. What the hell kind of country you fight for who hates you when you come back? I'll tell you what kind. It was popular to hate war at that time. Now it's popular to love war because no one remembers what the hell war is anymore. The world ain't as simple as you think it is. Then again, y'all wouldn't understand.

I'll tell you one thing though, John Kerry is an honest, honorable man. So he was anti-war in the 70's? So was everyone else. What's to make of it? He's gonna pump up V.A. benefits. He's gonna create a medical plan. And he's gonna put back into Social Security what the Bush Administration robbed out of it. John Kerry has the guts, the determination, and the dedication to do what's best for the U.S.A. You bet your sweet Lulu back in The States, Runt, I'm behind him all the way.

What is wrong with the American voter? 11.Oct.2004 07:08


I am having a very difficult time understanding why Bush seems to be on the path to reelection, Or as the case may be, winning his first presidential election. Our country is in terrible shape, we stand almost alone in the world. Bush is disliked, or hated, by 90% of the world's population and yet people in our country support him???? He is not even capable of speaking properly and really is a "right wing nut case". How much more proff do the American voters need? I am very afraid for the future of our country if he does manage to win, or just retake the office.

Dubya on drugs 11.Oct.2004 07:27


I think that it's highly possible that Shrub was on drugs in the last debate on Friday night. He was agressive, moving his mouth in a strange manner and the look in his eyes was strange. He was acting more out of character than ususal. Also, many of his answers were way out in left field -- but I guess that's not out of the ordinary for him.

Just wanted to put that out there to see if anyone else suspected.

All Lies? 11.Oct.2004 08:03


Earphone or not, there are other things to think about. If you are an American then you were lied to by the president. This happened during difficult decisions about what to do overseas. There is no escaping the lies if you like the guy. Maybe he had the earphone working then giving him the wrong information. We can support our troops and still say we hate the lies. I am sure he is a nice person. Stick to the important question:
Do you like being lied to by your leaders?

pace 11.Oct.2004 08:47


It's been notable for years that Bush's characteristic speaking cadence, in short phrases, follows a pattern expected for someone being fed lines. No other public speaker organizes his phrases this way.

To use these methods in the course of a nationally broadcast debate is to present a fundamentally misleading impression of the fund of knowledge and the mental dexterity of the President. If he doesn't have a command of events, people and the logic driving decisions ... who is really running the country? This is fraud.

If the attention given to the story forces Bush to abandon these methods, we should see a dramatic decrement in his performance in the last debate. Keep watching.

America should be more responsible with the world's furure. 11.Oct.2004 10:36

another concerned Irish-European

He wasent voted in the last time it now appears...and we should all fear if he gets re-elected. Bush has lied to us all, but most gravely to you-his voters. And the fact that even SOME Americans consider voting him in again is absurd. Look at the facts before you vote.

And if i may be so bold as to comment about all our futures...I would vote for John Kerry even if Bush wasen't so dangerous for the whole world, because we need an intelectual leading this planet not a self-ambitious puppet like Bush.

same equipment visible in another photo 11.Oct.2004 12:26



photo album page 3

photo P23300-34.jpg

visible with this lighting

more visible in photoshop if you increase brightness and contrast

more visible in photoshop if you invert

Pictues 11.Oct.2004 12:38


I don't know why this page is gone, but I want to submit these pictures.

same equipment visible in another photo (original) 11.Oct.2004 12:52


This photo with square box between shoulder blades and descending wire-like object beneath jacket is located at www.georgewbush.com in the photo album on page 3 with the name P23300-34.

same equipment visible in another photo at different event 11.Oct.2004 13:11


The above photo with the same visible equipment from the www.georgewbush.com website is from another event (not the recent debate). The suits are a different color. If you look at the video earlier in the blog it looks like the wire goes around his midsection below his left shoulder and connects to his tie. People give away wrongdoings in subconscious behaviors like adusting the wire in the earlier video.

Object Under Bush Jacket Identified 11.Oct.2004 13:17


The true source of the "bulge" is identified here:  http://www.scrappleface.com/MT/archives/001873.html

Square object 11.Oct.2004 13:33


Source: www.georgewbush.com (Reno campaign video)

Rove whispers 11.Oct.2004 13:38


This string is already on the blogs. With supporting images and commentary...

Square Jacket Object At Another Event 11.Oct.2004 14:35


Source: www.georgewbush.com (Life Video)

Square Jacket Object At Life Bill Signing Event 11.Oct.2004 17:32


Source: www.georgewbush.com Life Bill Signing Video

Are there any Anti-Dopping Policies for presidential candidates? 11.Oct.2004 19:18

Someone worried

Are there any Anti-Dopping Policies for presidential candidates before they go to public TV debates?

Lets suggest this procedure for the next and final debate where each candidate should provide Urine and blood samples...What would the Good-Old-Mighty-Brilliant-&-Illuninated-Brainy Bush results be???

Also Let they also place X-ray equip. before they enter the room. People are getting worried about the content of the misterious rectangular box... Could it explode with the heat of the studio spot light?


Karl R

President Bush receiver suffered a mulfunctioning during the first debate because a garage door opener was used in the area of the debate site. Cosequently, for the third debate we have decided to install a satellite dish on President Bush's head. The debate rules have been ammended to permit the participants to wear a helmet type device to which the satellite to be used this time by President Bush will be attached.

Let him bleed 11.Oct.2004 22:21


I would love to see shrub defeated. I keep telling everyone I can that he has now killed more innocent people than Osama (think about it).

Sadly, the story about him having an inexplicable bulge in his coat doesn't really rate. My guess is that he was wearing some kevlar in spite of what his campaign has said. He probably wears a vest to bed. He better; lots of people would love to see him gone.

I am happy to see this story come out. Even if it doesn't really have any merit, perhaps his presidency can be done in by the "death from a thousand cuts."

Press Conference in France 12.Oct.2004 00:18


Here's the link to audio of George Bush in France.

Bush's Second Debate 12.Oct.2004 00:25


On the second debate, it sure looks like he is padded around the waist. He only has one button, buttoned on his jacket. He is awfully thick at the waist. His jacket sticks out. He doesn't have his normal shape. Take alook at different angles of the debate.

Wire 12.Oct.2004 01:13


the video post above at 09.Oct.2004 15:31 shows the wire under his tie

Square Jacket Object At Life Bill Signing Event 12.Oct.2004 01:36


The square object is visible on the date of this speech too. Does anyone know what the two battery size indentations are a little lower down? The same light is bouncing off the back of the jacket of the man to his left but he does not appear to have a square device placed between his shoulder blades.

BUSH WAS WIRED 12.Oct.2004 04:02


i have no doubt whatsoever that george w. bush was wired for the very first debate against john kerry. i have watched the debate over and over again and apart from the "let me finish" phrase, the president's pattern of speech gave him completely away. his advisers like karl rove would have left the youngman to bear his cross all alone. trying to help a misfit public speaker will always backfire. it is like trying to teach a pupil recitation of a poem when he has already started the first line. no wonder bush performed so abysmally. nelson mandela is finally vindicated. dear bush cannot really think properly and i add speak coherently. america does not need this kind of president because of her role in world's comity of nations. at this time the world needs a leader who can forge global solidarity against terrorism. it is not a task only one aggressive but alienating individual can pursue. the world must come together to tackle one of its greatest problems ever. an american president wired during a debate? what news! bill clinton would rather play a recorder. tony blair would laugh the idea off but not this bush, he accepted because he needs help and he needs help now rather badly.

Bush was wired 12.Oct.2004 05:29

JOEY jofechi2000@yahoo.com

I am sorry If my comments above are too critical and hard on the ebullient Bush but we just have to state the truth especially during sensitive times as this. George W. Bush erred in fighting in Iraq without UN's support and he still pays for that mistake. He has refused to admit it but if he had persevered and through diplomacy won the majority of the nations to his side, he would have coasted clear in the elections in November. Anyway, he has played his role; now is the time for consolidation from someone who is more rational, more intelligent and all-embracing. John Kerry cuts this picture and I think he will do a better job. Only a man who is not sure of himself will seek help from other quarters. Bush needed help and he got one in form of wiring and devices. But he really should not hope that winning the public will lead to good rulership. Having done his bit, the world must move on, Americans die more these days than the pre-Bush era, Americans are now more hated than the pre-Bush era and France, Germany, Spain, China et cetera silently wishes that Bush loses. We need a saner world. But come to think of it.......why is the majority of world press silent on the Wiring debate? I wonder if John Kerry would not be facing the strom now if he was the one wired. So much for objective politics.


Think Big 12.Oct.2004 08:28


Think big. Maybe this is a new kind of advanced robot. Maybe the rectangle in the back of the suit is for the batteries.

under-suit square shape at Mount Rushmore as well? 12.Oct.2004 09:38


Seems to me that something square/similar can be seen on GWB's back in this pic as well? Found it at

As others have stated, no problem with the man using whatever he may need to help him make speeches - as he was probably doing here, in front of Mount Rushmore - but think that the more examples of unexplained under-suit square shapes there are, the less the (craven?)US media can deny/brush off the possibility that "W" stood for "wired" during the first 2 TV debates?

Rove must not know the Italian prime minister's name either! 12.Oct.2004 13:06

Jeff Govendo

During the 2nd debate, Bush tried, then gave up on uttering Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi's name. Must be Karl Rove wasn't sure of it either, or else he did whisper it into Bush's earpiece but it was still too hard to say. Next thing, we'll be invading all countries whose leaders' names are too hard to pronounce!

oh come on! 12.Oct.2004 14:38

lets dig even deeper... shall we?

Pathetic... truly pathetic. When Bush stated "let me finish," notice that we have no idea what he is looking at. There could have been someone waving at him, we don't know! Let's not sit here and presume a tatic that would call for a better performance in debating. Admit it, Bush did not do well at the first debate. If he goes through all the trouble with an earpiece, I would think that the plot would actually work.

Watch Paula Zann Now 12.Oct.2004 17:24


She is covering story right now, vote on the site whether you thinkit is true or not.

Rove with Bush 12.Oct.2004 17:34


In the pisture above showing bush with a group of men, isn't that Karl Rove next to him with a lump on his back too. He is the one suspected of feeding Bush the lines. Chirac speech 's voice sounded like a southern man with similar speech patterns to Bush. I hope someone in Kerry camp will keep eye on Rove during debate.
There is a possibility bush recorded his speech earlier in Chirac thing, the voice says nuclear the same as bush does, but that would not explain the voice answering the question from reporter. There could have been switch to Rove after speech.
Yes I think everyone in closest circle may be wired that is why they all say almost exactly the same thing.
I hope everyone keeps on pushing this.

Suspenders 12.Oct.2004 17:49


bush is an idiot. And I want nothing more than to see him go down in flames.

But the bump under his back and wires leading up his shoulders look particularly symmetric. Look at Fabian Jones image enhanced pictures above.

I believe they're suspenders. You know how 'classy' suspenders have that leather thingy that ties together the two straps halfway up the back? Well, I'm convinced that the bump on his back and the wires leading up are really just the bumps from his suspenders.

The D-day thing was probably a video feed international transmission glitch. The earpiece for translation of Chirac's statements.

And bush is NOT looking at the camera when he says "wait, let me finish". He clearly looks to his left (our right) with his eyes when he says that.

Rather than look for conspiracies and bend the truth why can't we just oust bush based upon completely undeniable facts which show he has a pathetic record as a president.

Wasnt Martians! 12.Oct.2004 18:51


CNN Online vote

What do you think was behind the bulge on President Bush's jacket during the debates?



Bush cheats and lies 12.Oct.2004 19:18

Constance McQuoid cmcquoid@msn.com

I would not be surprised if Bush wore a wire and does so when possible. The man is a total dunce, aside from which he is a dishonest imbecile and I wouldn't put anything past him that he thinks he can get away with. Rat droppings have more honor than this thing residing in the White House with his always looks like she's on something Stepford wife. You notice how her eyes always seem to be glittering? I wonder what she's on.
They have a visceral, negative effect on me.

Stutter Point Let Me Finish 12.Oct.2004 19:59

Watchful Eye

Let me finish. Before the "let me finish" he had a stutter in the speech. He was not responding to any person. He thought the moderator would move on because of the stutter. He sensed the stutter was long. He had to make sure the moderator knew he had more to say. He is looking directly at the moderator. He points his finger and says "let me finish". Look at the clip just before he says "let me finish". The sequence is stutter/finger point/head move/finger wave/"let me finish" all towards the moderator.


See it for yourself.

george h w bush 12.Oct.2004 22:55


if F911 is true, then according to moore ghw bush gets daily briefings even though he is no longer prez, and the film said he was the only living president who would give advice to his son. since the voices are similar, but a tad different, is it possible that it was his daddy speaking to him in the ear piece with chirac

It was too easy than you might imagine! 13.Oct.2004 00:00

White House's Gardener

I even can't believe that someone's still trying to protect Bush. Of course, each of us must have our own opinion, but..., that supposed to be educated opinion or protection toward "accused" individual. In that case Bush and his Administration had been beaten by Democrats, no doubt about it. Moreover, it was more shame on them, when a piece of deception was discovered. Well, nobody surely can say what it really was, even if that kind of bulge reminds us a special equipment like wireless microphone with earpiece. As a matter of fact George Bush never had has ability to speak as born, distinguished orator.
He never ever had possession of this talent, if speak plainly like Kerry has. But suddenly at the debate everything changed dramatically, sometimes we call that a miracle, may be we didn't notice exactly that happened to Bush? I don't think so, and I sure either you do.
Republicans cheated on last election, they broke The International law and invaded in to Afghanistan and Iraq under 9-11 "legal" circumstances.
Will these people respect the legislation or rules of their own country, if they're disrespectfully treating and breaking International Law?
Preparation for the debate (General Plan of Action).
Preparation for the debate (General Plan of Action).

I feel the force is with us this time! 13.Oct.2004 04:35

hsub w egroeg

Good work!


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I feel the force is with us this time!

WAKE UP USA! 13.Oct.2004 09:21


I must say, often we've looked up to the good ole' USA -however, I've never been MORE happy to live this side of the border. You poor people are in deep 'doodoo' if that moron gets elected. Have you ever seen anything more robotic (ok, AAAAnold might come to mind) - same team, right?

I have no doubt that he was 'wired' - it's a shame it wasn't his mouth - the more he talks..the deeper in sh*t he gets - I'm amazed that anybody with 2 g'dam brain cells left BELIEVES anything he says - WAKE UP PEOPLE!

I hate Bush! he EVEN looks stupid, has the reading capabilities of a 5 yr old and the brain of a frozen halibut! How in the hell did he end up where he is, is beyond me. What's even more amazing is to see it's still a TIGHT RACE! Are you kidding? A TIGHT RACE?? AMERICA PLEASE WAKE UP ! COME ON!The only thing that should be tight is his handcuffs - cause he's a common thief, stealing your future away.

What USA does, the rest of the world must follow - and being your closest neighbor - you better believe that YOUR VOTE COUNTS! so please... please...
make sure that you and everyone you know go vote and get that Goofy-faced, brain-dead, major corporation supporting moron gets out and with a MAJORITY would even be better - BE SAFE AMERICA - DO THE RIGHT THING - GET BUSH OUT - NOW!!!!

Communications Device Certainty???? Please.... 13.Oct.2004 17:32


Oh my gosh,
You people are sooo certain that this is a communications device. If it was a communications device than why Did Bush Suck so badly in the 1st debate? I usually thought cheating gave you an edge on the debates. Secondly the second photo LOOKS like he is wearing body armor... without a shadow of a doubt. The spokesmen only stated that he was not wearing it in the 1st debate.

You dunces! Of course you pull up the local communications devices. This is pure crap. Do you actually think that President would have a listening device that Big? If he had one, he would be privvy to the best technology out there, not some crap that you buy online. We are talking high-tech gear here. I will admit, it looks like something is under there... but a listening device? WHo would put one on their shoulder blades? Come on people, You say Karl Rove is so smart, but he would mess up this badly. Give more credit to Rove here. Also you show a picture of a bulge in one the Crawford pictures? Is that a bulge? Come on, don't tell me that Bush has to be wired to communicate to his horses on his Crawford Ranch.

Ok, Have ANY of you furbrains ever consider that it just might, possibly might be a medical device? He did have surgery a few years ago while in the WHite House.

It is either 1) some type of Body armor, do you think that the Secret service would allow the President to go ANYWHERE without it? No way! The Bush spokesmen are liars anyway. Besides they are kept in the dark half the time. or 2) its some sort of medical device.

If this was a listening device of Karl Rove's doing, trust me, this would only be speculation, no proof at all.


Furbrains Unite! 13.Oct.2004 20:53


If you watched the debate you HAD to see the box on Bush's back tonight.
What was it really?
If it was a medical device surely the White House or the Campaign would end the speculation and just say it.
Unless you are trying to suggest that George Bush is some sort of cyborg who surgery a few years ago- possibly a brain transplant with a spinal cord battery pack...okay maybe the White House would not admit that!

RE: Communications Device Certainty???? Please.... 13.Oct.2004 22:15

A disenfranchised Texan

That sure is a lot of certainty in a complaint about certainty.

Considering the President can't even finish the "Fool me once" quote, I think he needs all the help he can get. Maybe he sucked because he didn't get enough practice time with a wire because he was unopposed in the primaries and didn't get any practice debating.

Maybe he thought that since the Republican News Network (FoxNews) was doing the pool video feed, they would honor the debate agreement which explicitly said no video shots of the candidates from the back.

Maybe the receiver/transmitter needs to be that big. You have to consider the level of cryptography (ie processing power), the distance between the receivers and transmitters (ie radio power needed) and how much battery life is needed for a 90+ minute debate. Whoever is feeding him the lines is not going to be nearby. The debate rules were pretty specific about each side having a media room within a certain distance of the facility. So a device that's in a perpetual transmit and receive mode, even at a minimal wattage is going to require plenty of power for 1 1/2 hours. You'll need a good sized battery, even if it is "high tech".

The video of his France visit proves he's used a wire (Bush stumbles on words that the "forward feed" doesn't). But did he use one in the debate? I don't necessarily buy into the conspiracy theory of a wire in the debates, but the "high tech" theory doesn't debunk it either.

He's no great orator but 13.Oct.2004 23:32

The Ghost of Richard Nixon

Mr Bush is not a cheat. George W. Bush is an honest man, as one can easily tell from his frank directness and steadfast refusal to waffle (unlike his opponent). Wake up people and vote for Mr Bush. God is on his side. Thank you.

re: "He's no great orator but" 14.Oct.2004 00:48

Glow Machine

You wrote: "Wake up people and vote for Mr Bush. God is on his side. Thank you."

Are you serious? Did God speak to you and tell you that, and if so, what else has God told you? Tomorrow's weather forcast? Who's going to win the World Series? Do you have any hot stock tips from the mouth of the Almighty?

It's this fool's brand of irrational thinking that got Dubya elected, and I hope -- I <em>pray</em> -- that reason prevails this November.

Americans.... 14.Oct.2004 03:58


I've now read the above threads regarding the alleged existence of a device on the back of your president. You haven't come any closer to the truth or any conclusions regarding this matter.

I'm from Denmark and I think I'm able to see things a bit from the outside. You guys seem really paranoid and hatefull towards Bush. Neither of you now the man except through the media. We all know that the media portraits reality the way ratings says they should.

I'm not defending Bush as a person (I don't know him) and I don't agree with his politics. But you Americans seem so God damn stupid when you react this way to a stupid picture of an unclear buldge on your presidents back. The general opinion of Americans in Europe is that you are shallow and kind of stupid. The above seems to confirm this....

Stick to debating Bush' politics! That's the important part of this election!

The Coming Uproar 14.Oct.2004 04:47

Herboo Of Ventura

It's so audacious, reckless and simply unbelievable that Bush's handlers would wire him up again for the final debate - even after his mysterious first debate suit bulge (receiver and battery pack) was clearly exposed on ABC's This Week With George Stepanopolis last Sunday, along with other news and print outlets. Bush's assertions and responses during the debate(s)were much too elaborate and smooth for his own creation. Left to his own faculties, Bush has virtually no personal reasoning power related to current events and the issues of our time. His handlers are terrified of his lack of raw knowledge and therefore, dangerous as it was, they were forced to employ the listening device one last time for the final debate. It's likely the Dems have electronically monitored and recorded the debate transmission and are working to descramble it as fast as possible. Don't be surprised if it's all over the airwaves in the coming Sunday talk shows...or perhaps the Dems will wait until the right moment later this month to present clear evidence in order to bring on their own October surprise.
Should the public become aware of Bush's utter incapacity to grasp and address the issues, forcing him to clandestinely rely on others for his debate responses, the public shock will completely knock him out on election day. As the Buddha once said : "Beware of too much cleverness" !!!

Wired Bush 14.Oct.2004 05:53

Lillian beckelheimer

I do not believe that President Bush was being prompted during this debate. He was trying very hard to use words that would be becoming of a Christian and a President. It is sad that so many people want to find something wrong with the president that they can believe such garbage.
We need to listen to the words of both Kerry and Bush to see that at least there is not a forked tongue when Bush speaks.

Common Sense 14.Oct.2004 06:27


If you watch the Chirac/Bush speeches, it's obvious that the audio delay happens even when the French reporter is asking questions. I think he probably secretly works for Bush, and is wired into the same system......come on......The whole thing is obviously some kind of satelite transmission delay.
It's clear that both voices are Bush, and why would he listen to all that when he's reading off a piece of paper? Doesn't make any sense.

Bush/Chirac Video Tape 14.Oct.2004 08:20


I have watched the tape hosted on Phil's site. Thank you for this Phil.

I am a Canadian and I am a Liberal. I do not like Bush, nor what he stands for. I, and a lot of other Canadians want him O U T !

However jumping on the bandwagon in regards to this Chirac tape is NOT the way to go about it. It doesn't take an audio/technical engineer to carefully watch the tape and realize that the voice preceding Bush is actually Bush himself. It is an echo that due to a techincal audio glitch appears BEFORE he speaks. Whoever said the other voice uses different inflections isn't listening hard enough. I have went over this tape with a fine tune ear, and the words, flubs, phrasing and inflections are identical. The only difference is a problem with the volume. I cannot explain HOW the voice actually precedes the words spoken by the President, but I can only assume it's due to the delays used in live TV.

As mentioned, I am as anti-Bush as they come. Grasping at things like this only give creedence to the Republican argument that anti-Bush supporters will use ANYTHING they can get their hands on to undermine the President, which lessens the effectiveness of the Democrats and others. Bush has done enough to hang himself and the Republican party politically, without stooping to these levels.

Now on the topic of wearing a wire for the debates....did anyone actually watch the first debate? If Bush was wearing a wire, who was feeding him answers? Homer Simpson? There is NO WAY he was wearing a wire, otherwise he would have actually said something that wasn't completely assinine. Was the guy on the other side saying "Make a dumb face. Okay, grimace. Now, make a dumb face again. Say something about working hard and hard work..."

Conspiracies like this won't get Bush out of office. Spend your time going door to door, volunteering for the local Kerry office and getting the word out. I feel like driving down to the US and helping Kerry out myself...maybe I will. Will the Republicans let me in?

Denmark! Don't be to Harsh! 14.Oct.2004 08:24


Denmark said....
"Stick to debating Bush' politics! That's the important part of this election"
Well duh... but it seems like it is not his politics...how can it be when it is obviously not him speaking freely. It is someone else that tells him "his politics".

Maybe his advisor should run for president, maybe if he put on a Bush-mask no one could tella difference...

Americans are fun. We love you. We need you. Imagine a world without positive embracing Americans.

But we need that you have (among a lot of things) decent schools, fair tax-systems, human equal rites and proper science, Christopher Reeve must not have fought in vain.

Bush seems like a nice guy, but he seems more like the kind of guy that wants to feel accepted by his father. It is like he is trying to convince his father that he okay:
"Look dad, I am now president"
"Son, you are a bad president"
So he tries and tries, like a stubborn teenager he brings in God (even though his father hesitates). But when people starts to critize him he does not listen to their words. Like a god christian he should open up and understand what people are trying to say. BUt he closes and tries to get even...

So what do we learn from that? Parents, don't get children until you are mature enough (meaning you know yourselves) and make sure to love them. Hitler for example had a rather sad upbringing... and where did that lead to?

And how many unwanted children has not been born and raised under terrible circumstances. Is it more cruel to abort a lump cells that has yet never lived than to let a child live a life which makes it wish it had never been born.. Things people do to their children..
If you can according to the Bible kill in Gods name, abuse people in Gods name, then I believe it is okay to abort in the Power of Gods mercy....

Or is the American Christian God not merciful?
Maybe he is not.

Finally I must say I find it very peculiar that both leaders of Iraq and the US both relied on "God".
God bless America vs Allah Akbar... (God is great).

Two countries both believing in a strong (mercyful?) god...

Still they fought.. maybe religion should not be mixed into politics.

I wish you all Americans good luck.
I think that Mr Kerry could get my vote.

by the way.. I am no christian..
I believe in people.

All the best

American's 14.Oct.2004 08:51

Uncle Samantja

I don't care whether Kerry

no really...what is it? 14.Oct.2004 08:54


If you watched the third debate last night, you HAD to see that box on Bush's back. There is no way you could miss it. By saying Bush is "honest," surely you have not read or heard about WMD's, "I am not into nation building," "My tax cuts will improve the economy," "I will not have a litmus test for justices," "I value life," "I have improved the environment," "I am a compassionate conservative," "I never said I wasn't worried about Bin Laden," "I own a lumber company...that's news to me"...on and on...

Look at live feed of the debate. Do you not see a big box on his back?
If not, I believe that you also not heard the President say all those lies above!

Americans 14.Oct.2004 09:15

Uncle Samantha

After 911, the world came together to grieve for America and all of the countries affected by the terrorist attacks. Never has the world been so closely conntected to the US. Within a year and a half of that horrific attack, America was once again on the outs and it continues today, with anti-American sentiments found EVERYWHERE in the world. Yet, unfortunately many American's are too caught up in the stars and stripes to actually realize this. The biggest reason is, they rarely venture out of their own back yards. They vacation in their own country. Why bother going anywhere else when we can stay in the good old US of A? The entire world is laughing at you America. You are the big dumb bully of the school yard who can only solve problems with his fists. You have absolutely no ability for forward or progressive thinking. The smart kids in class make fun of you, laugh at you and snicker behind your back. The only reason the school bully has any friends is because the smaller kids are afraid of him. Are those real friends? Of course not. Although Canadians share a continent with you, they are nothing like you. They are educated and learn about the world, not just about their own country. Many Canadian children know more about America than American children do. I have travelled to Canada and America numerous times and I would live in Canada in a heartbeat. If you don't understand why and you're American, this is exactly the problem I've been explaining. You're not educated enough to know the difference, which is a failure on the part of your education policies. It's not your fault that the higher ups decided to keep you ignorant and stupid, but you CAN do something about it. Travel to other countries, starting with your neighbor to the North and really pay attention as to why they are different. Ask them how they percieve American's. These words will come up: Arrogant, stupid, uneducated. Now I know that isn't entirely true of the whole country, but instead of getting defensive America, perhaps you need to look at the reasons why these perceptions exist. They may not be accurate, but this is what other countries think of you. Why is that? Get to the bottom of it and change it. Then, go to the UK and investigate. Then Australia. Then Russia et al. You might want to leave Iraq until the end, unless you're desperate to save on haircuts, hats and shaving... you know...lop lop.

America was a great country. Then the Mayflower landed and everything got fucked up.

Kerry is Gay 14.Oct.2004 11:06

kerry sucks dick.com uteman508@hotmail.com

i'll tell you what all of you kerry supporters are, just little pussies!

Where's the mainstream media? 14.Oct.2004 11:10

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

We have photos. We have 'Just let me finish.' We have Bush-Chirac. As of now, 2:55 am, Tokyo time, October 15th, we've had the mainstream media make a few comments about the photos, then fall silent about the really juicy stuff. What's going on? If true, this is much bigger than Watergate. It begs to be proven true or false. Who is pulling the media's strings?
That's just as big a story.
Marsbat, Tokyo

Canada better than the US? 14.Oct.2004 11:13

yours truly

Uncle Samantha you are trying to make an arguement that canada is better than the US. you are stupid! if you think that there is anywhere in the world better than the U.S. then just shut up and don't ever talk again, im not kidding! Canada? are you joking me?

Forget the French incident, concentrate on the cheating at the debate 14.Oct.2004 12:55


The French incident was just a feed problem - it is Bush's voice (not his dad's deep voice) in a time-delay. But the debates and the boxes on the back are something else.

This year's Halloween costume: bushie mask, black suit with huge box underneath and a wire up to his ear with Rove's voice coming out of it!

Bush wired in more than one way 14.Oct.2004 14:46


I think we have to start to consider that Bush may be on drugs, legal or illegal.
Just did a search on this topic and came up with interesting info. Below is one site. Seems he blew up at an event in July and ran off the stage in response to a reporter. His Dr. has reportedly given him powerful antidepressents. Do a seach for this and you come up with some interesting info.
That is an even worse possibility than being wired. Insiders seem to be saying their is a seige mentality in whitehouse. No one allowed but inner circle. We have to push this into public view, this is the worst possible senario.
I ask people out there, doesn't he remind you of a bar druggie and alcholic. Mood swings, jaw grinding, agitation, anger, what do you all think.



Fifty percent of Americans (democrats and other non-republicans)have opinions about George W. Bush that echo the opinions of many non-Americans. We wonder how in the hell George W. Bush ever got to be president in the first place and we wonder how the other fifty percent of Americans could still be in support of this idiot. For those individuals in Canada or outside the US wondering about Americans obsessing about George W.'s wire (which I for one, believe he used during the debates)-- It is because we hope that finally, physical evidence of fraud by George W., will demonstrate indisputably that he is the puppet of Dick Cheney and others smarter than himself, and will wake up the republican electorate caught in the Republican Matrix.
George W. Bush was selected by the Supreme Court of America and NOT Elected by the majority of American voters. Our government was hijacked AND DEMOCRATS ARE FIGHTING FOR REAL FREEDOM- HERE AT HOME

Pay Attention To The French Incident! IT'S A DIFFERENT VOICE! 14.Oct.2004 20:23

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

Listen carefully! IT'S A DIFFERENT VOICE

1(the voice): ...and I look foreward to working with President Chirac...
(Bush):....and I work look foreward to working with......

2(the voice): ...people of Lebanon should determine their own future....
(Bush):...people of Lebanon should be free to determine.....

Wake up! Is this not the smoking gun? WHERE IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA?
I'm scared. marsbat

Possible photo proof of Bush wearing an earpiece 14.Oct.2004 21:19

Panzo panzo@panzo.org

The front page of today's Seattle P.I. carried an AP photo by Joe Cavaretta that seems to show something in Bush's ear.

I found the pic on Yahoo and brightened it some and there is clearly something that looks like an in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid.

 http://panzo.org for the pics.

black box 14.Oct.2004 21:21

jan Australia

Maybe when Bush finally crashes on Cocaine "they" can pick up the black box and make public the final comments..crash landing commensurable with blurred brain...lets commiserate with all his victims...er whats that you say?

The French thing is not an example 15.Oct.2004 00:09

for kerry

I heard that newscast when it happened, not over the internet. I got excited at the time thinking it was a feed of someone telling him what to say because it went on during news questions too. But someone else in the room with me (who works in tv) pointed out as much as we wished it had been a reveal, it was just a time delay in the broadcast. Maybe others could hear it there from a monitor, I don't know, which could explain odd reactions. Sadly, that voice was the same bush voice. Whoever here said this could blow up in our faces like the ch 2 news Dan Rather thing was right. I believe bush was wired for the debates - concentrate on proving that. There is some good information here. The French situation involves another language, interpreters and it's a dead end.

I wonder why Kerry didn't pat him on the back the way bush did to Kerry.

Why not run a TV ad, asking "what's that Bulge?" 15.Oct.2004 10:26

Peaceful Freedom Fighter

Please send emails to democrat/anti-Bush grassroots organizations to run an ad on Bush's bulge asking for the Republican answer:
The ad should show the bulge pictures, then asks "What is that bulge under Bush's back?" Then Ken Mehlman's answer is quoted saying Bush is an alien, then the ad ends with "We don't want an alien as president, we want a president who loves the American people and tells the truth!" The ad should end with the same question it started.
(I believe now it's some kind of vest rather than an electronic device or it's both)
Another ad should show the Chirac video and ask "Who is feeding the answers to the president?"

Can Anyone Post The Link 15.Oct.2004 16:29

Heard It / Saw It

Can anyone post a link to Bush's speech in France just prior to the D-Day anniversary? I believe it might have been in a CNN broadcast on or about June 2nd. The broadcast picked up a voice prompting Bush with phrases to use. The voice is clearly not Bush's and Bush actually changes some of the wording when he parrots what he's fed.

Bush Chirac speech 15.Oct.2004 17:14



This is the link for tape. Once you get to the site go to the news link and you will find it there.

Email new stations to cover story 15.Oct.2004 17:29


I hope everyone interested in this story is emailing all the cable new sites and regular new sites. If each one of us does a round of emails to these sites it has to get their attention.
The media is covering up this story. This is such a bigger story than the Cheney's daughter and why are they now covering it.

Chirac video no smoking gun 15.Oct.2004 21:15

Panzo panzo@panzo.org

As has been said in previous posts, The "Chriac Recording" from FOX is a technical glitch but not a smoking gun.

People have pointed out that the "voice" doesn't stumble over, "And I look forward to working with President Chirac..." but the President does, saying, "I work look [pause] look forward to working with President Chirac..."

Actually, the "voice" does stumble as the President says, "... a democratic and viable state of their own." It's very hard to hear but the "work look" [pause] is there, laid over "...viable state of their own."

A careful listening to the video (try just listening without watching) yields the same pauses, "uhhs" and inflection to each "set" of speech.

Don't bet the farm on this one. If it were to ever make the mainstream, it would almost certainly be hacked apart on Nightline by audio expert.

As someone else has said, the risk with this story is that the real possibility that Bush needs prompting when he speaks publicly will be "Rathered".

Bill Maher says he doesn't believe Bush's wired 15.Oct.2004 22:16

Not Wired

Bill Maher says he doesn't believe Bush's wired. And I think that if he isn't worried, and he's left wing, then maybe we shouldn't. Jesse Jackson was there too. Something else worries me. Michael Moore was at Leno tonight and "complained" about InDemand not wanting to air Fahrenheit 9/11 although they signed a contract. Why not? Because of Republican intimidation! But the Republicans darling Synclair is allowed to air an anti-Kerry movie? And if you google for news on Michael Moore you won't find but 2 links that mention the Leno show, and that although Michael told leno he will give Fahrenheit 9/11 to Synclair for free. What country are we living in? The Sinclair scandal deserves it's own blog and if you find a good one, please post it here!

Why The Bush-Chirac Video Should Go To The Main Stream Media 16.Oct.2004 07:33

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

The Bush-Chirac video should be exposed on the mainstream media because:

1. The silence is deafening. There has been a lot of traffic on the blogs about this video. The Republicans must know about it. If it was just a technical glitch,or a hoax, IT WOULD BE TO THE REPUBLICAN'S ADVANTAGE TO RUN WITH THE STORY, and use the mainstream media to show another example of left-wing paranoia on the internet. Absolutely NOBODY BUT US is talking about it. Why?

2. This story doesn't have to be 'Rathered'. If the mainstream media wanted to, they could handle the story carefully, subject the tape to expert technical examination, get verification, then present the story as it stood at that time.

3. I'm very suspicious of some of the people on this site who claim to be pro Kerry, but want us to drop this issue. Perhaps:
-Their hearing is much better, or much worse than mine. I hear obvious
differences in what Bush and 'the voice' say.

To wired, you wanted a blog 16.Oct.2004 09:28


To wired above, I created this blog to discuss these issues. At this site you can also create a blog of your own if you wish.
Anyone interested in working for change can go there and talk about this issue. The bigger picture is making the change and we have to focus on how to make that happen. I have been constantly suggesting we email every media source we can. Cable news, main news, newspapers, personalities, corporations.
I emailed one of the companies advertising for the Sinclair broadcast asking them to check out these stories. I received a reply saying OK I will. We can make things happen. Remember you don't have to live in the US to do this, the whole world needs to get involved. Make your voice heard.
Consider a boycott, and how we could get some power going on these issues. We can't let the US make a mistake again.
I am looking for any suggestions about how we can accomplish this.
This can be grassroots in the greatest sense of the word.
Also email talk show host like Leno and Letterman.


What Republicans are saying to Karl Rove 16.Oct.2004 09:46



If you want to know what republicans are saying regarding election see this site.
These are lies about Kerry Edwards voting records and attendance. I have check Senate sites and record sites and found this to very untrue.
They are talking about absenses now while campaigning. Well I wonder who is running the store, while Bush is out everyday campaigning.
Look at what happened in Iraq yesterday when soldiers refused to go on mission due to no protection and contamimated gas. Who was minding the store.
About this $87 billion that keeps getting brought up, that was a supplemental bill for appropriations for 2005, not for equipment for soldiers. For heaven sakes, the question is why were they sent there in the first place without proper equipment. I don't know why Kerry does not stress this. Maybe we need to email him.
I do not think soldiers are voting for Bush. I do not believe this story. They probably only did a survey of Republicans. But they are using this poll to help Bush get elected. If any of you have soldiers in your family who are in Iraq, and they are not for Bush, I hope you will join in this campaign to get these truths out.

Are We Insane? 16.Oct.2004 13:22

Hugo from Texas hugomr_26@yahoo.com

Thank you, user223. I just heard the whole "let me finish" thing, and oh my god. am I insane? or was he CLEARLY speaking to some mysterious other person. Jesus Christ everyone. When are we going to take back OUR media? and fight for truth. He was clearly speaking to someone else. Just when I thought I could not be more outraged at the asinine inanities of this administration, they prove how sordid and Evil they are. it makes me want to ...

But I'll just walk away, because there are many many people who shut their eyes, close their ears, and will not listen to reason. Yet, THEY are patriotic.

If Bush wins again, that's it, I'm leaving the country.

MUST READ!! 17.Oct.2004 02:19




Copy this letter to send to media 17.Oct.2004 10:26


Hi, I know from your entries on this site that you are very concerned about this and other stories about the president and why they are not covered by the media.
I suggest that you copy and past this letter on comment pages of cable news media, more specifically to Paula Zann, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs.
At this site you can click on the particular person and then add the following or your own comment. Also use this letter for any source you think might help in bringing out this story.

We the people of the United States demand that you cover the story of bush wired,  link to isbushwired.com
We deserve to know the truth now, before election day.

Link to Sinclair Scandal site 17.Oct.2004 12:04


Sinclair scandal site to email FCC 17.Oct.2004 12:18


This site has an easy link to send email to FCC regarding this issue.

Scared 17.Oct.2004 13:03

Canadian guy

Let me first start by saying, I enjoy travelling to the US, which I do very often, living close to the boarder. In my sevral journeys to your fine country I've covered around two thirds of all US states. Although regionnaly different in many regards, what I find common from one city or small town to another is that nearly all Americans are genuinely good people.

What amazes me is that approximately half of US citizens support the current Bush administration. Obviously fear and religion plays an integral part behind his support.

His world cruisade must seriously stop. If he went to Irak for its oil (which seems more plausible than for fighting terrorism), get the hell out of there and buy it at 54 buck a barrel like the rest of us. And what would stop him from coming to Canada for our ample resources of fresh water.

Shame on him the first time
Shame on you (shrub supporters) the second

The best advice I can give parents, is to enroll their kids in international student exchange programs. So that future generations will be sensitive to different foreign culture, and will know how to appreciate them for what they are and not be scared of them.

and enjoy the baseball game tonight (go sox go)


marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

If a hundred people (at least) could get together and stage a noisy but peaceful protest in front of a major mainstream media outlet in a major US city, as well as another hundred people in front of the BBC offices in London, and if we made sure the protests were video taped, and put those video tapes on the internet, it might put enough pressure on big media to make them do their job. I think a protest in London is important because the British media isn't quite as hamstrung as ours. (I hope)

If you live in or near a major US city, or London, start posting ideas for times and places for protests on this blog, and start e-mailing each other. We must act fast to get the story out.

There are two stories here. Bush the puppet being fed information during the debates, in France, and who knows how many more times is the current story.

The second, and the more important story in the long run, how unfree most of the media is in the so-called free world. If you are a citizen of a Western democracy, I would hope that you are very worried. I am. marsbat

The Bulge 18.Oct.2004 13:09

Scared Media

The Media in the US are a bunch of sissy pseudo-liberals that are scared and intimidated by the Bush Republicans. All those ignorant American people that live in the little towns and villagesand who will vote for Bush, all those ignorant Americans who don't read the papers (just like Bush doesn't read them), who don't use the Internet, these ignorant people draw their political conclusions by watching the news on TV. But what do they see? The view as seen through Bush's pink-tainted glasses "We are fighting for a free world." The rest of the world sees the real and horrific facts of who Bush is and what he's doing, including the dead or mutilated civilan women and children laying on the streets of Bagdad or Falluja. They, the rest of the world know the truth, and are worried about America. And the Media are the only ones that have in their hands the power to bring some justice to this country, they can tell the truth, but they choose not to!

Bush Is Wired 18.Oct.2004 17:53


Video's, Photos, and Audio of Bush Wired
Here :

Cartoons, Links, Archive

Bush Bulge Website 19.Oct.2004 14:51


No filter between his brain and his mouth 21.Oct.2004 06:16

Fabian Jones

If we look hard enough Bush's true intentions surface on occasion. August 5, 2004 at the signing of the Defense Bill, Bush looks the American people right in the eye and admits his administration never stops "thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people..."

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
-- George W. Bush

See for yourself on the actual white house web page, paragraph 16, line 2:

Out of the fiery pits of Hell, sent to wreak havoc among helpless mortals.
Out of the fiery pits of Hell, sent to wreak havoc among helpless mortals.
They didn't re-elect Daddy in 1992 and I'm going to make them pay.
They didn't re-elect Daddy in 1992 and I'm going to make them pay.

Bush / Chirac 21.Oct.2004 06:54


BigDaddyDawgBreath wrote :

>>>> I listened to the Bush-Chirac audio you're talking about. The voice that you hear before Bush is CLEARLY Bush himself. One of the posters below pointed out how you can get audio/video delay in transmissions. The timing, pronunciation - everything in the "mysterious voice" are clearly Bush himself. This is much more likely just a transmission delay, not something from the grassy knoll. <<<<

It is CLEARLY not a transmission delay. Watch the video again: 11s into it, the first voice says: "...and I look forward to working with president Chirac..." while Bush says "...and I look working... look forward to working with president Chirac...".

Case closed.




Case not closed! 21.Oct.2004 09:37

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

The Case is not closed. Tariq is full of BS. Listen carefully to the Bush-Charac video. Don't take my word for it. Don't take Tariq's, that Republican's stooge's, word for it. (Tariq's his real name, yeah right!)WATCH THE VIDEO FOR YOURSELF, LISTEN CAREFULLY! THE REPUBLICANS ARE TERRIFIED OF THIS VIDEO. If there were nothing to this video, the Republicans would have spread it all over the media. If our media was even a little bit free, they would have provided a least a small amount of coverage to the Bush-Chirac tape. Mudshark, Kerry supporter, For Kerry, and Kerry supporter, if you're not secret Bush supporters, why do you want people to forget about the Bush-Chirac tape.

I hate Bush, but I'm not afraid of the Bush-Chirac tape coming under sober, objective analysis. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF, YOU REPUBLICAN SISSIES? THE THREAT OF THE TRUTH IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU, ISN'T IT?
If you find that you're lying most of the time in order to defend you're cause, maybe you should take a good look at your viewpoint. marsbat

Big Daddy Dawg Breath Is Really Big Daddy BS Breath 21.Oct.2004 10:38

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

So there! marsbat

Ted Rall, Where Are You? 21.Oct.2004 11:20

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

Ted Rall, where are you? You advertise yourself as the BS detector. Why aren't you talking about the Bush-Chirac tape? I've always admired you, even though I don't always completely agree with you, because I thought you hadn't been bought out. You know the people who have the resources to investigate the tape properly.
C'mon Rall, don't make us give up on you too.
Please Rall, speak up

marsbat 21.Oct.2004 12:47


I don't think you have understood my post. I say it's not a case of transmission delay: these are two different voices ==> Bush is being prompted. Chirac en rigole encore, j'en suis certain.


Appologies toTariq from Marsbat 21.Oct.2004 20:46

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

I'm sorry Tariq. I had just got home and I was drunk, and did not read your comments carefully. The possibility of Bush being returned to office has caused my stress level and alcohol consumption to rise in the last couple of weeks. I'm going to cut back on the drinking. It's better bad times sober.
Once again, I'm very sorry,

Bush is a twat but lets not go crazy with conspiracies 24.Oct.2004 13:27


i want to point out that I HATE THIS MotherF**ker [im talking about BUSH btw]

ok now the BUSH/CHIRAC video:
i think u ppl here that have quoted parts of the speech are transcripting incorrectly [take note plz marsbat].

marsbat transcripted as follows:
1(the voice): ...and I look foreward to working with President Chirac...
(Bush):....and I work look foreward to working with......

*BUT* after playing back several times i heard it slightly different as follows:
1(the voice): ...[incoherent voice] look foreward to working with President Chirac...
(Bush):....and I look working... look foreward to working with President Chirac......

2(the voice): ...people of Lebanon should determine their own future....
(Bush):...people of Lebanon should be free to determine.....

*BUT* after playing back several times i heard it slightly different as follows:
2(the voice): ...people of Lebanon...[pause]...[incoherent voice].....determine their own future....
(Bush):...people of Lebanon...[pause]...should be free to determine.....

i have played this back many time over and over agian looking for mistakes and changes in BUSH's voice and the other voice. in conclusion in the comparison,to my disappointment i came across none. and so i gracefully conclude that the voice is a technical glitch in the live feed. until there is further more damming evidence then i will bow down to it but to me the france speech is not convincing enough for this conspiracy but i do admit that something fishy is going on in other instances such as the bush bulge in the debates.

"let me finish"
i was convinced that he was being fed his words but i questioned that who was he EXACTLY looking at when he said that. he did seem to point to the debate moderator but i cant say for sure i wasnt there. the only way to know is by photographic evidence so if anyone has one then plz come foreward.
also...the green light had gone on and then he said "let me finish". not the other way around as some of you say. so plz dont turn into some conpiracy nut ok and stick to the truth coz the video does not lie.

if u feel that i have been mistaken and mis-transcripted it myself then please show me otherwise.

You are wrong to previous entry 24.Oct.2004 16:15


Marsbat is right
The critical thing about the bush /chirac speech was at the end where the voice says now I will call on the (reporters name) and the voice gave him the answers to the question.
And further are you assuming a "preplay" of words which would be impossible. Reporters who were in the room at the time, reported that a clear voice was coming through entire room with the words before they were spoken.
Bush toughed in out and continued despite poking at his earpiece many times.
Further consider that this technology allows for a person to pretape their words and then play them back for a speech, thereby allowing for another person to take this up at question time. Also possibility it was previously arranged for the reporter to be the first to ask the question and Bush knowing what the question was. I think he only answered two questions after.

Ok you have a point ....But........... 25.Oct.2004 02:24


...im still not convinced if marsbat is really in the correct here with the trascripting.
we only really need proof of one moment of the entire speech where the voices are not the exact to give his game away. unfortunatly this video in my eyes(or ears in this case) does not achieve that.

my point is how does bush manage to copy/repeat this unknown voice word by word, phrase by phrase, pause by pause. to me the words were the same length and abruptness as Bush's pronounciation a few seconds after. im really being honest when i say i tried hard to find differences in tone in the two voices but when i thought i did i played it again and then i was not sure, considering my bias view on this prick of a president, i was not sure if it was my own subconcious picking something up.

so to conclude, my audio equipment consisting of a bog standard desktop speaker, its hard for me to work out whos or what that "other voice" was.

so its still open to debate what this pre-echo(an impossiblity but u know what i mean) was. all i am saying is that after spending time on this piece of footage of bush/chirac talk i feel no closer to the truth.

I would love to have the Bush-Chirac tape settled 25.Oct.2004 07:30

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

f2k has some valid points. The voices are very similar, and parts of the audio are somewhat fuzzy. Some people hear things one way, others hear them another way, fine. There is no point us arguing about what's on the audio on this blog, that won't clear anything up. If anyone out there knows anybody in the business of analysing audio and video tapes, please ask them for help. Perhaps you could ask a friend who works at a university, or at a security company, or the police; I don't know, whoever? I would imagine that chronic conspiracy nuts wouldn't want their evidence to come under hard scrutiny because the results might ruin their fun. I'm not a conspiracy nut(yet). I just want to know what's really on the tape.


As mentioned before, I'm very suspicious that the tape has been so completely ignored. If it could easily be debunked, it would help those *^&%ing Bushies. I don't wan't anything to help them, but the truth is more important, whatever it is. marsbat

Question for Diane 25.Oct.2004 07:39

marsbat marsbat999@hotmail.com

Hello Diane. You mentioned what the reporters in the room heard. Where did you read about that? I've been busy and don't have much time to look around now. Thanks for your efforts. marsbat

Answer to Marsbat 25.Oct.2004 08:52


In response to your question about reporters hearing the presound, its going to be hard to remember where I read that, since I have gone through thousands of pages and reports in the last few weeks. Here is best offer, I believe it was mentioned on one of the blogs maybe even this one.
I have been to here are the links,
but there are so many entries it will be hard to find. I do seem to recall that at the time a reporter mentioned it while covering the speech, perhaps John King with CNN. You could do a search for bush/chirac scandal and you may find something.
I personally think that everyone's time would be better spent in trying to get this story out and pressure the media into more honest reporting. Also write congress members. Don't spend so much time on details of this story, we know something was on his back and whatever it was we need to know. The real story here is that this is not being covered in any meaningful way.
If Kerry was suspected of this it would be front page from now to eternity. That is the issue we have to address.
Just do research on the members of the administration, enter their name and then scandal and you will find plenty of stuff to keep you busy for a long time.
Interestingly I discovered only two member of bush's bunch were in military and almost all of Kerry group did serve, one notable exception was Clinton.
PS is anybody suspicious that the "Bush records" deal with the bloggers bringing the story out about false papers, seem suspicious. How could they get that story out in a day and it stuck all over the media and developed into a big scandal and this story, far more important, gets nothing. And who would have even thought to consider papers a forgery unless it was a set up.
Are they going to keep this out period, or just until after the election.
These are the things that need to be discussed, researched and brought to the attention of as many as we can. I will personally feel insulted if the Repub bloggers are better than the Dems.
Also do a search for Bush and 911 and see what you come up with.
It's all out there for you to find, over 800,000 sites at least.

Answer to marsbat 25.Oct.2004 09:14


Marsbat: I found this on this site above, about 30 entries from the top.
Bush earpiece
I'm wondering if any one else caught this, President Bush met with French president Jacques Chirac around the second of June. Both men were in France at podiums in front of a large press core. Bush had an earpiece in, I thought nothing of this since Bush has not yet mastered English, him knowing any French is a long shot. Soon after turning on CNN, I noticed that some one else was carefully dictating Mr. Bush's exact words before he acually said them. At first I thought this simply must be a tech problem, like an echo of some sort, but that was not the case. I could distinctly discern that these were two seperate voices. The voice was diffrent, as was the annunciation. Okay, I thought, this is just weird, so I flipped it to MSNBC, same deal, Faux News(maja props to skunx), amazingly the same, but the first voice was much lower in volume on Fox.

It was sureal, Bush was being fed his lines through an earpiece, I could come to no other logical conclution. We all well know that Mr. Bush is not the best speaker, but if he can not even read his own speech, then he is not qualified to be a member in AA, let alone the president of the United States.

It did not end here however, Bush was going to take a few questions from the press, everyone always notes how well the president is with names, well the voice in the earpiece is much better with names, beacuse he told Mr. Bush who to call by name, and without fail the earpiece had all the answers to the reporters questions as well. I was just in awe at this point, some clever techy in France had exposed one of Bush's puppet masters. This would be all over the press in no time. I was exstatic.

The next day president Reagan died, all other news stopped.

written by Haywood Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Link to discussion of Bush/Chirac 25.Oct.2004 11:06



There is a pretty good discussion of this speech at this site, marsbat you may find what our are looking for here.

Maybe we have gotten our break Missing Iraq Explosives 25.Oct.2004 11:22


 link to news.google.com

This may be the story to do the deed. This story is just now breaking around the world. This is a big, big blunder, mistake, catastrophic, etc.
Now this is the story to push into media.

Ashley Simpson Did It Too 26.Oct.2004 15:25


Now everybody is doing it. Look at how Ashely Simpson got caught on SNL. Did she borrow a trick from someone else or what?
Tape feed people of the world unite !

cannonfire blog inaccessible 27.Oct.2004 01:13


what happened here? why cant i access this anymore? Has is moved?
Can someone post its new location please.


Cannofire 27.Oct.2004 10:02


I just went to this site and it is working. Found this right off the bat regarding the CBS story about Bush military record. These were my suspicions also. This is located near the end of the blogs on the above site.

"Isn't it interesting that these three men received these questionable docs?

And isn't it interesting that within three-or-so hours of the CBS broadcast, a Republican blogger had a detailed response? Note this analysis by Rove biographer James Moore:

My suspicions about Rove's involvement in the CBS document controversy arose after the well-coordinated attack on the memos. Critics were ready with their analysis almost before CBS got off the air. And they knew precisely the forensic arguments to make. This didn't happen through simple due diligence. They were tipped in advance. And that was only possible if Rove was involved in the creation and leaking of the documents or if he got them in advance and set up his attack machine. Admittedly, this is a five cushion political bank shot, but if anybody can pull those off, it's Rove.

Rumsfield's war Must goto this site 27.Oct.2004 10:13


 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/pentagon/ or

Last night Fontline on PBC ran an excellent documentary regading the evolution of D. Rumsfeld and associates as they conceived and prepared for a war in Iraq from the beginning of administration, how they coerced everyone to go along with them. Must see, must read, I'm not kidding.

A Canadian opinion 27.Oct.2004 12:12


Hi from Canada.
Just as an additional detail on the "Let Me Finish" gaffe, I would like to point out that Mr. Bush is on the left side of the "stage". Mr. Kerry is on the right side, and therefore to the right of Mr. Bush. Mr. Lehrer, the moderator, is positioned between the two CANDIDATES (proper spelling) also to the right of Mr. Bush. If Mr. Bush wants to look at either one, he'll have to look to his right.
At the critical moment of the already fabled "finish" utterance, Mr. Bush is looking to his LEFT. He's looking either at a segment of the public, or at the wall, OR at his "souffleur", the one he's able to hear in his supposed earpiece. Moreover, his eye movement is so fast it would be plausible that he's just listening carefully.
Try to find where in the audience his staff was sitting. However, it won't be of any use.

The rest of the Canadian opinion 27.Oct.2004 12:35


Because all closed-minded, hypocritical, demagogical, uneducated Republican bigots will refuse to believe any solid proof or sensible theory because it isn't in accordance with their own beliefs.

I've watched a video of 4 Republican women being interviewed with respect to Fahrenheit 9/11 and they were ALL strongly opposed to the idea of watching it, even. They refused to inform themselves on a different point of view.
Now, the beauty of having elections is that you get the right to make a choice. But when you as a Republican woman WAIVER that right, why hold elections?

This is the approach that ancient Christians took to heresy. I encourage you to look "heresy" up in the latest Catholic(sic!) Encyclopedia. These ancient Christians preffered wiping out any group of people that did not agree with them. This is how they solved their problems. This is how the Cathari(also known as "puritans") were exterminated from Western Europe. They didn't hurt anyone. They just THOUGHT. They were ANALYTICAL.
If the majority of Republicans don't allow themselves to think (and start as soon as possible), you guys are in trouble.

Changing horses in midstream 30.Oct.2004 19:44


This is a comment on the often heard line "Don't change horses in midstream." When the horse has a broken leg, when the horse cannot see the other bank, when the horse starts to go under, when the horse drowns, when the stream carries you away to your death, will it then be time to change the horse. I rest my case

Can't beleive that people don't know Kerry's record 31.Oct.2004 12:49


After following this election more closely than I've done before, I'm constantly struck by how Bushies believe John Kerry had a bad senate record, not true, Kerry is wishy-washy, not true, his record is tarnished, not true, his vote for the resolution for war, he didn't say just go ahead whenever you feel like it.
There are one mis-reperesentation after another coming from the Bush side and the pundits. I feel like blowing up the tv.
When is this country going to start telling the truth about anything, or everything. I see a big problem with the media and I am sick and tired of some slanting this way and some slanting that way. Who is telling the truth. You really have to go direct to the source and find the truth, and thank God for computers so many, many of us have the resource now to search out the truth.
I hope if anyone is still reading this blog, that you take action in what ever way you can to lobby the media and congress for these reforms that are much needed. No matter who wins the election.

Game Over 03.Nov.2004 12:36


None of this matters anymore.

Election 04.Nov.2004 15:39


Gavin Newsome is a Republican plant.

Bush May Be President 06.Nov.2004 12:20

Doesn't Matter

But he'll always be an ignorant dumfounded looser!

Bush's Legacy. 29.Apr.2005 16:52


How will Bush be remembered?
As the president who fearlessly battled Terrorism and had the largest
approval rating in recent history. Or the president who gave Usama
6 weeks to evacuate Afghanistan and lost his trail completely.
The president wasn't responsible on what Usama did but he didn't
act on what he knew fast enough to save lives. Why wasn't the security
breifing made public when they found out that Usama was sending pilots
to America to train? Why didn't Rice stop being a FANGIRL of the president's
and actually DEMAND that he get off vacation and read the breifing that his
own CIA prepared? Why the hell did we even goto Iraq 1 year after
September 11? Does the president know that even if Iraq had a nuke
that they would probally be smart enough not to use it on us.
Russia has more nukes than the usa and they have never attacked us
Ofcourse we'll never get the TRUTH of why we went to Iraq, atleast
NOT from a politician as endlessly corrupt as Bush. Ofcouse Bush's begginings weren't very sweet either, He's the first president in history to be elected
by the Supreme Court and NOT the American people. He'll also be remembered for
being the first president to blame the US Constitution for a tragedy and watering down our rights as Americans. If Bush wants to protect people from Terror than a decent way to do so is to secure the borders. How the hell can he say that he's wanna do his best to keep us safe but at the same time NOT secure both borders?