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selection 2004

Posters to indymedia share their thoughts on the pResidential Debate

So the first debate is history and even with all of the constraints placed upon it by the two parties, it t'warn't half bad.

Bush was alternately defensive and pompous, seemed to be searching for words at times, at other times stringing out his answers to fill time or suddenly closing his mouth with time left on the clock. At one point, when he had plenty of time left, he inexplicably said, "LET ME FINISH!" I know he's not a short man, but he seemed short this evening, hunching over the podium even though the split screen boxes on the channel I watched put him at a higher level than Kerry. On the other hand, Kerry was well spoken, tall and cool, far more presidential looking.

More reader comments on the pResidential Debate
  • 'kzoo' writes: Yes Kerry won, so what. My grandmother's been dead for twenty years, she could of won tonight too.
  • 'zzzzzz' writes: A nauseating performance with the most interesting candidates barred from the debates.

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selection 2004
selection 2004