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Wooo HOOO! Free radio Santa Cruz is BACK!

Taken down less than 48 hours before the presidential debates the less than transparent attempts of the fcc to stifle free speech, has apparently been a lost battle for the FCC.
Yes, We Are Back ON The Air, said the Radio DJ.
Free Radio Santa Cruz has fixed their live stream and are now back on the internet. They have every intention of getting back on the air soon. A live DJ in the studio said that they really wanted to thank a lot of radio stations for playing them and supporting them during the last 30 hour ordeal. Though it was not mentioned Portland Indymedia web radio is one of those stations. We have every intention of getting back on the air soon, the DJ in the studio said grimly, no doubt remembering yesterday's brutal attack against free speech. The first show to go back on the air, ironically was free speech radio news, the very show that had been playing that the FCC turned off yesterday morning. Free Radio Santa Cruz has made a pledge to try and resume regular scheduling.

For those who want to get them back on the air quickly offering the high quality broadcasting live keeping free speech alive, please donate money to the FRSC. Most radio DJ's have to pay for time slots each month. Even with a minimal fee for each DJ the costs of the studio are hard to meet. Free Radio Santa Cruz does offer high quality fund raising events however, this is not enough at this time. Help Free Speech win this battle against the Bush Cronies on the day of the debate! Donate to get freak radio santa cruz on the air!
Links to Streams 30.Sep.2004 23:44

billy bones

for freak radio "Santa Cruise" internet listening: