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Biscuit Fire Logging Just Began!

In response to the first logging at Biscuit a base camp is being set up.
The first Biscuit Fire timber sale is now being logged and people are preparing to shut that logging down.

Giant trees are falling in the Game Lake area on the northwest corner of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. The timber sale is known as Horse and the company logging it is Silver Creek Logging. This organization, headed by John West of Merlin, is a newly created front group for Roseburg Forest Products.

Silver Creek is the company that was suspended earlier this year for illegally cutting in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and is under federal investigation for stealing more than 100 trees this year in the Flat Top area.

The area being logged contains significant stands of green, ancient Port Orford Cedar. Because this tree is being driven to extinction by a root disease spread by logging, operations, according to the contract, must cease by October 1.

Silver Creek obviously intends to continue logging into the wet season regardless of the threats to endangered cedars. So people will be gathering in the area to stop the illegal logging.

Please join our efforts to protect the Biscuit area.

Directions to the Horse Base Camp:

Initial base camp will be established Friday night at the intersection of FS 3680 and FS 3318 in the Gold Beach District of the Siskiyou National Forest.

Access to the camp is gained from Highway 101 a couple miles south of Gold Beach. Near Buena Vista State Park take county road 635, east up Hunter Creek. This road becomes forest road 3680. It is probably about 20 miles from 101 to the 3318 intersection. Note that there is one right hand turn you must make to stay on the 3680.

This is an emergency camp. Please come fully self-sufficient. Camp is above 3000 feet and on the westside of the range. Forecasts are for beautiful weather but anything can happen in the mountains. Bring sleeping gear, rain gear, food and water or a filter. Cameras of all kinds are helpful. This camp is for monitoring and non-violent civil disobedience. Respect for all is expected.

See you in the woods.