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New Wu ad, still Woeful

After gaining national attention for his first TV ad for its' sheer goofiness, David Wu has thrown together another. He stands in Washington Park with downtown Portland as his backdrop. The problem is, it's a foggy morning and downtown Portland looks like LA in the '70s. Unless you're trying to say Bush is dirtying the air, David, get another backdrop. There are probably dozens of better backdrops within blocks of where he is standing.
Sure he was in a hurry to get a new ad on the air, but don't make it obvious. What a maroon.
Who's the maroon? 01.Oct.2004 17:46

Looks like Goli's posting on Indymedia

Why not talk about the issues?

Hi Goli! 03.Oct.2004 19:57


Oh, I knew it was you, your squeakiness gives you away. My dear Goli and all your minions, you have no chance in hell. You are already in the pockets of Big Business and we don't really care if Wu picked a bad-haze day for his commercial filming. At least his commercials are clever. Oh, and he's not evil, unlike you. It's a shame, too, you're absolutely adorable.