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Biscuit Logging Just Began!

The first timber sale in the Biscuit fire area is now being logged. Inforamtion on travelling to the woods to stop the destruction will be posted soon.
We just received word that the first Biscuit timber sale is now being logged.

Giant trees are falling in the Game Lake area on the northwest corner of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. The timber sale is known as horse and the company logging it is Silver Creek Logging. This organization, headed by John West of Merlin, is a newly created front group for Roseburg Forest Products.

Silver Creek is the company that was suspended earlier this year for illegally cutting in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and is under federal investigation for stealing more than 100 trees this year in the Flat Top area.

The area being logged contains significant stands of green ancient Port Orford Cedar. Because this tree is being driven to extinction by a root rot spread by logging, operations must cease by October 1.

Please prepare now to join citizens in stopping this illegal logging at the point of destruction. Details on where to meet and directions will be posted soon.
How do we get there? How far from Portland? 30.Sep.2004 14:05


Where exactly is it?

where it is 30.Sep.2004 16:03

botrychium botrychium__at__cascadiarising.org

From what tim said, I'm guessing this is somewhere around the "23" on the map below. This is in the SW corner of the state. It's about 7 hours from Portland depending on where exactly it is.

I'm sure directions will be posted soon.
siskiyou national forest map
siskiyou national forest map

protest planned monday 30.Sep.2004 16:09

botrychium botrychium__at__cascadiarising.org

I don't know a ton of details but there is an protest planned monday for down there that his been in the works for a while. Check out  http://www.forestadvocate.org/rally.htm. I believe there are carpools leaving from Portland on Sunday to go to the protest. check that page for info....

actually just looked - update already posted:


mad scramble 02.Oct.2004 10:22


This is a big wknd in SW Oregon with the NFPA convention and the Hope Mtn Barter Faire in Cave Junction. Directions to the Horse sale of the Biscuit complex will be posted soon. People wanting to head down can get directions from the Rogue IMC site.