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Free Speech Zones At Mt. Hood CC

Mt. Hood CC has a freespeech zone on campus
It might just be me but I thought that college was the place to share new ideas as well as a place to be exposed to new ideas. This is not so at Mt. Hood. Outside of the freespeech area anyway. At onetime, college campuses were the breeding grounds of the anti-war movement. Today CEO's/Deans are more concerned with possible investors/donators then they are with the growth of the students intellect. It is all about how to windowdress for money. Students are products and we cannot have any anomolies in the product. Longlive the potential invetors dollar.
Test from Joe 30.Sep.2004 20:00

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Information about Campus Free Speech Areas 01.Oct.2004 10:20

a friend

Potland Community College does the same thing. I had some doubts about the policy, but it does have some benefits. So without supporting it, I would like to point out what those benefits are.

I think the idea is that students should be free from being approached by petitioners ,etc. if they choose not to engage them. The free speech area at Cascade Campus is honored, but tablers are not supposed to approach students. They are only supposed to address students if the students approach them.

I know this seems stringent but it makes it possible for me to walk past Christian groups and Army recruiters **every day** without having to deal with their drivel. If I choose to say something pointed to them, I may, and I will have to field the come-back. But if during my regular business day I don't wish to be "witnessed" or fed military crap, I have that protection.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of the policy. It is restrictive. But I appreciate it daily when I turn my head away from certain groups to let them know I'm not interested. On the other hand, it is a productive area for petitioners.

NOTE: It is possible to have a demonstration on PCC campuses outside of the free speech area. However, at the one demonstration I did attend against some Bush cabinet members, the protesters were, as is now typical an other demonstrations, sectioned off by yellow tape and asked to remain in one location. We didn't listen, but marched past the building where the cabinet members were talking.

ohmigod 01.Oct.2004 17:19

has it really come to this?

Everyday, I am thankful for indymedia posters putting up stuff that I would never have heard about otherwise. I cannot imagine a "freespeech" zone on a campus. Whatever happened to the idea of the country being a place for free speech? Where's the first amendment gone?