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McCain introducing NATIONAL ID plan

Call your Senators NOW and tell them to oppose the McCain amendment!
John McCain is introducing National ID RIGHT NOW on Senate floor! He
is introducing it as an amendment to the Collins-Lieberman bill S

Call your Senators NOW and tell them to oppose the McCain amendment!

Please call NOW. The US Senate switchboard number is 202-224-3121 .
Insufficient information 01.Oct.2004 05:23

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

Tactics in the Senate are very complicated.

You need to tell us more. Need to tell us what this bill 2845 is about. Need to tell us whether adding this ammendment will aid the passage of this bill or doom its chances.

McCain is an important enough figure in the Senate that you should not give us such an incomplete story and then urge specific action. For all I know you have given me a false impression of what is going on. Sorry "American Idol", but I know enough about Senate procedures to realize that it isn't safe to conclude that McCain WANTS a "national ID" -- not JUST because he proposes such an ammendment.

Already here... 01.Oct.2004 10:03

refuse & resist

Hey, National ID cards are already here: you´ve probably already got one in your wallet! Didn´t you notice that you had to give out your Social Security number for your drivers license the last time you renewed (all of a sudden)? That means when piglets stop you and "check your driver license" which they´re allowed to anytime you´re driving ONLY, their search is tied to your SSN, which means federal databases now have a link to each state´s driver license databases...

We slept through that one, it seems.

Currentl laws do not have "must carry" provision 01.Oct.2004 12:25

Luke from DC

When not driving a car, DON'T CARRY YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE! Its a de facto National ID. Even if a national ID law passes, unless it changes the Constitution or judges interpretation of it to allow arrests of pedestrians for not carrying ID, it will change little but the difficulty of accessing services for non-ID holders.

A "must carry" provision would probably doom any national ID bill to be stopped by fillibuster or other Republican-proof measures, but only if people actively protest it.