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"Crashing the Parties 2004" to air on PBS tonight

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will be featured in the PBS special, "Crashing the Parties 2004," which will air on OPB tonight at 9pm.
The program will also feature three other presidential candidates, all of whom, in addition to Cobb, are trying to break the two-party stranglehold on the American political system. Each of the profiled candidates is on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning the presidency.
Good Show 01.Oct.2004 07:59


I watched this last night and thought it was really good. They were selling copies for $29.95 but that is way tooooo much. I'd pay $9.95 for a copy so I could share.

When I saw the Constitution Party I got real scared. They are nuts. They want to go back to the original constitution "meaning", outlaw abortion and bring godliness back to America.

Nader was good. I thought Cobb was good as well.