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Blame America First

Dealing with morons and bigots is certainly hell. When Jesus freaks are tools of evil. Its good to laugh.
Saddam escapes leaving his double
Saddam escapes leaving his double "oil guy" to be captured by US
"When wrong is right"
Printed on Sunday, September 26, 2004 @ 12:27:53 CST

By Mirza A. Beg
YellowTimes.org Guest Columnist (United States)

(YellowTimes.org) -- "Blame America first" is the retort from those who
think all actions, including reactions (defying logic) take place in a
historical vacuum. We are right and to accept mistakes is weakness. We
are good, evil is what others do. End of discussion.

I have heard adaptations of "Blame ---- first" in many languages. Fill
in the blank depending on the country, race or religion. It may be
Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Hindus,
Jews or whoever.

9/11 elicited thoughtful analysis by some. Their voices were drowned by
the instant analysts, on television and added to the popularity of the
hate radio. The question was why? The complex nuanced answers were
drowned by simplistic explanations. "They" hate us for our goodness, our
freedoms. An administration controlled by ideologues, such as Neo-Con
pundits and the War preaching, Armageddon seeking wing of Christians,
implemented a policy devoid of humane and Christian values. They found it
easy to paint a whole people and religion as culprits.

With Blinders on, Bin Laden and Talibans only saw an increasing support
for the expansionist policies of Israel and support of corrupt Arab
regimes for oil by the U.S. administrations. They could not see the
democratic and humane facets of America. They did not see the rot in their
draconian systems, the stifled education and injustices heaped on their
own people and the minorities were the reasons they were open to

They had to show that they could hurt a super-power. They did. It
mattered little that the turmoil destroyed thousands of innocent lives.

Bin Laden and his kind gave an unimagined opportunity to the ideologues
in America. They used 9/11 for a simplistic propaganda. All liberation
movements were painted as terrorism and all terrorism was assigned to
Muslims. Basque Nationalists of Spain, Shining path Guerillas in Peru,
Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka got a respite. The Christian Serbian genocide
of Muslims, the Rwandan genocide lost relevance, and Israeli
expansionism celebrated.

The only reality was the attack on 9/11 by Arab Muslims, thus easy to
simplify a complex phenomenon.

The attack on Bin Laden and Talibans in Afghanistan was an opening
gambit. The goal was to exploit the current U.S. supremacy in the continuum
of history. They left Bin Laden on the loose, Afghanistan smoldering.
Drunk with power they connived and attacked Iraq. They were salivating
at the prospect of attack on Iran, Syria and others being next. Trial
balloons by the Pentagon were busted in the Iraqi quagmire.

Ensuing turmoil destroyed tens of thousands of innocent lives and
America lost friends. In their boast they coined the term "shock and awe".
They managed to awe themselves and shock the world, and Iraq became a

People who lose the sense of introspection as individuals and even more
so as a society become dangerous to others and eventually to
themselves. We learn this lesson again and again and forget it with every
generation to relearn it at great cost to humanity

The administration circumvented the Geneva conventions in Guantanamo
Bay and prisons in Afghanistan and Iraq. Private contractors were hired
to violate the Geneva conventions. Reports were reports rife for a year
about the torture chambers then Abu Ghraib seared us with pictures. The
photographs of torture, abuses, and humiliations of every sort shocked
the decent Americans, but to Iraqis and the world it became the
personification of American perfidy.

Shocked decent Americans protested and apologized. Strong articles were
written, but the ideologues, who wanted apology from every living, and
possibly dead Muslims, justified these actions as no worse than collage
pranks, some bad apples. They insisted on suppression of evidence.
Administration refused an independent commission lest they connect it
directly to the Policy of Bush and Rumsfeld.

The problem with wars is that they are started by a few narrow-minded
self-serving ideologues, drunk with myopic power. A small minority that
cares about candor, justice and counsels restraint is drowned in
propaganda. A majority, consisting of kind and decent people, who try to help
the week and needy as individuals are taken in by the nationalistic
drums of war. As the ugly rapacious face of wonton death and destruction
emerges, they are urged to fall in line lest they be considered week and
harm the dubious cause.

The evil instead of being contained is multiplied. The warmongers on
all sides control the agenda. The dead and injured innocents are
collateral damage. The purported laudable aims give way to half-truths, then
victory at any cost. Virtue becomes vice, and wrong becomes right.

Mirza A. Beg encourages your comments:  mab64@yahoo.com

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good show. i just witnessed a man being viciously beaten on a city bus,the tall anglo looking assaulter was ppulverizing this ''eccentric'' looking harmless hispanic looking man.when police arrived , at least 5 cops tackled the man to the ground.the anglo irish looking guy was the assaulter.i witnessed the whole event.thed hispanic man wasw in the back of the bus and the white guyt wawsvway up front in the bus.he walked all the way down the aisle and started pulverizing this little guy.he slammed his head againstthe window.the police believed the assaulter cause he was tall and very ''official'' loooking.dont be surprised when people want to behead american nazis.after all the usa is ''beheading'' plenty of iraqis with daisy cutters and all manner of wmd's