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Update on 34 Neglected horses found -CARE DONATIONS NEEDED

Information on the status of these poor horses.
Ox-had to be put down last Monday.
DONATIONS NEEDED.This is an update direct from Lane County -

"'OX' had to be put down last Monday. We tried and tried but he was so involved with
infections. We hope he will be the only one.
We are currently working very hard with 'Buttons' at this time and she seems
to be responding very well.When the vet first examined these animals his guess
was that 5-7 would have to be put down. If we hold at just one we will be happy.
Other than 'Buttons' the rest will be put up for adoption this Saturday.
They have all responded well to treatment, care and lots of love and attention.
The vets were able to donate $1,200.00 of a $3,000.00 bill. The horses are now on
our website at  http://www.lanecounty.org/animals

We are still attempting to raise donations for the total cost incurred.
Just an FYI, we have a special account that is designated for injured, neglected
and abused animals. A percentage of this account also goes to our spay/neuter program
for low income families.

This account cannot be used by the county for any other purpose."

Mike Wellington, Lane County Animal regulation

 http://www.lanecounty.org see newsworthy item