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Hear 3rd party debates tomorrow night, live from Miami

David Cobb, Green Party Presidential candidate will debate candidates from the parties shut out of the corporate debates.
Coverage will begin on Thursday at 4:30 PM and is expected to wrap up at approximately 7:30 PM. Live web streaming (no password, no fees) sponsored by FreeMarketNews.com

Special thanks to the Florida Greens for all the work they have put in to make this event a success. Our Green message will be heard: in addition to the web streaming, we've received calls from USA Today, Fox News, and more. Pacifica and IndyMedia will be interviewing audience members and candidates to get their opinions on the debate.

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The Debates are TONIGHT (Thursday) 30.Sep.2004 09:33


Listen to them live today at 4:30pm (I'm not sure if that is EST or PST)