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Please Donate to STOP THE FCC and Stop Powell censorship

Most of you know that the FCC raided a community based pirate radio station. Most of you do not know that this radio station is nationally known as being a grassroots initiative that allows descent. In this time of clear channel, of FBI suubpeonas and of Powell's son running the FCC all that makes it into mainstream media are usually half truths and lies.

The FCC has seized equipment before. Each time that the FCC raids FRSC or any other group it is up to us to get it back on the airwaves.

Even small donations of a dollar or two can be sent PO BOX to frsc for very cheap! Every dollar counts in an emergency. Say Fuck the FCC and mail a buck to frsc!

Or go big time and donate studio equipment, large cash grants, etc.

Support can be mailed to

Po Box 7507
Santa Cruz, CA 9506

or you can follow this link to donate money via paypal

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Migratory Bird

oops that was zip 95061.