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More on the FRSC Raid

At 8:20 AM armed US Marshalls and FCC Agents raied the house where Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcasts. A warrent was not servered to the residents of the house, but the warrent was shown to the residents. All the residents, some wearing only their bathrobes and PJ's, were herded to the sidewalk in front of their house.

Free Radio Santa Cruz was airing Democracy Now! as the FCC Agents and US Marshalls worked to get into the studio. FRSC 101.1 FM, was airing a pre-programed interview with Howard Zinn when the listeners of FRSC heard the sound static due to the first ever FCC raid on station in almost 10 years of broadcasting for the Santa Cruz community and listeners around the world via online streaming. FRSC has received strong support from members of the community, including the Santa Cruz City Council.

Members of the Free Radio Santa Cruz collective will meet to decide their next moves in the effort to the Free the Airwaves. A benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz has already been planned for Tuesday October 12, 5:30 PM, at Barrios Unidos. Messages of support are appreciated and have already poured in from Argentina, New York, Portland, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York.

[ Free Radio Santa Cruz ]

more details and photos should be coming fairly soon.

homepage: homepage: http://freakradio.org
phone: phone: 831-427-4523 (voice)

Thanks for the support Portland Indymedia, etc... 29.Sep.2004 16:03

sc-imc is currently back up.....

Thanks to all the supporters throughout Cascasdia.