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Polish Anarchist to visit Portland

Hi, my name is Krzysztof Krol and I will be in the Portland October 22nd. I would lik eto give a talk and I
will need a place to sleep. I am visiting Keith McHenry in Tucson. His phone is 1-800-884-1136
I am an activist from Poznan, Poland and a member of the Polish
Anarchist Federation and the Anarchist Publishing Initiative , the Rozbrat Squat
[ the oldest anarchist social center in Poland ] and the anarchist library.
In 2000, I helped start the Workers Initiative a Polish anarchosyndicalist workers
union. I also helped organize the Anti War Coalition in 2002 and the first
Polish Food Not Bombs group in 1998.

I am visiting North America and would like to share my experience as a
Polish anarchist with your community. I can also show three 30 minute
videos about Poland.

- A video about the Polish Antiglobalistion Movement called "Abolishing
the States" made by an official Polish television station. [ 30 min.2003 ]

- Video "Bread and Work" about the radical strike after lock out of 900
workers in a Polish cable factory made by FAU,anarchosyndicalist
workers union from germany [ 30 min.2003 ]

-Documentary about the history and actual situation of 10 years old
Rozbrat squat, which is the base of political , social and cultural activities
of alternative groups like the Anarchist Federation, Anarchist Black Cross,
anarchist library, anarchist publications and more. made by Polish
independent television [ 30 min.2005 ]

I can introduce, translate and show these films. I also have a photo
exhibition about the Polish anarchist movement in poznan:
30 color photos with english captions [ street actions, meetings,
center... ]

I can share flyers in english about anarchist activity in Poznan, and
also show
Polish publications and an anarchist magazine " Abolishing the Borders
from Below " about the anarchist movement in Eastern Europe, which is
published in English. [ issue # 17,september 2004 ]
I can give a talk about the social reality in Poland, the history of the
Polish anarchist movement and the Polish anarchist community today.
Please visit our websites and let me know if it is possible to give a
presentation to your community

www.rozbrat.org [ Site of Poznan Anarchist Social Center, Anarchist
Federation and other initiatives ]
www.antywojenna.prv.pl [ site of Antiwar Coalition]

homepage: homepage: http://www.foodnotbombs.net
phone: phone: 1-800-884-1136

why not contact the Red and Black cafe in Portland? 29.Sep.2004 17:07

maybe they could show your films?

Sounds fun!

There must be a better venue 29.Sep.2004 18:08


than the red and black. is there an anarchist venue in town that won't charge for a showing?

hope this happens 29.Sep.2004 20:21


I certainly hope this happens! I'd love to meet him, see the videos and talk about his country. It'd be enlightening!

what about Laughing Horse books? 30.Sep.2004 00:07

on SE Division St.

Then you could catch up on all the journals, magazines, books, bumperstickers, and look at the bulletin board and meet activists, anarchists, queers, radicals and more. LH is a collective and it's been around a long time.

well, 30.Sep.2004 00:08


someone give him a place to stay then. I would, but i dont think my mommy would like it.

How long would you be staying here? 30.Sep.2004 17:01


How long would you be staying here?