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Quick action needed to oppose anti-immigrant bill

Republicans have introduced last-minute legislation which would drastically reduce options for anyone undocumented (i.e., the poor), would make it much more diffifult to claim asylum, and would basically let the Bush administration run roughshod over the few remaining rights available to immigrants. Please help. Click on the links and take ten seconds of your time.
(This is just cut and pasted from another website, don't have time to summarize....)

ACTION ALERT: Urge Your Representatives to Oppose H.R. 10

The House and Senate currently are considering legislation that responds to the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. Read AILA's press release on immigration and the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. Both chambers intend to pass measures before the 108th Congress adjourns.

The House: The House on September 24 introduced H.R. 10. Read a summary of this bill. View the full text of the bill. The bill is scheduled to be marked up in various House committees tomorrow, Wednesday September 29, and Thursday, September 30, with a floor vote scheduled for next week.

AILA opposes this very troubling measure that includes provisions that go well beyond the Commission recommendations including: prohibiting the acceptance of consular identification cards; expanding expedited removal; undermining due process protections for noncitizens by, among other measures, prohibiting habeas corpus review of a variety of immigration decisions and raising the bar substantially for a grant of asylum; prohibiting all administrative and judicial review of the decision to revoke the visa of an individual who enters the U.S. on a valid visa; barring federal agencies from accepting driver's licenses or other ID cards issued by a state unless certain requirements are satisfied; and severely weakening CAT protection against removal.

Please immediately send a letter to your Representative opposing this legislation. Click here:  http://capwiz.com/aila2/mail/oneclick_compose/?alertid=6439646 to send a letter through Contact Congress. You can contact your Representative directly through the Congressional switchboard (202-224-3121.)

The Senate: Senators Lieberman (D-CT) and McCain (R-AZ) introduced S. 2774 on September 7. This legislation was crafted to reflect the Commission's recommendations. A new version of this bill is expected to be introduced sometime this week and possibly attached as an amendment to the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 (S. 2845). Given that we have yet to see the revised measure, we sent Senators a letter that reviewed our general concerns. We will post other materials on InfoNet as soon as we are able to obtain a copy of the revised McCain/Lieberman bill.