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Defense of Marriage Coalition - Fund Raising Banquet October 11

This is a benefit for the Measure 36 campaign--the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.
Defense of Marriage Coalition - Fund Raising Banquet

Monday, October 11th, 7pm
Oregon Convention Center?s Oregon Ballroom
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, Oregon

Keynote Speaker: Michael Reagan
Syndicated talk-show host and son of former president Ronald Reagan

Special Guest: Shaun Alexander
Running Back, Seattle Seahawks

Music by: Point of Grace
Contemporary Christian recording artists

Tickets: $250 per person

Sponsorship Packages:

Platinum $10,000 (Limited availability)
- Premier front row table for 10 people
- 2 autographed books from Dr. James Dobson
- Meet Michael Reagan (2 people)
- Commemorative plaque
- 4 Portland Trailblazer tickets

Gold $5,000 (Limited availability)
- Table for 10 people
- 1 autographed book from Dr. James Dobson
- Meet Michael Reagan (1 person)

Please call 503-889-1200 or 800-246-1230 (ext. 1200)

A request for financial support will be made. Visa/MasterCard accepted, please make checks payable to DOMC.
good choice 29.Sep.2004 13:11


they really picked the right place to post this press release

I smell a protest coming on... 29.Sep.2004 13:44

Franz Kafka

And don't forget to bring your signs and banners!

In 29.Sep.2004 19:12


There's gotta be some queer or queer friendly waitstaff there. They could have some fun.

Homosexuals defend marriage too 29.Sep.2004 19:18

Pravda or Consequences

Equality is for everyone, not just narrow minded hate mongers.

Defense of marriage? 30.Sep.2004 01:48

Vystrix Nexoth

I agree, I believe marriage *is* under attack and needs to be defended.

It needs to be defended from straight people who draw up pre-nuptial agreements (which indicates a lack of faith that the marriage will work out).
It needs to be defended from straight people who get married as a spur-of-the-moment decision.
It needs to be defended from straight people who get married because high society looks down on unmarried folk.
It needs to be defended from the high divorce (and second, third, etc., marriage) rate.
It needs to be defended from straight people who get drunk, get married at a drive-through wedding chapel (with an Elvis Presley impersonator doing the honors), and get divorced the next morning once the hangover wears off.
It needs to be defended from straight people.

The DMC is so focused on the "enemy" on the outside of the gates that it fails to see the much more dangerous enemy on the INSIDE of the gates.

Yes, some same-sex couples exhibit a lack of fidelity... however, so do opposite-sex couples, and of course, there are numerous couples who *are* faithful to one another, same-sex and opposite-sex alike. There are many same-sex couples who are devoted to one another and love one another, and are ready to demonstrate their commitment by getting married. This is something that should be promoted, not shot down! Affording them their right to marry will help promote fidelity among same-sex couples.

there ends my rant. for now. :) I just felt compelled to respond.

What's wrong with divorce? 30.Sep.2004 14:41


Lifelong monogamous marriage is for puritans and assholes.
Divorce has saved many a person's life and sanity.
Personally, I would've jumped off a bridge by now if I hadn't been allowed to divorce.
Defeating the christians by being even MORE uptight, rigid and judgemental is a losing strategy.
Divorce is honorable!

hmm 01.Oct.2004 06:10


As if the fact that some same sex couples are married somehow de-legitamizes your marraige? WTF! How can these gay bashers claim that thier personal relationships somehow have less meanging! Isn't that fucking condacending to thier partner?
And these corperate networks that keep airing these clan hood toting OCA pigs with thier "Oh if we let gay's marry they'll be marrying dogs next. I honestly believe gay sex is comparable to bestiality." rehtoric, they should just be dragged out in the street and beat. Stonewall anyone?

one system, one solution, revolution,

Gay Marriage would help prevent AIDS 04.Oct.2004 10:36

John Sellers

Because Marriage is a religious institution it is effective in encouraging monogamy for all couples, conventional or not.

There is no denying that monogamy is complete protection from AIDS.

There is no denying that getting AIDS substantially increases the chances of dying.

It then follows that allowing the "Tie that Binds" to Gay couples would save lives.

The only conclusion is that on solid moral and ethical grounds, allowing Gay Marriage is the right choice.