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Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED; Equipment Siezed - Citizens Protest!

At 8:20 AM armed US Marshalls and FCC Agents raied the house where Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcasts. A warrent was not servered to the residents of the house, but the warrent was shown to the residents. All the residents, some wearing only their bathrobes and PJ's, were herded to the sidewalk in front of their house.

Free Radio Santa Cruz was airing Democracy Now! as the FCC Agents and US Marshalls worked to get into the studio. FRSC 101.1 FM, was airing a pre-programed interview with Howard Zinn when the listeners of FRSC heard the sound static due to the first ever FCC raid on station in almost 10 years of broadcasting for the Santa Cruz community and listeners around the world via online streaming. FRSC has received strong support from members of the community, including the Santa Cruz City Council.

Freak Radio Santa Cruz Operations Interrupted by FCC
From the open publishing newswire: The agents proceeded to read a prewritten statement explaining what they were doing, the words of which have been forgotten due to the traumatic events of the day. Next, they confiscated all of the electronic equipment in the studio...

150-200 Santa Cruz residents showed up in short order to protest the actions of the FCC, most of them listeners, and many of whom had taken the time to scrawl a brief message of their own on a sign that they brandished in the face of this atrocity. Among them was city Mayor Christopher Krohn, who made a statement that reaffirmed the City Council's 2002 resolution that recognized and supported FRSC's existence and status as an asset to the community, and that also chastised the FCC for yet again stifling freedom of speech in such trying times as these.

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