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october critical mass heating up

only days past from last months critical mass/walk and people are comming together to help draw attention and numbers to octobers critical mass
the people of portland know all about police and how they work, when it comes to critical mass, they, (the police), as usual, work against the people

this last friday we witnessed a huge show of force again, with tickets and an arrest
at one point after we were all forced on the sidewalk a few people decided to ride, and within 30 feet there was 4 motercycle cops a cop-car and a few bicycle cops all just to hand out an improper lighting ticket!

this october people will ride mass once again and without a doubt the police will be there to selectivly enforce minor trafic laws

this is a callout to all who would like to show support by showing up to cheer us on as we ride from the gathering spot
we need legal observers, media, people to ride, and leading up to the ride a teli/letter/fax campain to let the city know we will not tollerate this anymore
including possible new mayor potter/francisconi

remember to get your costumes ready both person and bike, for a very exciting and spooky critical mass
legal observers and civil rights lawyers 27.Sep.2004 23:38


Have you contacted the National Lawyer's Guild?

How about the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center?

Also, Belmont Law Center specializes in protest cases (yeah, I know that CM is not a "protest"):
Belmont Law Center
Stuart Sugarman
3430 SE Belmont St
Suite 101
Portland, OR 97214-4247
(503) 234-2694

meeting place? 28.Sep.2004 06:35


What is the meeting place, date and time? I am for your right to bike, but not a biker. Obviously your group was targeted, both in Ptld. and in New York City. Remember the early mass arrests at the Critical Mass at the RNC protest? Same thing. Keep up the action and spirit, and maybe tail lights too. Even so, police will look for anything, you know that.

more info 28.Sep.2004 08:39


here it is

last friday of the month meet at 5:30 ride at 6:00 (usualy later)
north park blocks (n.w. burnside and park by the elephant)

The 31st 28.Sep.2004 10:17


Isn't the October ride usually on Halloween, which this year is Sunday. I hope so, I work Friday nights.

Legal Observing will be there 28.Sep.2004 10:36


Legal Observers will be present. To contact a coordinator or for more info email  nlg@lclark.edu.

no, the October ride is not celebrated on Halloween ... 28.Sep.2004 13:10


... unless Halloween happens to fall on the last Friday of the month. CM is always on the last Friday, and the "Halloween" ride is always the October last Friday ride.