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Aspartame RICO lawsuit, Rumsfeld named

I didn't know that in the 1980s, Rumsfeld was the President and CEO of Searle (pharmaceutical corp). But I have long been aware that Aspartame is highly addictive, and among other things, impairs carbohydrate metabolism... Guaranteed market. It along with high fructose corn syrup started being put into tons of our foods at exactly the same time as the extreme rise in obesity and diabetes and ever more malignant cancers in this country. Some people have linked this drug with the Persian Gulf Syndrome.

The rest of the history is in some of the following links; there's tons of info all over the internet about this. Kudos for those finally taking a stand and suing these corporations for the irreversible damage being done to all those trying to lose weight or avoid sugar... Hopefully because of this lawsuit at least the word will get out and people can add years of quality life and save bucks on useless medications in their older age...

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By Devvy
Posted: September 16, 2004 12:05 AM Eastern

A $350 million class action lawsuit was filed on
September 15, 2004 in
United States District Court in San Francisco,
California, case no: C 04
3872. This class action racketeering (RICO)
lawsuit was filed against the
NutraSweet Corporation, American Diabetes
Association, Dr. Robert H. Moser
and John Does 1-50. Plaintiffs maintain that this
lawsuit will prove how
deadly the chemical sweetener aspartame is when
consumed by humans.

Contained in the lawsuit is the key role played
by current Secretary of
Defense, Donald Rumsfeld (search) in helping to
get aspartame pushed through
the FDA. Back in the 1980s, Rumsfeld was the
President and CEO of Searle who
originally owned the patent on aspartame.
Plaintiffs maintain that Rumsfeld
used his political muscle to get aspartame
approved by the FDA despite
objections of many FDA health researchers and
negative studies.

According to spokesman attorney Britt Groom from
Idaho, this lawsuit was
filed on behalf of a Mr. Joe Bellon of Concord,
California. Groom says a
press conference is scheduled for Thursday,
September 16, 2004, 11:00 AM at
the Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1230 J Street,
Sacramento, California. At the
press conference, details of the lawsuit will be

The lawsuit contains the following counts:

1. R.I.C.O. (racketeering charges)
2. Unfair Competition
3. False Advertising
4. Consumer Remedies Act
5. Fraud
6. Breach of Warranty
7. Breach of Merchantability
8. Filed as a Class Action representing the
People as a whole and Joe
Bellon's personal injuries as well.

According to the press release issued on this
RICO lawsuit: "On or about
September 8, 2004 an affidavit was signed
describing the initial third world
studies and the health hazards of aspartame.
These studies conducted in
1983/84 by the J.D. Searle Company were
translated to English from Spanish
by a translator in 1984. The "double blind"
studies showed conclusive
evidence that aspartame caused severe health
problems and even death to the
exposed study group. According to the Affidavit,
the doctor directing the
studies has been missing since the approval of
aspartame in 1984. The
affidavit also describes how the affiant was
directed by J.D. Searle
officials to destroy all records of the studies -
including filed notes
and/or translations - possessed by the affiant.
The affiant describes in
detail how the translations were forwarded upon
completion to J.D. Searle
corporate offices in Illinois."

This isn't the first lawsuit filed alleging that
aspartame is hazardous to
the health of humans. The National Justice League
filed three other lawsuit
on April 26, 2004, in three separate California
courts. The defendants in
those lawsuits number twelve and all produce or
use the artificial sweetener
aspartame as a sugar substitute in their
products. Defendants in those
lawsuits include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Bayer Corp.,
the Dannon Company,
William Wrigley Jr. Company, Walmart, ConAgra
Foods, Wyeth, Inc., The
NutraSweet Company, and Altria Corp. (parent
company of Kraft Foods and
Philip Morris).

This lawsuit charges the defendants engaged in
unlawful acts of "knowingly
and intentionally using the neurotoxic Aspartame
as a sugar substitute in
the manufacture of Equal, while knowing that
exposure to Aspartame causes
among other diseases/symptoms:
abdominal pain, arthritis, asthma, brain cancer,
breathing difficulties,
burning eyes or throat, burning urination, chest
pains, chronic cough,
chronic fatigue, death, depression, diarrhea,
headaches/migraines, hearing
loss, heart palpitations, hives (urticaria),
hypertension, impotency and
sexual problems, memory loss, menstrual problems
or changes, nausea or
vomiting, slurring of speech, tremors, tinnitus,
vertigo and/or vision
loss." The lawsuit also states, "Further,
Aspartame disease mimics symptoms
or worsens the following diseases: Fibromyalgia,
Arthritis, Multiple
Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Lupus, Diabetes
and diabetic complications,
Epilepsy, Alzheimer's Disease, birth defects,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Lymphoma, Lyme Disease, Attention Deficit
Disorder (ADD), Panic Disorder,
Depression and other psychological disorders."

Further allegations include, "G.D. Searle denied
knowledge of/or involvement
with the initiation, design or performance of the
study. Yet, the false
results were submitted to the FDA like the rest
of the 150 G.D. Searle
studies (on aspartame and other products),
bearing a Searle
Pathology-Toxicology project number. Both
Dr.Waisman and G.D.Searle were
responsible for the study design. A number of
false statements were made by
G.D. Searle, including that reported the animals
were unavailable for
purchase for autopsy after the termination of the

Defendants in this lawsuit continue to maintain
that aspartame is safe for
consumption. Aspartame is found in more than
5,000 food products and all
diet soft drinks sold in the United States.

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check this out 27.Sep.2004 21:27



One of Monsanto's top "food" product 28.Sep.2004 03:09


For years aspartame has received the most complaints at the FDA of any single product. With the no carb/low carb craze, aspartame is likely to remain in foods for some time.

As nasty as aspartame is, it's not entirely to blame for cancer and obesity.

In determining the main factors in the rise of obesity and the continuing high rates of cancer, dietary fat cannot be dismissed. Fats in the diet, especially trans fats (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils) and fried fats are key.
American diets average 30-35% and higher of calories coming from fats. The correlation between cancer and obesity with high intakes of dietary fat are much stronger than aspartame usage.

Gulf War Syndrome
Soft drinks, with its aspartame ingredient, were suspect in the cause of GWS. With high temperatures, aspartame would convert into toxic substances (formaldehyde and methanol are mentioned as by-products of aspartame consumption).
Pyridostigmine bromide, a substance in the innoculations given to Gulf War soldiers to counteract a possible anthrax attack was another suspect in causing GWS.
Depleted Uranium may be the leading cause of Gulf War Syndrome. With the extremely high disability rate and illness in family members of Gulf War vets returning home including birth defects of children born after the soldier returns, DU cannot be ruled out as the primary cause of GWS.

Fake food cause of Obesity 28.Sep.2004 05:39

Aspertame is a synthetic

Many of our foods today are produced by these transnational corporations. In any large shopping center try to find a locally produced food item. The independent small producer has been virtually eliminated from providing food to the majority of Americans.
So what do these corporations provide for the American palate? Try a soup of chemicals, genetically engineered foods and meat and dairy from herds and flocks of poisoned, sickened and abused animals.

As for aspertame it is a proven poison and was deliberately put in our foods with government complicity. Rumsfeld is only one of the many guilty in this conspiracy. And if one believes by avoiding aspertame one is avoiding the principal damage to ones body they are sadly mistaken.

The manufacturers have simply changed the configuration of the molecules in aspertame and now are putting this derivative in our food, in anticipation of the removal of FDA approval for aspertame.

Stop eating the corporate food because it is poison.

maybe synthetic food 28.Sep.2004 08:50

is it possible?

is also connected to the dumbing down of America. What the hell is wrong with all these braindead Americans... (those voting for bush or kerry)


it'd be a pretty easy case to make that 20 yrs ago, before aspartame flooded the market, Americans were much smarter- if Reagan lied to start a war, he would have been held accountable.... oh yeah, iran-contra ..... well that wasn't quit as blantant as this stupid war.

seriously... is the dumbing down of America just a result of the (intentionally) underfunded schools?
or could there be more at work? ie - subliminable messages in tv/radio, fluoride in the water, haarp, chemtrails ???

the insanity taking place in America is beyond rational explanation- mind-control seems like a real possibility.... how do we break the spell and expose the sham for all to see?