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Meet David Cobb, fundraiser

David Cobb will be in Oregon next week and he will make a brief campaign stop in Portland before heading off to other parts of the state. Meet him in person, Monday, October 4th at a coffee-style fundraiser from 5-7:30pm
This event will be held at my home in NE Portland. Space is limited and a $10 donation is required.

Please call me if interested in attending.


homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org
phone: phone: 503-287-1798

address of Lincoln H.S. 28.Sep.2004 13:07


It's too bad this isn't a public event. That would cut phone calling (lg. distance) and generate more people. It's a public election, after all, and while I can't blame you for not giving an address, it just is a complete hassle as far as I'm concerned--and I'd like to go! Doesn't Ptld. have lots of private coffee businesses?

Switched titles! 28.Sep.2004 22:45


Somehow, somebody switched the title of my above post. Weird! How did "Lincoln H.S." get in there? I knew it was at a private home and inquired about having it at a public coffee place. Weird.