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LAMARCHE to stay at Dignity Village

Green Party VP candidate Patricia LaMarche will be in Oregon on Friday as part of her "Left Out Tour". While here, she'll be staying at Dignity Village and helping with a voter registration drive.
Dear Pacific Greens and friends of Pacific Greens,

On Friday, October 1st, Pat LaMarche, the Green Party's vice presidential candidate, is coming to Portland on her Left Out Tour, a two week, fourteen city journey across America. She has been sleeping in homeless shelters and on the streets to draw attention to those living on the edge of society. On the evening of October 1st, she will be staying at Dignity Village.


At 4:00pm, on Friday, October 1st, we are meeting in Pioneer Courthouse Square to conduct a voter registration drive in honor of National Homeless and Low Income Voter Registration Week.

Join Pat, Teresa Keane, our fabulous U.S. Senate candidate, and our fantastic candidates for the Oregon House of Representatives, Chuck Fall, Steve Geiger, and Curt Sommer!

Homeless activists from Dignity Village have volunteered to help. Pat would be thrilled to see you helping too!

Please let me know if you can volunteer. I want to make sure we have enough clipboards and voter registration cards. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Marnie Glickman

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org

instead of 28.Sep.2004 09:16


Instead of taking up a bed at homeless shelters across the country, why doesn't she go sleep in a doorway in every city across the country and give up the bed to the person who would otherwise be sleeping in said doorway?

It's called walking the walk! 28.Sep.2004 10:10


When was the last time you ever heard of a US vice presidential candidate sleeping at homeless shelters across the United States to bring attention to the issue?
How about never.

Yet the reaction from Clamydia is to suggest that she should sleep in a doorway?

Both Pat LaMarshe and Oregon US Senate candidate Teresa Keane will be staying together and have no intention of bumping anyone in need of shelter that evening.

The entire purpose is to bring attention to an issue that the other parties have no interest in.
I would think compassionate people would be applauding that, not looking for another way to criticize.

. 28.Sep.2004 16:33


This makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.