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David Wu's Bungee Jumping Ad

Interesting how quickly Goli Ameri's Republican thugs jumped on it.
Is it legal for Goli Ameri's publicists to use footage from David Wu's political ad in their own televised attack?

Not that I am surprised. The one problem I had with Wu (who is known for creative advertising)'s bungee jumping ad was its mixed message. He makes it clear that he is not in favor of the risky suggestion that we give people their social security and allow them to invest it in the stock market (a real risk - and one that I oppose as well) but then he follows it up by implying that he indulges in a risky behavior like bungee jumping. Maybe if he said something like, "taking risks is OK if it's for fun . . . but social security and retirement security is serious business."

I don't think most voters are smart or invested enough to draw that conclusion themselves. More likely they are grouping bungee-jumping Wu with sailboarding Kerry - both of whom have been hit in ads by Republican candidates.
Goli-Wobbles 27.Sep.2004 18:43


I noticed that the Ameri ad used the Wu footage in black and white rather than color and dubbed in a big, long-winded scream when Wu jumped, rather than the almost silent fall with one whoop that I heard in Wu's commercial.

And she's really splitting hairs if she doesn't see what she and Bush propose as privitization. How can you "protect" social security when the money is out of your hands?

What a tool that woman is.

The Art of Distraction 27.Sep.2004 18:47


Pay no attention to the disappearing social security funds or the soldier behind the curtain . . .
Takes One To Know One
Takes One To Know One

OH Brother 01.Oct.2004 11:56


Give me a break anarchists. Complain all you want it was still a pretty freaking cool twist. I thought it was awesome seeing Wu jump.lmao