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Patriot II, Back from the Dead

The Tools to Fight Terrorism Act (TFTA), or S. 2679, was introduced by
Senator Jon Kyl (R-Arizona). It is massive and contains several provisions
that were originally proposed in a leaked draft of the Domestic Security
Enhancement Act, commonly known as "Patriot II" - legislation so alarming
public outcry squashed it almost immediately.
Sen. Kyl waiting for a call from his Pimp
Sen. Kyl waiting for a call from his Pimp
Though S. 2679 is currently being considered in the Senate Judiciary Committee, the ACLU is afraid that Sen. Kyl may try to attach some of its provisions to a separate bill proposed to implement a set of the 9/11 Commission recommendations, which bears significant momentum.

Things are moving in Congress.Generally watch for S.2679 S.2664, S.2665, H.R.5066, H.R.5118. Possibile stealth legislation before the election.

S. 2679 is cosponsored by:
Sen Chambliss, Saxby [GA] - 7/16/2004
Sen Cornyn, John [TX] - 7/16/2004
Sen DeWine, Michael [OH] - 7/22/2004
Sen Frist, Bill [TN] - 7/16/2004
Sen McConnell, Mitch [KY] - 7/16/2004
Sen Nickles, Don [OK] - 7/16/2004
Sen Sessions, Jeff [AL] - 7/16/2004

homepage: homepage: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:s.02679:

a couple of things 27.Sep.2004 15:48


The DSEA was only incorrectly referred to as Patriot Act II, as it is really the second piece of legislation since the Patriot Act (making it Patriot Act III if you wanted to use that terminology). Of course, in addition to being Patriot Act 3 it could be Anti-terrorism Act 4, which would be much more accurate.

The other thing to watch is that both the Patriot Act and the Anti-terrorism Act required acts of domestic "terrorism" to be passed. Only the Homeland Security Act has been immune from this need. The DSEA and the Liberty Act were quelled through dissent so it looks like it might take another "terrorist attack" to move forward with any new legislation of this type.

bollocks law. 27.Sep.2004 16:03

this thing here

nothing but a re-write of u.s. criminal law favoring government authority over individual criminal rights, having nothing to do with international terrorism, to be used only against american citizens. there is nothing in these laws which specifically outlines their use or jurisdiction. for instance, by saying that these laws can ONLY be used in terrorism investigations. therefore, please do not be surprised to see these laws, with their warrantless seaches and their secret court orders, become part of regular old criminal law, used by local and federal law enforcement against the usual felony, misdemeanor, theft, drug, assualt, rape, homicide crimes.

this is what the right wing has lusted after for a long long time, the striking down of individual rights, and the increase of government authority. nothing offends the right's love of "order", of everything in it's little pigeon hole, than individual rights. and, as is typical of the right's modus operandi, they have used the fear of some outside threat to get what they could not otherwise achieve.

Yeah, 27.Sep.2004 21:02

But Wait

to hear the little guy right-winger, listener to Rush, angry white male screem bloody murder when he gets caught up in the nets made of his own consensus to tyranny.