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Protest Warriors: The American Stasi

The Protest Warriors sound a lot like an American version of the Stasi snitches of East Germany...
"The Stasi monitored politically "incorrect" behavior among all citizens of East Germany, comparable to activity of the former Gestapo. During the 1989 peaceful revolution, the Stasi offices were overrun by enraged citizens, but not before a huge amount of compromising material was destroyed by Stasi officers. The remaining files are available for review to all people who were reported upon, often revealing that friends, colleagues, husbands, wives, and other family members were regularly filing reports with the Stasi."

homepage: homepage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stasi

rotten eggs 27.Sep.2004 21:51


them there protest warriors are realy harmless
i find them very entertaining during marches, and wonder how a person finds themselfs in that position
but i also wonder if they would still stand there once a rotten egg was smashed on the ground next to where they stand
or if some one could figure out what the point of what they were doing is and tell the rest off the world (id like to know)

Young republicans 27.Sep.2004 22:02

red suspenders

My guess is that these young gentlemen are trying to secure a slot for themselves in the Texas Air Gaurd so they don't have to go to war. Sorry guys, it takes a lot of money and family connections, but your good intentions are appreciated