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Mad Pride In PDX?

Yes, I googled it.
There is a Mad Pride movement going on in Europe. It sounds like a superb idea. Is there anything going on here, like Portland in particular? I would love to have a Mad Pride parade, or at least a spot in the next Starlight parade.

What is Mad Pride? The best I can come up with is it is like Gay Pride. A coming out of people with mental illness. No, I don't mean the total wackos riding Trimet, but the "normal" people who mostly maintain the illusion of not being insane for the most part.

I'm with ya in spirit, there 27.Sep.2004 14:55

but the execution might not be worth it

It would seem that the whole "Mad Pride" concept would be problematic for people getting any kind of treatment, since benefits are presumably based on the beneficiaries' professed displeasure with their conditions and desire to "improve" themselves. I mean ourselves. Whatever. If you see what I'm saying. It would be like like having a parade of people saying they're proud to be HIV+. It only makes sense if you think HIV is not bad and you don't want help.

Not to mention what usually happens if you try to get a whole organization together of people whose unifying characteristic is that they're wacko. Groups that consist entirely of homeless people or unrecovered addicts have similar problems.

You="Normal" Them=Wacko 27.Sep.2004 15:35

cunt bleed my eyez

The wackos on the bus don't get to attened your mad pride? Think about it. Then kick yourself. HARD.

On the bus 27.Sep.2004 18:10


Give me a break deary! I am an actively mentally ill person and have been my entire life. One of the things I do well is NOT express myself effectively and often say the totally wrong thing that offends the persons I love.

Hey, I have been a wacko on the bus. What I failed to do was communicate that most of us nuts are often silent and closeted "normal" people. You see us on the bus, too, but don't recogonize us.

The bus wackos are already OUTED!

The proposition is that many silently "mentally ill" are doing everything in their ability to maintain the appearance of being normal "healthy" people. Who is to say that granted the freedom to out themselves they would not be better, happier, if not odd. If enough of them, like me, felt free to be true to ourselves, we would become more common and more accepted, just like the gay pride movement has done for queers (I am one of those, too, and still mostly in that closet).

We might even get our own tv makeover shows! New fashions in tin foil hats!

mad pride concept 29.Sep.2004 13:34

Mr. Anderson

I don't think the idea of "mad pride" is to celebrate "mental illness" per se. Rather, it is to celebrate human dignity, and to reject the fascist ideology behind the strict dichotomy between "normality" and "insanity." Read the "Mad World, Mad Pride" May/June 2002 issue of Adbusters for a clue what it's really all about.

We're mad, we're glad, get used to it. 09.Nov.2004 11:40

Mad Ted madpridelondon@riseup.net

As someone who's been involved in (the original) Mad Pride here in London since almost its beginning (not quite), I am here to tell you that Mad Pride is most definitely a celebration of Mad Culture, Our Culture. On November 27th we will be having International Mad Chicks day, check it out...


...also of interest are...