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Lars K Larson Living Washington

Attempting to make policy while not living in Oregon
In no way shape or form I'm advocating doing any harm to his home or him but I thought this was very interesting to find out that he lives in Vancouver 9100 SE Mt Rainier Dr. His hate discharge he calls talk radio is over the top for me ad many of my friends. The equivalent of him driving across the border into OR everyday then going back to his safe haven of his Vancouver is just like the Fed Government trying to change to vote for on Assisted Suicide. He tells everyone all he attempts to do is inform the masses, but from his pulpit he wants to run the state of Oregon while living in Vancouver. Apparently he can still vote in Multnomah with the address of 0234 SW Bancroft ST, this just happens to be where he works Rose City Radio Corporation but that's all someone needs. This works well for homeless & military people, the sprit of law is not intended for people like Lars to use it like this. Like I have please email him and ask him why he is living in Vancouver with out using Michael Moore as an excuse and if he plans of following the law by giving up his Oregon Driving License with in 30 days of live in Vancouver. lars@larslarson.com and I believe someone has posted his cell phone we can ask his that way also.

Wrong!!! 28.Sep.2004 01:15

Um bop

The Lars Larson that lives in Washington is NOT the Lars Larson we all know from local radio. The KXL radio Lars lives in the Skyline area of Portland. Sorry to burst your bubble but I feel sorry for the guy in Washington who is not even realted to evil Lars!

Count the way your so wrong (Um bop) 28.Sep.2004 08:58

Come Clean

Let's see from his show he signs his name Lars K Larson and if you do a paid search there is only one Lars K Larson. All this information that I'm providing can be obtained from the assessment office in the county offices. He just sold his houseboat at 2630 N Hayden Island Dr Slip #14 in March of this year to a lady of the last name of Hill. While that house was being rebuilt he lived at 515 NE Tomahawk Island Dr, in 2001 he sold his place at 821 SE Terwilliger Pl and the house on 3008 SE Wilbard St. was sold in 1997 for 13K. The house on SW Dosch Rd was last sold in 1993 and I'm not sure if he still owns that or rents but I know for sure that he does not live there. If you go to the Clark County web site then go assessment then maps and type in 9100 SE Mt Rainier Dr all of the information that is needed is right there. Like I said before there is only one Lars K. Larson that came up on the search and said on his own show that is how he signs if voter card. If you also do a search for Tina M. Larson the same address come up. Enlighten me to why you thing he lives up in the skyline area? Also according to Elections office he is using 0234 SW Bancroft St and a mailing address while he is living in Vancouver!!!

Do not call him 10.Nov.2004 14:20


He has had his cell phone number published.

It is on this website.

Easy to find if you do a searchbox search for it.

Don't call him.

He really hates it when people he doesn't know call his cell phone.

Shooting Lars Larson, the movie. 12.Jan.2005 12:21


Lars began his Right Wing Rant Show today with a telephone guest who has seemingly filmed a "documentary" movie titled "Shooting Michael Moore". He made it clear, while smiling, that he meant that only in the cinematic sense.

What's good for the goose....

Are there any local cinematographers out there who will film a local documentary and title it "Shooting Lars Larson"? I would pay to see THAT movie!