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Cops in Cars.

Last night on the Tri-Met #6 about 11:45 p.m. at least nine people witnessed,
on M.L.K. 13+ cop cars speeding south, lights & sirens.
NOTHING in the news to warrant this over-reaction.
Cop cars were slaloming through the meridians.
One-Adam-12, grandsons gone amok.
Oil is $50/gallon.
Our "public servants" should pay us back for their bellicose freakouts.
Not to mention lying.
Just read the summary.

Will learn your ways soon.
duh 27.Sep.2004 07:51


If you want to know what they were going after, call dispatch and ask. Do you think cops should only hurry to something if they think they will get to look all sexy on TV? Grow up, 99.9% of the wife beatings, bar fights, stabbings, medical emergencies, robberies, burglars and people trying to escape arrest are too boring for the local news to report.

If you truly want this indymedia site to be considered a legitimate press source, then take the eight seconds out of your life and call dispatch to ask them "what the fuck" before you go ranting like this.

half baked statistics 27.Sep.2004 08:36


BTW, oil is $50/BARREL. Gasoline is ~$2/gallon

Try this ...could be...or not... 27.Sep.2004 10:50



How about this? Police love to blow things up and use gas in NE Portland. It's OK... it's only NE Portland. Also there were several drive by shooting in NE Portland over the weekend.


Beaverton police say Wednesday evening Jonathan was high on methamphetamine when he got into an argument with his father and ended up shooting him in the chest.

For more than 15 hours, no one knew Jonathan's whereabouts and police had already begun the hunt for him.

The search led police to a northeast Portland neighborhood where Jonathan's girlfriend lives on NE 60th and Hasallo.

There, police launched tear gas into her apartment, but their suspect was not there.
Instead Jonathan was found later in the afternoon near the scene of the crime, his parent's house, and was taken into custody without incident.

Crown Vics are speed demons!!!!! 27.Sep.2004 13:46


Those cops were probably just speed racing. It's lots of fun I hear!