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45 Translated Articles to Celebrate the De-Selection

45 new translated articles are available at www.mbtranslations.com. Don't hate the media; become the media. Marcos and the Zapatistas speaks of one world where many worlds fit, a world where everyone has a place.
45 new translated articles are now available at www.mbtranslations.com.
These articles are antidotes to the phraseology and vagueness that often empty public discussions and presidential debates.

Hope like the immigrant is often unwelcome, an interruption prompting new paradigms and new consciousness. Tolerance is learned, not innate. With new eyes and new hearts, difference is a strength and enrichment, not a threat. Wealth and worldly distinctions should be relativized and trivialized, mere garments and thorns that can corrupt and ruin souls and lives.

Poverty stimulates fear, not only compassion. Let us not become bitter in bitter times. Let us not be steamrolled into vulgar materialism, fatalistic nihilism and passivity. Let us not envy wealthy police chiefs or corrupt politicians but live in parallel worlds with inclusive values, future-friendly priorities and convictions, a new consciousness of peace, openness and revolution and an ethic of resistance and solidarity.

Don't hate the media, become the media. Marcos and the Zapatistas speak of one world where many worlds fit, a world where everyone has a place. Can we learn from the global south, from the poor of Chiapas, from the struggling people of Brazil and Venezuela, from the social market economy and the Canadian mosaic? Humility, self-criticism and interconnectedness open up a new world that is completely repressed by those captive to the system and its TINA (There is no alternative) mythology.

The future ought to be anticipated and protected in the present, not extrapolated from the present (Jurgen Moltmann).

May we finally put the horse before the cart and mend our own pockets before reducing countries to parking lots! May we face the contradictions and injustices in the market economy and not only decry the dangers of the planned economy! May hope and memory, fantasy and festivity, be welcome in a future-friendly world of peace and justice, not marginalized as troublemakers or "disturbers of the peace"! There are many and realistic alternatives that promote equality and justice where workers are more than cost-factors and nature is more than a free good, external or sink.

Hoping for peace with justice, Marc Batko


1. Altvater, Elmar - High Priests of Economic Nonsense

2. Altvater, Elmar - Inflationary Deflation

3. Argirakos, Dimitrios - Marx Reloaded

4. Attac - The North Drags the South

5. Batko, Marc - Beware of Tabloid Journalism!

6. Batko, Marc - Can the Militarist See Outside the Box?

7. Batko, Marc - First Gentleness, Then Severity

8. Batko, Marc - Nature as Healer and Teacher

9. Batko, Marc - Rewriting History

10. Batko, Marc - Social Security is Not for Sale

11. Beck, Ulrich - Brave New World of Work

12. Beschorner, Thomas - Economics and Ethics

13. Brockhoff, Thomas - Saving the Rocky Mountains

14. Bulmahn, Edelgard - Education is not a Commodity

15. Duchrow, Ulrich - The God of the EU Constitution

16. Ehle, Jurgen - Comparative Anthropology

17. Fischbach, Rainer - Knowledge as a Commodity

18. Goldberg, Jorg - The Cure is the Sickness

19. Harribey, Jean - Growth and Development

20. Hengsbach, Friedhelm The Young Must Have a Chance

21. Kosch, Stephen - The End of Oil

22. Krugman, Paul - Radical Marionette

23. Kurz, Robert - Fuel of the World Machine

24. Kurz, Robert - Secondary Illiterates

25. Kurz, Robert - Weather Map of Globalization

26. Morris, Craig - The Limits of Growth

27. Olbrich, Thomas - The Fairy Tale about Growth

28. Roth, Rainer - Social Cuts

29. Scheer, Hermann - Nuclear Energy Belongs in the Museum

30. Schnulte, Hannelis - You Cannot Serve God and Mammon

31. Schui, Herbert - Productivity and Prosperity

32. Stiglitz, Joseph - The Roaring Nineties

33. Tamayo, Eduardo - The Right of Development in Danger

34. Ulrich, Peter - The Civilized Market Economy

35. Wolf, Winfred - 30 Hours is Enough


1. Crome, Erhard - It Can Happen Here

2. Czempiel, Ernst - Globalization Strikes Back

3. Engdahl, William - George W. Bush and his Watergate

4. Engdahl, William - Is Despair Spreading in Bush Camp?

5. Golub, Philip - The True Costs of the Iraq War

6. Kreye, Andrian - George W. Bush is his own Enemy

7. Pany, Thomas - Prince of Errors

8. Pirker, Werner - Democratic Imperialism

9. Richter, Horst - Lonely Hero

10. von Sponeck, Hans - The Iraq Policy of the US

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thank you, marc! 27.Sep.2004 10:34

indy reader

i greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication as a translator. thanks for posting your stuff here!