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Where have all the young men gone? Buried in mass graves in the desert

Mazen Dana, an award-winning cameraman of Palestinian descent told his brother before he was murdered by US troops that he had discovered a mass grave dug by U.S. troops to conceal the bodies of their fellow comrades killed in Iraqi resistance attacks. Now finally there is evidence of the most grisly cover-up in US military history.
Many young Americans have already died in this illegal war. Their government sent them without adequate protection, 1 mistreated them when they returned home wounded,2 and threatened to cut their pay.3 Their families and communities will miss them. The pain of their loss may one day be healed. Their bodies have been brought back in flag-draped coffins, hidden from public view as though there was shame in their death.4 But it is not their shame, but the shame of American leaders, military and civilian, who betrayed their country, by their propaganda and outright lies.

Early in the Iraq invasion, Mazen Dana, an award-winning cameraman of Palestinian descent, was shot by a soldier on a tank as he filmed near Baghdad on 17 August 2003. A US military spokesman said that the inquiry had found troops respected their rules of engagement in the incident, but that Washington would not publish the full report.

His brother, Nazmi, said he was deliberately murdered for discovering mass graves of U.S. troops killed in Iraqi resistance attacks. "Mazen told me by phone few days before his death that he discovered a mass grave dug by U.S. troops to conceal the bodies of their fellow comrades killed in Iraqi resistance attacks," Nazmi told IslamOnline.net in exclusive statements.

"He also told me that he found U.S. troops covered in plastic bags in remote desert areas and he filmed them for a TV program. We are pretty sure that the American forces had killed Mazen knowingly to prevent him from airing his finding."5

In February 2004, Joe Vialls reported that, "According to a well-placed Pentagon source, the White House and corporate media are reporting less than half the actual American military deaths in Iraq. As of 3 February 2004, the 'official' media total stood at 528, while the real total at midnight on the same day was 1,188. This criminal discrepancy in the fatality figures is due to corrupt civilians in the Pentagon working for Paul Wolfowitz Inc." 6

In April 2004 this report appeared on Sky News and then swiftly disappeared:

Arrogantly assuming their actions would not be noticed [or could not be countered] by the Republic Guard, a few thousand U.S. Marines with battle tanks and other armor approached the 300,000 residents of Fallujah from the east and the west, drawn from existing Marine bases in Ar Ramadi and Baghdad. This was an inexcusably stupid tactical error, because as soon as the U.S. Marines closed on Fallujah and started shelling the unarmed women and children within, Republican Guard Special Forces units carried out lightning strikes on the weakened Marine bases in Ar Ramadi and Western Baghdad, destroying fuel dumps and killing 130 Americans in less than 12 hours.7

In December 2003, Captain Eric Holmes May published Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cavalry, describing the strange reporting and lack of reporting about the fall of Baghdad. US troops were being attacked and all the media could talk about was Private Jessica Lynch and, soon after, the photo-op mock demonstration of Iraqis "pulling down" Saddam's statue. The misdirection worked like a charm few asked any questions. Many troops were killed by the Iraqi Republican Guard but Americans were not told.8

Now finally there is evidence of the most grisly cover-up in US military history. Al-Basrah.net reports that eye witnesses in Falluja have claimed this morning (Wednesday, September 22) that some civilians have detected a mass grave in the north western sector of the city containing the bodies of sixteen people of foreign appearance.

The witnesses have informed the correspondent of the German News Agency that the inhabitants of that area have detected a grave this morning at 11 a.m. local time which contained the dead bodies of 16 foreigners who have recently been killed and probably belong to American soldiers who were buried in a ditch in the North West sector of the city.

The witnesses have clarified that the identity of the dead bodies which were hitherto remained unidentified, were found to be dressed in dresses similar to those worn by local Fallujans. The style of their haircut indicated that the dead were military personnel and the color of the hair and the face appearances suggested that they were foreigners.

The way by which these people were killed is so far unclear. An eye witness has said that the grave was detected when the local people have smelled a bad odor in the surrounding which urged them to dig up the place in order to reveal the source of the unpleasant smells.

The witnesses have also added that the local police have arrived to the scene and have prevented the civilians and journalist from approaching the grave and photographing the dead bodies. 9

Another mass grave found in Ramadi earlier this year This statement by the Iraqi Islamic Army.

Baghdad - Iraq on the 7th of March 2004. The photos were taken in the province of Ramadi, Iraq at a site that belongs to the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture and was used until the end of January 2004 by the U.S. occupation forces as a military base. Due to the continuous attacks by the Iraqi Resistance, the enemy troops were forced to leave. on the 20th of February a scouting group visited the site and it's surrounding area to confirm the lack of enemy activity in this area. During the mission the personnel noticed a lot of dogs & wolves in this desolate area digging and sniffing the grounds. After a closer look, tracks & markings of heavy vehicles were discovered along with trenches and digging area that were left unattended. Further exploration of the site revealed the infamous black body bags that we in Iraq have heard so many rumors about. In these bags we found the dead bodies or body parts of dead soldiers who died as a result of direct hits to the head and chest areas by bullets or shrapnel. These bodies have been buried for a few months only, and are definitely soldiers who belong to the occupying forces. They are soldiers who have been stripped of all their clothes and IDs. in order to avoid their identification if discovered. A large number of bodies have been discovered and have been removed from the sites where they were found and relocated to places only known to our active personnel. These bodies have been relocated for the sole purpose of uncovering the mass deception and lies that the U.S. administration & the British government have carried out since the beginning of this conflict. These bodies will be handed over to the Red Cross at the suitable time in order to be returned to their families for proper burial. The above statement is being released by the Iraqi Islamic Army, one of the active factions that are resisting the occupying forces led by the United States & Britain. Further information will be released at the appropriate time. Now do we have proof of the mass graves that Mazen Dana photographed before his death? Do we have an explanation for the discrepancy in fatalities Joe Vialls reported? Perhaps so. Only a thorough INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION can provide definitive answers. We cannot expect the Pentagon to investigate itself.

We have other questions to consider as well. Is this the way Americans expect their war dead to be treated? Is this disrespect for the dead related to the careless attitude of not providing adequate body armor? Who are our leaders that can so cavalierly send young American men and women off to war with such ringing oratory and patriotic fervor and then leave them behind to rot in the desert? If this is how they treat the "nation's finest", how then do they view you and me? Do you wish for your son or daughter to be buried in an unmarked mass grave in a distant land? What are they trying to hide from us? If this is their attitude toward an American life, how easy would it be to murder 3,000 people on 9-11?

Much has been made of the glory and honor of serving and defending one's nation and the responsibility of never leaving a warrior behind. That must have been another day and another generation of leaders. Consider what lies ahead if these people continue to lead us. 1. Full Metal Jacket: Why must American soldiers in Iraq face death because of outmoded body armor? 29 September 2003 http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-turley29sep29,1,3663195.story 2. Maimed in Iraq, then mistreated, neglected, and hidden in America. Feb 18, 2004 http://www.interventionmag.com/cms/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=654 3. Troops in Iraq face pay cut: Pentagon says tough duty bonuses are budget-buster http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2003/08/14/MN94780.DTL 4. Dead Soldiers Come Home behind a Wall of Secrecy 21 Oct 2003 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A55816-2003Oct20.html 5. Reuters Cameraman Killed For Filming U.S. Graves: Brother 17 August 2003 http://www.islam-online.net/English/News/2003-08/19/article08.shtml 6. 1,188 Americans Killed in Iraq - Pentagon definition of dead differs 11 February 2004 http://joevialls.altermedia.info/yourson.html 7. Pentagon reports 130 soldiers killed in Iraqi battle 20 miles west of Fallujah April 6, 2004 http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1130577,00.html 8. Ghost Troop 3/7 Cavalry http://www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/ 9. The Detection of Sixteen Dead Bodies in A mass Grave in Falluja 22 September 2004 http://www.albasrah.net/images/3loj/mass-grave-us-soldiers.htm

homepage: homepage: http://www.the7thfire.com/Iraq_War/where_have_all_the_young_men_gone.htm

This explains about one dozen other things also!!! 27.Sep.2004 11:19


Please Indymedia and all, let's check this out and, in the meantime, continue publicizing this article. This explains so much of the incongruence that people with half a brain have been feeling increasing discomfort with.

Where are the relatives 27.Sep.2004 23:03


Where are the relatives of these dead soldiers, the friends who, mysteriously, haven't heard from someone in Iraq for several months? It seems that confirmation from a number of people that someone they know has "disappeared" in Iraq without being declared dead would prove this story.

I read somewhere that US military does not declare the deaths of special forces, nor does CIA declare its dead. Lots of security contractors, some of them as close to military as civilians can be, have also been killed but unreported in Iraq.