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Comms from the RNC...IMC

Today, I got a text mesg on my cell phone and was astounded that it weas from the imc comms network used during the RNC. Since I live in Portland, not NYC, I decided it was time to get off of the list...because I am charged for each text message i get...and let me tell you about the bill I got AFTER the RNC....phew.

Anyway, when I went to delete my number from the list I noticed that they have the entire history available too, I felt that might be a good thing to have up on this site, to be archived with the rest of the kick ass breaking news and such.
IMC-NYC history

date from message
21:19:15 Fri, Aug 27 cm arrests at 34th/7th, 35th/Dyer by Lincoln Tunnel; possibly soon more at 2nd/23rd
22:03:33 Fri, Aug 27 Tape dropoff at NYCLU 520 8th Ave at 36th
01:48:52 Sat, Aug 28 nypd: 264 arrests, incl. 7 indy journalists (1 released). arraignments start at 6am at 100 centre st.
12:01:00 Sat, Aug 28 2 events - Women's March over BK Bridge to City Hall; Green Party Fest in Wash Sq Pk - call in to 212-233-5767
13:49:42 Sat, Aug 28 send pics from camera phones to  nycrncimc@yahoo.com
15:28:13 Sat, Aug 28 Punkrock Protest Party $5 8PM tonight, southpaw, 125 5th av, bklyn: dead betties, shoplifting, syndicate, Aa.
15:30:34 Sun, Aug 29 jb If anyone sees police van #5305, please call in 212-233-5767.
17:01:17 Sun, Aug 29 jb 300 people at 45th and broadway; police about to arrest | meanwhile, Great Lawn is packed and festive
17:18:27 Sun, Aug 29 lulu videographers. For tape pick up by bike, call 917 774 1749
18:13:52 Sun, Aug 29 jb Media needed at 47th and 8th to document arrests
20:19:30 Sun, Aug 29 jb Tape runners available on the street until 9pm. Call 917-774-1749.
20:43:21 Sun, Aug 29 midwestmax jail solidarity demonstrators about to be arrested at pier 57. call dispatch for / with updates
22:46:46 Sun, Aug 29 jb call dispatch for updates on situation at university btw 12th and 13th, or just go there
23:40:48 Sun, Aug 29 jb next stop on mouse bloc: leonard skynard concert - @ crobar, 530 w. 28th btw 10th & 11th
09:23:14 Mon, Aug 30 lulu National Lawyers Guild emergency press conference today 10AM at the Criminal Courthouse at 100 Centre St.
09:43:22 Mon, Aug 30 lulu Still We Rise Coalition / Racial Justice 911 march and rally 1-6pm Union Square up Eighth Ave to 31st St.
09:46:27 Mon, Aug 30 lulu Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign march 4PM in Dag Hammarskj÷ld Plaza at the UN (45th St & 1st Ave)
09:50:40 Mon, Aug 30 lulu Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign march 4PM in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at the UN (45th St & 1st Ave)
11:27:54 Mon, Aug 30 Puck ppl who were arrested and had their bikes seized are not getting these items back from 520 Kingsland in BKLYN
13:00:41 Mon, Aug 30 midwestmax need info on potential police picket on 40 fulton st. also: still we rise stopped by nypd at 5th av and 15th
13:03:11 Mon, Aug 30 midwestmax videographers: bike messengers for tape pick-ups: 917-775-1749
13:05:16 Mon, Aug 30 midwestmax sorry, correct number: tape pick-ups 917-774-1749
13:12:03 Mon, Aug 30 midwestmax Code Pink Ariel Photo Shoot: 72nd and Central Prk Wst, Strawberry Fields
13:39:26 Mon, Aug 30 midwestmax police union pickets today: 4PM 25 W 40th Street; 10PM 89 E 42nd Street
17:19:07 Mon, Aug 30 midwestmax call with updates from KWRU when march begins: 212-233-5767
18:38:17 Mon, Aug 30 midwestmax if you're in the area, might want to check out ritz carlton on 59th - reports of kids blocking loading zone
23:23:48 Mon, Aug 30 j.lee 100 people on 2nd ave and 7th, police presence, possibility for escalation, currently no legal presence
11:13:37 Tue, Aug 31 lulu people gathereing at columbus. please call in reports
13:02:09 Tue, Aug 31 lulu A31 Press conference to anounce some events/messaging. 1 30 pm union sq sw corner by ghandi statue,
14:04:45 Tue, Aug 31 midwestmax War Resisters League: vigil at WTC, 3PM. march to MSG at 4PM, die-in planned when stopped near MSG.
14:08:11 Tue, Aug 31 midwestmax 4PM Fox News Shut-Up-
14:09:19 Tue, Aug 31 midwestmax 4PM Fox News Shut-Up-Athon 1211 6Av &47th; 4PM Defend Johnny Cash @ York Ave. and 71st.
14:17:03 Tue, Aug 31 midwestmax photo/video: possible banner drop at 41st and 8th in approx. 5-20 min - check it out if in the area.
15:32:02 Tue, Aug 31 j.lee about 100 people at war resisters vigil - ground zero, need more
15:37:37 Tue, Aug 31 lulu 7 arrested at union sq
16:05:05 Tue, Aug 31 lulu war resisters leage marh started 700 people
16:11:29 Tue, Aug 31 lulu any word on bike bloc? please report
18:43:55 Tue, Aug 31 jb Mass arrests at 34th and 6th.
19:10:25 Tue, Aug 31 jb 1000 people moved from Union Square east on 16th. Cops stopped them at Irving. They're now going back to U Sq.
19:26:17 Tue, Aug 31 jb Pepper spray used at Herald Sqaure (33rd and 6th). About 1000 people there, traffic mostly blocked.
19:41:35 Tue, Aug 31 jb Mass arrests possible at Herald Square and Union Square. (1000 people at each).
19:46:54 Tue, Aug 31 jb Die in at 28th and Broadway just now being arrested.
19:51:45 Tue, Aug 31 jb Union Square - medics and marching band targeted. Medic also snatched at Herald Square.
19:54:33 Tue, Aug 31 jb Buses with delegates are blocked at 32nd and 6th.
20:01:20 Tue, Aug 31 jb Video cameras needed at Irving and E16th, near Union Square.
20:30:33 Tue, Aug 31 jb Delegate bus blocked at 35th and Broadway.
20:44:02 Tue, Aug 31 jb 26th and Park, spontaneous march being chased on foot by police. Arrests.
20:50:12 Tue, Aug 31 jb Arrests at 26th and Park.
21:16:31 Tue, Aug 31 jb Medics may be needed at 27th and Park Ave.
21:22:25 Tue, Aug 31 jb Reports of multiple trash fires on Park Ave South, possibly set by provocateurs.
21:50:24 Tue, Aug 31 jb Legal needed at sight of arrests at 37th and 6th.
04:53:59 Wed, Sep 01 jb Sept 1 coverage beginsat 8:00am with Unemployment Line from Wall St up Bway to 31st. More events on the site.
11:37:01 Wed, Sep 01 midwestmax need more reports from streets now, especially from pier 57: 212-233-5767
13:22:13 Wed, Sep 01 midwestmax protesters at boathouse in central park 1:20PM; call 212-233-5767 with info
13:28:41 Wed, Sep 01 midwestmax anyone near 75th and 5th, please report on boat house situtation
13:51:53 Wed, Sep 01 midwestmax Bush in Queens 10PM; Italian Charities of America, 53-20 Queens Blvd., Subways E,F,G,R,V, protest likely
19:10:10 Wed, Sep 01 jb 300 people at CBS. 52nd and 6th moving south.
19:54:28 Wed, Sep 01 midwestmax Media March stopped listening to speeches. 6th Ave from 50-53 in one lane.
20:20:35 Wed, Sep 01 midwestmax Media March about to move from Radio City (6/50) to Fox News (6/48). Heavy police at Fox.
22:00:49 Wed, Sep 01 midwestmax Reporters at event in Queens, please call in: 212-233-5767.
02:00:50 Thu, Sep 02 midwestmax Developments at 100 Centre St. Hearing of writ in peril inside. More police showing up outside.
04:40:05 Thu, Sep 02 j.lee URGENT: Come to 60 Centre @ 9:00am, courtrm #130 -judge will rule on habeas corpus writ
11:42:06 Thu, Sep 02 jb Bush jr, Bush sr, Giuliani at 38th and Park. 50 protesters and 50 supporters.
12:34:31 Thu, Sep 02 jb AAUP rally in Harlem is gathering at 126th and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd at 2pm.
12:52:03 Thu, Sep 02 jb Many outraged parents gathering outside of 100 Centre St.
13:12:36 Thu, Sep 02 jb Fountains in Union Sq. have been died red. Need media coverage
14:47:45 Thu, Sep 02 jb Video dispatch. Federal agents trailing activists at 6th Ave and 9th St. Situation tense.
16:49:09 Thu, Sep 02 jb Mass releases at 100 Centre soon. Reaction expected to be tremendous.
17:16:35 Thu, Sep 02 jb Call in on situation at 100 Centre St. 212-233-5767.
17:32:50 Thu, Sep 02 jb Situation at 100 Centre calm in anticipation of mass release.
17:48:46 Thu, Sep 02 jb 5:47 1000+ gathered at south side of Union Square.
19:30:02 Thu, Sep 02 jb 7:29 Released detainees forming large crowds at St. James and Pearl (east of 100 Cerntre) to reclaim property.
21:39:59 Thu, Sep 02 midwestmax At 27th and 8th police are entering pens with scooters. video media wanted.
22:29:22 Thu, Sep 02 jb 1000+ about to move north up Broadway from Union Square; separate march on 23rd and 8th going south.
11:46:16 Tue, Sep 07 jb URGENT - Help needed breaking down the IMC at 220 Church St
15:21:40 Fri, Sep 24 jb Critical Mass ride tonight 7pm Union Square North
more dispatch 24.Sep.2004 17:58


this is the log from the comms_dispatch that i was on.

comms_dispatch history

date from message
19:40:52 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 NYC Comms on the air for Critical Mass. Ride underway. Feedback to  commsnyc@stealthisemail.com
19:57:46 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Mass split in two N. on Madison @ 30th, and N. on 6th @ 35th
20:38:36 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Mass split once more at 34th and 7th ave. 8:37
20:42:58 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 14th St. and 7th ave cops in riot gear getting into formation
20:46:09 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 7th blocked at 13th st. Arrests in progress.
21:10:03 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 There are reports of arrests throughout the East Village. Safe stop at St. Mark's church (12th St. 2nd Ave)
21:23:25 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 There is a group moving south down second ave @ st. marks pl.
21:26:53 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Arrests in progress 2nd Ave btwn 14th and 10th streets.
21:30:44 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Riot cops on 2nd Ave walking south at 13th St.
21:37:21 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Arrests in progress at 2nd Av & 10th St.
21:45:37 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Arrests at 35th St. btwn 9th & 10th
21:53:49 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 More arrests at 9th st. and 2nd ave.
22:01:51 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Traffic btwn 8th St. and 14th St. East of 3rd Ave has been halted. Police have roped off area.
22:53:08 Fri, Aug 27 neffy54 Arrests throughout the East Village and midtown estimates higher than 200. Information slow.
11:17:31 Sun, Aug 29 neffy54 Good Morning! The NYC Comms list is up and running. Right now UFPJ march is still gathering, things r calm
11:20:52 Sun, Aug 29 neffy54 Aprox 150 youth activists r marching in the street south on 5th ave @ 34 St
11:38:46 Sun, Aug 29 neffy54 Counter-demonstrators marching south on 6th @ 27St, Aprox 200 with PD
11:41:49 Sun, Aug 29 neffy54 UFPJ March has started!
11:56:03 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Police moving fast Westbound on 23 St toward the bike bloc
12:05:25 Sun, Aug 29 morgan At 34 St, a strong police line blocking people from heading north to the park.
12:11:17 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Bike Bloc is calling cyclists to regroup @ the South Side of Union Square
12:35:07 Sun, Aug 29 morgan UFPJ is requesting people enter the Assembly area from 5Ave or 9Ave as the area is very crowded
12:38:06 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Aprox 20 to 25 Bike Bloc-ers have been arrested, Bike Bloc is calling on cyclists to regroup at Union Sq South
13:09:22 Sun, Aug 29 morgan People are blocked from entering the assembly area from 14th St by PD. Best entry: 9 Ave or 5 Ave
13:23:00 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Front of UFPJ March has reached the end point, Union Sq: most people haven't left assembly area.
14:34:26 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Police are agressivly harrassing cyclists:several reports of ticketing and confiscations
15:09:06 Sun, Aug 29 morgan There is a 30' dragon float on fire on 7 Ave @ 34. Protesters can only get past on sidewalk.
15:21:46 Sun, Aug 29 morgan The 30' dragon fire on 7 ave and 34 has completely blocked 7 Ave, no protesters can get by at all.
15:27:54 Sun, Aug 29 morgan UFPJ march is moving again.
15:51:05 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Over 1000 protesters have gathered in Central Park, seems calm at this time.
16:00:30 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Police are not allowing bicycles to ride on the streets in the Times Square area.
16:11:56 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Update: police have closed 6 Ave and all streets west of 6ave from 34 St to 59 St to bicycles
16:14:56 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Kiss-in in progress! 5Ave @ 41 on the steps of the library
16:23:38 Sun, Aug 29 morgan The crowd on the Great lawn of Central Park is growing, police seem calm
16:37:07 Sun, Aug 29 morgan The Kiss-in is marching toward Times Square, and the mouse-bloc actions in that area are begining
16:48:24 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Times Up! and the Bike bloc are calling for documentation of harrassment of cyclists
16:58:44 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Police are cracking down on bikes west of 6 Ave from 34st to 57st...bike ban in effect
17:07:11 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Several groups have converged on Times Sq: Billionares, Kiss-in, and the Mouse Bloc.
17:20:50 Sun, Aug 29 morgan standoff between police and protesters at 46th and Broadway. also many people in central park- things are calm
17:27:15 Sun, Aug 29 morgan The end of the UFPJ march is arriving at Union Sq, stand-offs continue in Times Sq
17:36:06 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Police are using a net to detain a group of aprox 50 protesters in Times Sq.
18:04:08 Sun, Aug 29 morgan Mouse Bloc has called for a regrouping at 53st and Bway at 6:15 IFO Bombay Dreams
18:23:12 Sun, Aug 29 morgan mouse bloc regroup at Aida 42nd and 7th at 630
18:25:56 Sun, Aug 29 morgan mouse bloc regroup at 47 and 7 630pm
18:32:09 Sun, Aug 29 morgan 46th and broadway netted off, arresets likely.
19:38:36 Sun, Aug 29 morgan 30 arrests at 52 and broad
19:47:26 Sun, Aug 29 morgan RNC delagates are at the boathouse in Central Park, there are protesters outside
20:04:21 Sun, Aug 29 morgan police may arrest protesters at boathouse in Cen park
20:27:43 Sun, Aug 29 morgan NYC Comms is signing off for the night. Please send us feedback!  commsnyc@stealthisemail.com
12:08:31 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Good Morning! NYC Comms is on the air for todays events!
12:41:20 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Still We Rise March has begun, front of march at 6 Ave and 15th St
12:47:47 Mon, Aug 30 morgan NYPD has stopped the permited Still We Rise march at 6 Ave and 15 St
12:51:00 Mon, Aug 30 morgan NYPD is blocking the Still We Rise march at both 5 Ave and 6 Ave
13:07:49 Mon, Aug 30 morgan NYPD is finally allowing Still We Rise to cross 6 Ave
13:15:29 Mon, Aug 30 morgan 2PM today CODEPINK is calling for 1000 women to go to 72nd and Central Park West for an areal photo. Wear Pink
13:23:15 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Still We Rise march has turned north on 8th Ave and is moving smoothly
13:33:15 Mon, Aug 30 morgan people arrested yesterday have started to be arraigned and released from 100 centre street
14:11:04 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Still We Rise march has reached the end of the route at 30th St and 8th ave
14:53:00 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Still We Rise is rallying on 8th Ave atmosphere is good, people are allowed to come and go from the site
15:23:17 Mon, Aug 30 morgan reminder that the March For Our Lives is meeting at 4pm at 45st and 1st Ave
15:58:26 Mon, Aug 30 morgan The March for Our Lives is begining to gather at 47 St and 1 Ave
16:23:49 Mon, Aug 30 morgan March For our Lives still gathering at 45 st and 1 Ave, large police force in area
17:19:33 Mon, Aug 30 morgan The March for Our Lives organizers are negotiating a route with Police; protesters are still at 45 st and 1 Av
17:45:44 Mon, Aug 30 morgan March For our Lives has started- heading west on 47th St.
17:53:36 Mon, Aug 30 morgan March for our lives has turned South on 2nd AVE at 47th St.
18:20:41 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Proposed march route: south 2nd, west 23rd, north 8th Ave- police build up @34th to keep people going south
18:45:07 Mon, Aug 30 morgan front of march for our lives reached 2nd and 23rd, turning west on 23rd street
19:08:33 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Minor conflicts with police around Lex and 23, otherwise the march is going well
19:26:25 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Reports of arrests and other conflicts at 23 st and 5 ave, at least one injury
19:41:21 Mon, Aug 30 morgan The front of the March for Our Lives has turned North on 8 Ave
19:50:42 Mon, Aug 30 morgan The Police have agreed to allow a half hour rally in a pen at the end of the march
19:59:31 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Confrentations with police at 29 st 8 Ave, police set up barricades, protesters going over, arrests in progres
20:03:17 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Pepper spray and mounted police at 29 and 8, injury at 28 and 8
20:08:36 Mon, Aug 30 morgan North of 29 St, protesters blocked in on 8 Ave, South of 29 police are forcing everyone onto sidwalks and Sout
20:11:32 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Large numbers of police heading toward 29-28 and 8 ave from the south and east
20:21:54 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Police are slowly allowing the crowed to leave toward 7 ave on 29, 28, 27 sts in small groups only
20:37:36 Mon, Aug 30 morgan Police are still holding a large # of protesters on 8 Ave north of 29 St and not allowing them to leave
20:45:26 Mon, Aug 30 morgan 29 and 8 Ave calming down, riot cops backing off, small groups starting to be allowed out, rally starting
21:13:56 Mon, Aug 30 morgan situation @ 29th and 8th is vary calm 100-200 people still in pen, people are allowed to exit.
21:32:54 Mon, Aug 30 morgan NYC Comms is signing off for the night. Please send us feedback!  commsnyc@stealthisemail.com
11:19:12 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Good Morning! NYC Comms is on the air for todays events!
11:27:33 Tue, Aug 31 morgan people are beginning to gather for the Stop the Detentions March at Columbus Park
12:11:18 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Stop the Detentions March is headed west on Worth St from Columbus Park
12:15:43 Tue, Aug 31 morgan stop the detentions are marching north on baxter st
12:35:53 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Stop the Detentions March is having a rally on Worth St btwn Lafayette and Centre.
12:47:31 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Stop the Detentions rally in thomas paine park surrounded by cops, exits are still open, 1 arrest.
13:27:39 Tue, Aug 31 morgan stop the detentions rally is winding down, folks are leaving without incident
14:24:25 Tue, Aug 31 morgan at 10th and 2nd ave, Marching Band playing, being watched by police.
15:55:43 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Jail support is happening at 100 Centre St. for those arrested yesterday.
16:00:24 Tue, Aug 31 morgan War Resisters League March is at Fulton and Church aprox 250 ppl, will leave shortly
16:11:39 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Union Sq. aprox 200 protestors. aprox 100 Riot Cops, things are tense.
16:15:19 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Half of WRL march is being detained by orange netting on Fulton btwn Church and Broadway
16:27:15 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Fulton and church st. arrests being made @ WRL March
16:35:25 Tue, Aug 31 morgan 7 empty police buses on 6th ave btwn 23/25
16:39:23 Tue, Aug 31 morgan 6th Ave north of 23rd St -Left lane closed to vehicles, bikes still allowed
16:47:25 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Bike Bloc is moving south from US,
17:06:57 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Bryant Park near Public Library- lots of police gathering, and waiting
17:18:38 Tue, Aug 31 morgan 6th ave south of 48th street to foot traffic allowed on either sidewalk
17:26:00 Tue, Aug 31 morgan 30 bikes detained at 40th & broadway
17:31:48 Tue, Aug 31 morgan police checking all bags at 30th & 7th ave / 7th ave closed off to vehicles going north
17:51:07 Tue, Aug 31 morgan arrests being made a public library, large # of police there
17:55:35 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Riot cops w/ netting stationed at 5th ave and 17th st
18:03:30 Tue, Aug 31 morgan police pushing people off library steps/ also police vans headed south on 5th ave from 20th st
18:11:15 Tue, Aug 31 morgan large #'s of cops headed west towards public library, scooters
18:16:03 Tue, Aug 31 morgan A31 street party meet up: park @ 2nd AVE & 16th St. and Union Sq South
18:29:08 Tue, Aug 31 morgan lots of people getting pushed into bryant park, police chasing and closing in w/ nets
18:36:41 Tue, Aug 31 morgan street party meet up Union Sq south/// NE corner bryant park people being netted off
18:44:55 Tue, Aug 31 morgan large police movements headed north on 6th @ 42 st
18:49:28 Tue, Aug 31 morgan lots of activity in herald sq. large numbers of arrests happening there
19:00:39 Tue, Aug 31 morgan arrests happening in herald sq. area right now/ Union Sq- 300+ hundred leaving
19:12:07 Tue, Aug 31 morgan people on sidewalks can leave herald sq if they want to, streets are cleared of people
19:29:58 Tue, Aug 31 morgan reports of pepper spray in herald sq/ standoff continues
19:34:35 Tue, Aug 31 morgan call for any video cameras in the union sq. area to go to 16th btwn broadway and irving
19:53:20 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Union Sq. at 16th st. things arrests getting violent, people completely penned in.
20:00:54 Tue, Aug 31 morgan people are being pushed East 34th St. from Herald Sq.
20:18:05 Tue, Aug 31 morgan police still trying to clear out herald sq./ 16th st people are in handcuffs waiting to be taken away
20:23:23 Tue, Aug 31 morgan more netting being brought in at 33rd and broadway
20:40:10 Tue, Aug 31 morgan nets up at 17th and 5th
20:51:50 Tue, Aug 31 morgan RNC delagate busses are being blocked in several locations in midtown, 35@6 and 34 @ Bway
20:59:56 Tue, Aug 31 morgan March westbound on 35 st blocked at Bway, arrests in progress at 34 and Bway in front of busses
21:16:57 Tue, Aug 31 morgan NYPD has cleared Park @ 27 and Union Sq areas, large # of arrests, still alot of protests around 34 @ 6
21:23:24 Tue, Aug 31 morgan people in the 35th st area- can exit via 6th northbound on the sidewalks
21:37:35 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Union Sq @ 14 is calm now, folks hanging out, few cops
21:42:27 Tue, Aug 31 morgan 37 and 7 is about to get blocked by NYPD
22:00:47 Tue, Aug 31 morgan NYPD massing on the north side of Union Sq, seems like they intend to clear the park
22:06:56 Tue, Aug 31 morgan 40th st. medical clinic closing send all injuries to St. Mark's Church
22:13:38 Tue, Aug 31 morgan NYPD setting up netting along Union Sq West: soon no exit on west side of park
22:26:40 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Dispersal order given at Union Sq... PD moving in from North, West side of park blocked, south seems clear
22:53:18 Tue, Aug 31 morgan More DA in midtown: Arrests in progress, Bway @ 49
23:11:54 Tue, Aug 31 morgan If you're arrested and are planning on doing jail solidarity, call 646-723-0998 for support
23:27:45 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Busses full arrestees are lined up on the West Side HW btwn 15&18 St waiting to enter pier 57
23:42:46 Tue, Aug 31 morgan Lots of arrestees tonight! Show them your support! Meet folks as there released @ 100 Center St. 9am-1am
23:48:57 Tue, Aug 31 morgan NYC Comms is signing off for the night. Please send us feedback!  commsnyc@stealthisemail.com
16:53:15 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Good Afternoon, NYC Comms in on the air. Right Now the labor march is gathering...
17:01:16 Wed, Sep 01 morgan labor march is gathering: access assebly area from south of 23 St or via 26 St
17:24:13 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Labor march now stretches from 30th st. to 23rd st. down 8th ave,
18:18:01 Wed, Sep 01 morgan The Labor march has ended; people are dispersing.
18:37:20 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Run against Bush in progress (just went through times sq). media march starts at 7, 52nd and broadway,
18:44:50 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Correction: March Against the Media begins at 52nd and 6th ave.
18:55:13 Wed, Sep 01 morgan March Against the Media gathering at 6 ave/52 st: calm there, PD build-up IFO Fox news, 48/6ave
19:07:21 Wed, Sep 01 morgan March on the Media has begun, Northbound on 6 Ave, about 500 folks
19:27:00 Wed, Sep 01 morgan march on the media South Bound on 6 Av toward CNN at 50 and 6
20:23:23 Wed, Sep 01 morgan march on the media: next stop is Fox News, 48/6av. PD build up in front of that location
20:29:50 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Police are clearing the sidewalk in a 1 block radius of media march at fox news.
20:38:07 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Police have reopened the sidewalk around the media march.
21:03:17 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Heavy police buildup nearing 34th and 11th, where Coca-Cola protest scheduled to begin at 9:30.
21:46:55 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Police are getting into formation to deploy nets at 34th and 11th (coca-cola protest).
22:14:10 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Police presence increasing around Coca-Cola protest.
22:23:07 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Crowd growing at 34th and 11th, nearly 200 behind wooden barricades.
22:59:55 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Legal support update: Court ruled that those held for <24 hours must be released by 1AM tonight. 100 Center St
23:04:33 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Correction: Those held for greater then 24 hours must be released by 1am tonight. 100 Center St.
23:39:28 Wed, Sep 01 morgan Legal update: previous court order to release arrestees stayed: unclear if ppl will be let out tonight
00:46:35 Thu, Sep 02 morgan 100+ people doing support at 100 Center St, court will be going all night.
00:50:01 Thu, Sep 02 morgan NYC Comms is signing off for the night. Please send us feedback!  commsnyc@stealthisemail.com
01:02:00 Thu, Sep 02 morgan Legal support request: Pack court room N (100 Center) to show support for getting people out in 24 hours.
17:32:11 Thu, Sep 02 morgan There are large numbers of people being released from 100 Centre St, there are lots of people doing support.
18:42:59 Thu, Sep 02 morgan lots of people gathering in union sq, police present things are calm
18:55:09 Thu, Sep 02 morgan aprox 40 bike cops massing on 16th btwn 5 & 6 ave
19:08:15 Thu, Sep 02 morgan lots of people doing jail support @ 100 centre st, police there but things are good, people getting out
19:12:02 Thu, Sep 02 morgan large numbers of police in herald sq. area/ also lots of bike cops out patroling
19:23:29 Thu, Sep 02 morgan lots of police @ U.Sq. including LRAD (sound device)- but things are still very calm.
19:57:26 Thu, Sep 02 morgan large police buildup waiting north of union square
20:59:37 Thu, Sep 02 morgan Sidewalks on 6th, Broadway & 7th are closed to southbound pedestrian traffic starting @36th St.
21:17:57 Thu, Sep 02 morgan @100 Centre Street, people are being released still, jail support happening there!
21:34:33 Thu, Sep 02 morgan riot cops lining outside of pens on 8th Ave, also many riot cops around Union Sq. may try to disperse
21:38:06 Thu, Sep 02 morgan cops on scooters going into pen on 27th and 8th
22:16:04 Thu, Sep 02 morgan ANSWER Rally is dispersing.
23:33:23 Thu, Sep 02 morgan Police have issued dispersal for 8th ave. will arrest in 10 min. exits on SW corners of pens.
00:20:30 Fri, Sep 03 morgan All reports say 8th ave is calm. Comms signing off. Thanks to you all. Feedback:  commsnyc@stealthisemail.com