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Mike D Is In Jail Again!

Mike D had court today at 9am at the Clackamas County Court House for charges stemming from the Solo Timber Sale Protest July 30, 2002. Nobody has seen him since. I called the jail and yes he was thrown in jail again.
Despite the fact that eight other activist's arrest warrants from this old growth direct action have long ago been dropped; Mike D is being singled out from the Solo Timber Sale Protest. He will be in the Clackamas County Jail until Oct.20th, where he will have a court hearing or trial. Bail is set for $55,000. If you have more info please post here.
Here's what I've been doing 24.Sep.2004 15:34


I've been trying to get the local PBS Radio affiliate to do a story linking the shared fates of other (forest) activists. Tre in Canada because he can't get a fair trial here in the US. The case of the Humboldt county torturers and that of Jeff Luers. Now it appears as though Mike gets put on the list.

I think that these are textbook cases of torture extremism, just like what's happening in Iraq right now. If only mainstream could pick up the story.


FREE MIKE D 24.Sep.2004 16:50


m m - Thanks so much for the info. I called the Clackamas County Courts to see what the charges were and all they could tell me was "menacing." What the hell does that mean? I don't think that was even the original charge against Mike - what do they do make up new ones as they go along? Anyone know the name of his attorney?

Riding on an Incline 24.Sep.2004 17:10

Fuck the Corporate Media

So. While privateers steal the collective wealth of our forests out from under us, destroying the ecosystem and rendering huge swaths of our planet uninhabitable...it's the voices of reason who are jailed. Some day, people will look back and wonder what on earth was wrong with us. Why do we never wake up BEFORE it's too damn late.

My advice to kamf is to give up on the corporate media. They are NOT going to tell this story. Not only do they not care, they are actively opposed to anyone or anything that impedes the power of private interests to plunder public forests. The timber industry has spent decades buying inroads of control into the corporate media. Belo Broadcasting, Fischer Broadcasting, Emmis Communications, the whOregonian...and on and on...all of our local media is stocked with board members or owners who are afiliated with the timber industry. That's where the $ is in this region, after all.

As for PBS, forget it. Haven't you noticed the high-end, friendly-face-of-"forest management" ads sponsoring your favorite shows on OPB? Yes, that's right. The one where the man is walking through the stick-like growths of a monocultural tree farm claiming it's a healthy forest comes immediately to mind. Again, that's where the $ is. (Interesting that even the forest industry can't find a real forest anymore for their public relations ads. Interesting, and terrifying.)

You're right, though, kamf. It's dangerous extremism. It's terrorism. (What's more terrifying than the prospect of a world without forests...and by extension, without life?)

Tell the story yourself. Do it here, and anywhere you can raise your voice. Don't wait for the corporate media to bring this "mainstream." We ARE the mainstream. Don't let them brainwash you into thinking otherwise. There are a lot more people out here who want their children to know what forests are than there are people who support private profiteering at the expense of the rest of us.

And melly, please let mike d know we're with him, as always.

The Truth 24.Sep.2004 19:06


Mike D is in jail for molesting a fucking 4 yearold little girl.
I don't know where you stupid fucks get your news, but that's the truth.
Mike D deserves what he gets and more.

stopped by circus protest 24.Sep.2004 22:20


Mike D. stopped by the circus protest yesterday. We hugged and talked some. It definitely looks like certain forest activists have been targeted. I don't honestly know how I can help, but certainly want to. The Columbian newspaper here "let go" of 2 decent reporters and replaced them with "right" ones; thus, they mostly ignore my letters anymore (after having hundreds printed in a few decades). I write, I do actions, I shout, I march...could we do a visibility fundraiser for him?

need to do something 26.Sep.2004 09:38

just wondering

has no one heard anything more concerning mike dee's latest arrest?think we need to ban together and support him against these trumped up charges and that includes me doing my part too.is there any one person who is heading anything up or is the main contact person?we need to give to mike dee a part of what he has given to others the animals and the environment.justice for mike dee.

Update On Mike D 26.Sep.2004 14:58

melly moo free_them7@yahoo.com

Ok, so Mike's charges are, Menacing, Disorderly Conduct, and Failure to Appear. These are all warrents and he will be held until his jury trial, which is Oct.20th. Due to it being the weekend, I was not able to find out who his court appointed attorney is. His bail is $55,000, 10% of that in cash. Although knowing Mike D, I don't think he would want the jail system to have any money.
We should get as many people as possible to his Jury Trial on Oct.20th at the Clackamas County Court House. I don't know the time yet, but you can email me to help organize or if you have any other ideas :-)

Monday's Update On Mike D. 27.Sep.2004 15:45

melly moo free_them7@yahoo.com

Mike D. is being charged with Disorderly Conduct, Menacing, and Failure To Appear, stemming from the Solo Timber Sale Protest July 30, 2002 (except the failure to appear). His case number for the Menacing and Disorderly Conduct Charge is 0311198. For the Failure to Apppear charge is 0413219.

He has a release hearing tomorrow at 3pm, but he will probably not actually be in court but on T.V. and it will probably only take 5 min. I was told that last friday when he appeared in court, he was asked to sign a paper that was a notice of his next court date which he refused to do. The Judge (Eve Miller) did not like that, and that is why I was told he is in jail right now, but that is not for sure. His bail is at $50,000 but probably will be reduced at his court hearing tomorrow.

Mike's Jury Trial will be on Oct.20th, 9:00am, at the Clackamas County Courthouse, but that is always subject to change. 5 cops will be testifying against Mike. 3 are with the USFS and the other two are policeman. I also found out that two people who had been charged from the Solo Timber Sale Protest had already plead guilty and made a plea bargain to do community service. Mike was offered the same deal if he plead guilty, which he refused to do.

If you think you can be a witness on behalf of Mike please call his
Lawyer Bart Heron at 503-699-6496. Also, if you want to visit Mike you need to write him a letter that includes your name, address, and date of birth. When you visit him you need to have a government issued ID.
Mike would love to receive letters, write him at:

Michael McMullin
Care of Clackamas County Jail
2206 S. Kaen Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045

Please Do All You Can To Support Mike! Come To His Jury Trial On Oct.20th!
Want to help organize? Email me :-)

Bad Taste abuse of Free Speech Priviledges 27.Oct.2004 05:14

Mike-d. 0005e miked.libco@gmail.com

the truth 24.sep.2004 19:06
jeb link

mike d is in jail for molesting a fucking 4 yearold little girl.
i don't know where you stupid fucks get your news, but that's the truth.
mike d deserves what he gets and more.

wrong, not. the truth is not that i was in jail for molesting a 4 year old girl, you should be ashamed of yourself for even posting such non-sense, next you should go turn yourself in, before you commit another crime or are committed. comments like this are of very bad taste and are not even funny, this is a very serious issue and not one to be taken lightly. you should take your mind out of the gutter and go repent or something. i was in jail for a "disorderly conduct" charge. it is public information and any one can look it up. "the pot calls the kettle black", now whose looking and sounding stupid ? the truth ? where do you get your news from ? any one that knows me very well, actually, knows i employ a youth protection procedure when dealing with anyone under the age of 18, it is really for my protection, since i don't have children myself, i go out of my way to ensure that another person is always with-in eye-shot or ear-shot of any youth i interact with. no child is "at risk" because of my presence, i am a voluntary mandatory reporter when it comes to child abuse. i always ask children when i see marks and bruses how they got them, and i try to figure out weither it is a type, or the type of injury that could result from the child's claim. i then ask the guardian of the child, and work my way to the parents, if something does not seem right, i report it immediately and tell the adult or adults responsible to stop, and that there actions are being watched. children who are being abused can often have trouble explaining how certain injuries happen to them, they do not want to tell on an adult because they might not think another adult will believe them
or that they will get in trouble if they tell, or might not even know they are being abused, or might not be able to communicate that concern to another person. while i may deserve what i get, it had nothing to do with child abuse. go get help quick, it sounds like you need it. mike-d.0005e