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MUST-SEE TV: New David Wu Ad - Wu Bungee Jumps

As seen on CNN's "Inside Politics" - Congressman David Wu has the ad of the year! See it at www.wuforcongress.com.
Go to www.wuforcongress.com to see this amazing ad.
Goli scares me! 24.Sep.2004 10:02


Haven't seen the latest Wu ad, but Goli Ameri's ads make me think of the Stepford politician ... very spooooooky. That avid look in her eyes is not hunger to serve the people of her district, people, but hunger for personal power IMHO

... 24.Sep.2004 10:56


Oh, is that what it was?

I thought it was a used car lot commercial.

Goli Ameri 26.Sep.2004 16:45

VERY conservative

With a lot of support from wealthy and influential repubs who want Wu out of the way. If I lived in that district, I would be out on the streets campaigning for Wu.
Don't forget- we have the ultimate "Stepford" President, so Ameri could easily get elected.

boing 03.Oct.2004 20:25


anytime a politician wants to jump off a bridge, that's fine by me....

though david wu is an ok guy....