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9.11 investigation

Friday 9am KBOO airs talk by David Ray Griffin on 9/11: New Pearl Harbor

The New Pearl Harbor author David Ray Griffin on the "Independent 9/11 Commission Report" airs on KBOO Friday 9/24 at 9am.
It was David Ray Griffin's only public event in Oregon but the 500+ capacity ballroom at the Hilton Eugene was filled on July 28th.
Griffin is the author of The New Pearl Harbor and gave a lecture a mere week after the release of the final report of the 9/11 Commission.
KBOO has slotted two hours for the Griffin program, which will play most of the 80 min. monologue during their fund drive.
The Q&A section is perhaps the most dynamic of that event as the audience wanted the real scoop on what Griffin thought beyond the official reports.

KBOO Radio streams live over the internet so those outside of the radio listening area can tune-in:

An effort is being made to get the entire David Ray Griffin lecture in several outlets in the Portland area.

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