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SLIDE SHOW: Mural Celebration in the Beach Flats of Santa Cruz

A Beach Flats Mural Celebration took place on September 9 at the corner of Beach and Park just below Santa Cruz's well known Giant Dipper roller coaster. The Beach Flats Mural Project was always meant to be more than a finished mural. It was meant to be a process that brought together people of all ages, all backgrounds and skills, in a community project.


Mas que pintura en una pared el proyecto del mural siempre lo comenzamos con la idea de que fuera un proyecto comun. Nuestro mural ha involucrado a personas de todas edades, origines y destrezas en un proyecto comun.

Beach Flats Mural
Beach Flats Mural
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When I published these photos on santa cruz indymedia, a portlander commented, "in portland it is illegal to have murals without paying hefty fees to the city. it is great to see that other communities still rally around community art projects."

Thanks Cascadia for both inspiration and support!

homepage: homepage: http://santacruz.indymedia.org/feature/display/11370/index.php