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Vancouver citizens are outraged over racist hostilities, and the lack of accountablility in thier local governemt. Now is the time for fundamental, change. Join us in solidarity, and protest. Mass up an ride against racism!
Join us in Vancouver!
For bacground information about the days events please read:


Were looking for a critical mass of support. Please join us in standing against racist oppression in Vancouver.

If you'd like to meet people in portland and ride to the protest please contact me at  mb@resist.ca and we'll figure out a meeting location to ride there this Saturday!

Call to protest!

National Action Network
The Citizens of Vancouver and Clark County
Washington are having a Citizen's rally at Clark County Public Service Center.
Come out and participate in your community rally. We are working together
for a better community in Clark County.
Police Accountability
Malicious Prosecution
Hate Crimes
Affordable Health Care
Music, Speakers and Much More!!!!
Location: Public Service Center
1300 Franklin Street
Date: September 25, 2004
Day & Time: Saturday, 2:00 thru. 5:00pm

P.O. Box 9005
Tacoma, WA. 98409
Phone: (253) 255-2619
Abdullah Mustafa, President
Alton McDonald, Vice President
Rae Vallejo- Outreach Coordinator (360) 721-3106