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The unstoppable Bolivarian education Project

CARACAS.- The colossal ongoing efforts that continue to demonstrate the significance of education for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was once again the object of reflection for Hugo Chávez Frías during the 204th edition of his regular "Aló Presidente" program.
Figures such as the 3,556 Bolivarian schools now operating within the country, with their renovating and integral concept of education and access free of charge for the poorest sectors of society, demonstrate the mode in which the will of the state is manifesting itself.

On this note, Education Minister Aristóbulo Isturiz explained that since last January more than 1,500 teaching staff have graduated and a further 1,300 are currently being trained.

After explaining that the ultimate aim is the formation of social beings with a sense of solidarity, who possess a high level of training from all points of view, he announced the establishment of 160 Bolivarian high schools from next October 3, with an entry examination covering the whole country.

According to Chávez, all this incorporated into a system that is constantly consolidating education, from the Simoncito experience (for children aged 0-5), through elementary school to junior and senior high school, technical and special schools and including the programs associated with Missions Robinson, Ribasa and Sucre.

Another example that confirms the state's prioritization of education is the granting of some 48 billion bolivares every month in scholarships for people to study and for those who find themselves in economically adverse conditions.

The president also reiterated the government's determination to continue developing the system of healthcare, for which a higher budget has been allocated for the coming year in order to reinforce Mission Neighborhood Within and other programs such as the network of people's clinics.


Summarizing the sentiments of millions of Venezuelans, Latin Americans and those around the world who defend peace, on this week's program the president fiercely condemned the "cowardly ambush" perpetrated by mercenaries on a group of employees from the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA, who were carrying out their work whilst protected by members of the armed forces.

As a consequence of that unjustified attack on September 17 in La Charca, in the state of Apure close to the Colombian border - six young people were killed: one engineer from the Venezuelan oil industry and five soldiers, machine-gunned down whilst on board a small vessel.

After expressing his condolences to the families of the victims, Chávez reiterated the instructions he had immediately given the Ministry of Defense to increase air, land and sea patrols in the whole of that area in order to find those who are responsible for this crime and prevent them from seeking impunity, "whoever the aggressors might have been."