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kink is cookie?

I thought I heard a yes on 36 advertisment on kink. I am so shocked, I am hesitant to be sure.
Get up stand Up
Get up stand Up
At about 16:45 I thought I heard a pro measur 36 advertisement on Kink 101.9 FM Its very sad to see this station brodcast bigotry for money. A real embarassing managment decision. I wonder how much money they chose to recieve to hold there fellow citizens down? Truly amazing. After the add, they station said that thier advertisement did not have to reflect any veiws of the station, sponsors or its management. Who are they kidding. Actions speak lowder than words.

So for the next few minute I gathered thier other sponsors so people could let them and kink 101.9 FR radio have our thoughts.

Starbucks coffee, Shane Co., Adidas, Copeland sportsware, Toyota/Dodge, Northwest Natural, Ron Tonkin, Channel 8 Weather, and Lexus.
Thye have no choice 24.Sep.2004 06:09

Mike stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

"I thought I heard a pro measur 36 advertisement on Kink 101.9 FM Its very sad to see this station brodcast bigotry for money."

Excuse me, friend, but that's the rules, and a very necessary rule since radio licenses are a limitation on "free speech". Print media is allowed to be totally free in this regard, to take a political position (that of the publisher) and to be "unfair" to other political posiitons becuase no license is required to operate a printing press.

Radio and television, not so. You are not allowed to simply open your own broadcasting station, so what would happen if the owners (the "pubishers") with this form of media were all opposed to your political position? So.... we have a rule in place that all FCC license holders MUST sell time at their normal rate for political ads. They CANNOT say "we don't approve of your political position; won't agree to carry your ad". It goes even farther than that. Obviously the total amount of uncommitted ad time (not already owned by their regular commercial advertisers) is limited. Suppose that one side in a political matter has bought their remaining ad time and then the other side says "we want to buy time". They cannot say, sorry, no time left. They have to sell them an equal amount of time EVEN if that meant knocking out their regular advertisers.

Of course the time isn't necessarily free (as in free lunch). If one side has to pay for it, then the other claiming equal time has to also, and if they can't afford it, tough shit, they don't get equal time. But if the first was given the time by the station, then the second doesn't have to pay. NOTE -- this gets seriously abused at times because the claims of minor candidates or minor sides of issues may have no more luck than they have getting to the table of supposedly non-partisan debates.

KINK also uses disclaimer 24.Sep.2004 06:18


I, too, have heard this ad. But there is a disclaimer stating that these ads "do not neccessarily reflect the opinions of KINK, their staff, etc".
More importantly to me, I have heard about three different VOTE NO on 36 ads on Kink.
I guess it is only fair to put both sides out there. Even if I don't agree.

For Measures, Choice; For Candidates, No Choice 24.Sep.2004 09:55


The rules are actually different for candidates and measures...Mike is right regarding candidates, but ballot measures are a different story. Radio stations can pick and choose ballot measure campaigns, they're not bound by the same rules as for candidates.

The song and dance is clear 24.Sep.2004 17:04

Its the money

For money than it appears kink will assalt your right. Maybe this time you are not impacted directly but if the price is right, kink will.

Kink is not alone so it maybe wise to restrict your friends and family to the boo.

They of course could use your pledge..............
US gone Wild
US gone Wild

One Man, One Right Hand 26.Sep.2004 08:13

Pravda or Consequences

Vote NO on 36

Not ture they do not have to accept ballot measures 26.Sep.2004 11:16


Radio and TV do not have to accept and air ballot measures. Nor do they have to accept canidate platforms.
The way it works is often for a big election i.e. presidential they will but will have to accept ads for all parties.
Ballot measures are totally different. They do not have to accept them nor do they need to be fair and air both sides. It is a money thing. I used to work there, thisis true.