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Hell No I Won't Go

What legal obligation does one have when summoned for jury duty?
I have a question,okay actually several questions.I would appreciate it if you would not use this forum to chastise me for my feelings and beliefs as I am only looking for answers,not criticism.I have had an extremely lousy week so please play nice.Last week I received a summons to appear for jury duty.I sent in the questionaire and told them due to a previous medical commitment I would not be available.Today I received a notice that stated my request was denied and I was to appear on the scheduled date at the scheduled time.The truth of the matter is I DO NOT want to serve on a jury.I have very little respect for the judicial system so do not want to be a party to it,plus,I do not want to sit in judgement of another human being and decide their fate.Yes,I am aware that the majority of people don't want to serve when called up and yes,I too know that someone has to do the dirty work,just,please,not me.So my questions are:Are there acually laws that require citizens to perform jury duty?Is it true that they pull the names from DMV records/voters'registration,and if so does this mean that non drivers and non voters never get called upon to serve?What would the consequences be if I just didn't show up?I would really appreciate anyone who has any legal knowledge in this field to provide me with the answers. Thanks.
Two Words: Jury Nullification 23.Sep.2004 14:11


Expressing your belief in jury nullification will get you kicked off almost any jury in the U.S. Learn more about your rights as a juror:


Another Alternative 23.Sep.2004 14:37


jury duty...and practice nullification. They can't arrest you for hanging the jury.

Radical view 23.Sep.2004 14:52


Jefferson said of jury duty it was a citizen's greatest honor and greatest obligation. Why not go, though the advise above will work well. Frankly if I were on trial I'd like to know some one in the pool had at least heard of IMC. But as they used to say of this land, it's a free country.

PS can I have your seat?

It's your duty to the american bar 23.Sep.2004 15:03

jerri prudence

Dear jurer. I know that you don't want to expend your time to enrich the members of the bar association, however, just how- in- hell am I going to charge 300 dollars an hour. We members of the legel industry depend upon your free labor to make this system work. We just give you 10 dollars a day because, " it's your duty as a good citizen". We lawyers are professional and are here to service you. your's truely , Mucho Grattus

jerri prudence 23.Sep.2004 15:19


How do you feel about tort reform? Given your background as an expensive (BTY 300 an hour is cheap) lawyer for or against.

he he. 23.Sep.2004 16:27


You could find a way to vomit on the judge, or prosecutor?

just go and do like 23.Sep.2004 16:46


do when called for jury-duty...listen attentively and then vote your beliefs of
government corruption by voting "not guilty" until either the rest of the 11 fall
in line, or the jury is hung. It's "costly" and the system shits on itself when
this happens!

Why not go? 23.Sep.2004 16:53


I've been summoned for jury duty five times is 25 years. It really is not that big of a deal. If you find it a true hardship, you can usually be excused. On the last jury I sat on, the defendant was charged and convicted of second degree rape of a fifteen year old girl. This guy was supposed to be a friend of the young victim's family. What a frickin creep. I was more than happy to be part of the justice that this sicko received. Our system may not be perfect, but refusal to participate makes it even less so.


Why they rejected me from a jury. 23.Sep.2004 17:00

Another @

I was required to report for Jury duty. They handed me a questionaire. One of the questions was:

Is there anything you would like to state that we may wish to take into account in selected you for a jury (or something to that effect)?

I replied:

"I am an anarchist."

They booted me out of the jury pool.

Hugs & Kisses 23.Sep.2004 20:11

Juror # 0

I really appreciate your suggestions,voices of experience,humor and information.I still am not sure how I will handle this but I know I will not serve on a jury.Should I be cited for contempt of court and any of you end up on my jury please find me "temporarily insane."To the person who was glad that he/she served and was able to help put a rapist behind bars,I honestly do not find jail to be a "cure" for sex offenders.My views are very personal to me and I have always found it difficult to explain them and I abhor having to defend them but I must say all of you have been extremely kind and helpful in allowing me to embrace my convictions in your nonjudgemental replies. Thank you.

Juror # 0 23.Sep.2004 20:28


OK you win your views. But in a land were everything is being done to remove the legal system from helping people it seems like another american quiting. When will the people of this country stand up and take back their nation.

Its Slavery 23.Sep.2004 22:36

Its not a duty

The courts are our slave masters.

Slavery should not be a duty. Some how the citizens are brainwashed to work for free and thinks thats smart. A duty in fact. I dont get it. Generally, the judge, staff and the lawyers dont work for free. Some time the cops and those commanded are there for free. Expert whitnesses often get paid. Its a damn shame that the court and its officers are so a civil as to require slavery for its operation. The stipen is a insult to the jury. The justice system is in part a slave system.

Sometimes its seems so bogus I wish we could UNIONIZE the JURY
Got Some Work to do
Got Some Work to do

Duty 24.Sep.2004 09:31


For years the right has been undermining the jury 'system'. It appears they are to be congradulated on their success. You have a point about how much lawyers get paid.
So does that mean we should not have medicine since doctors get paid. The thing is what would you replace them with? Not some pie in the sky system that will work after the revolution what now.

The jury system is the one place the individual can make a difference, stand your ground and hang the jury.

No Easy Solution 24.Sep.2004 12:33

Juror # 0

Funny but I don't feel like a winner,kzoo.How can there be any winners when we live in a society in which we can not believe or have trust in our govenment,elected officials,police,judicial systems,schools,medical professionals,media,private business and at times one another?To appear for jury duty and intentionally hang a jury does sound tempting but on the other hand by just showing up aren't you attesting to supporting a system that you don't embrace?

Just Say No 25.Sep.2004 08:45


What would happen if when a summons comes in the mail for jury duty that the person just simply ignored it?How could it be proven that it had ever been delivered?The courts would then have to start sending all the summons by registered/certified mail which would be much too costly.Juror # 0 I admire your determination not to work within the system.It has provided me with food for thought the next time I receive a jury request.Good luck.

I 25.Sep.2004 21:46


I went when I was summoned for a couple of reasons. My job paid me while I was there, I read several books, did some writing and caught up with some friends on the phone and enjoyed a sort of mini-vacation. I even made some money because they pay you mileage.

Since I am not a registered voter, I could only be called for civil trials, not criminal. I got called once or twice in the week but was rejected. The second reason was to see what the inner workings were, it's information that might come in handy if you ever go on trial for something. Another benefit was to meet and interact with other jurors who I would never had encountered in another way. I had some interesting conversations with people there.

Have Seen It From Both Sides 26.Sep.2004 13:52

Juror # 0

Spy, Don't get me wrong, I have been on both sides of this fence and that is why I have no respect or faith in our judicial system. I sat in the jury room for three days and witnessed potential jurors get a steady diet of television justice as they sat enthralled with Perry Mason,People's Court and Judge Matthis. My only thought was, "thank you God that these individuals are not going to be deciding my fate today." I witnessed a pimply face kid who was actually selected for jury duty who was jabbering away to fellow jurors during testimonies even after the judge had to stop the proceedings repeatedly to tell him to shut up. He was allowed to stay on the jury. I met a really cool attorney and a legal secretary who told me they both got called up every year even though, due to their professions, they were never allowed on a jury. Oh yes, and then there was the little silver haired granny who volunteered for a rape crisis hotline who was selected to serve on a rape case. She had not mentioned that very imoportant aspect but luckily it was quietly leeked to the judge by another juror and she was immediately removed from the jury. I am glad you had a good experience during your time but what I saw scared the hell out of me. Don't some countries still have "professional jurors?" Not that that is necessarily the solution either as sometimes people who have seen too much tend to loose compassion or good judgement towards others.

Want to know my rights 28.Sep.2004 07:58

Old enough to serve

No one has yet to answer the question if there is a law that requires a person to attend jury duty when called upon to do so.I have recently moved to Oregon and am at the age now that my number could come up and I would like to know my rights in advance.Where do I go to get the answer?