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The Oregonian has no integrity!

The Oregonian candidate endorsement process is a sham!

They don't even bother to talk to third party candidates and yet they feel comfortable telling Oregonians who the best candidate is for a particular race? This is an outrage and should anger all Oregonians regardless of their personal political affiliations or lack of one.
Several Members of the Pacific Green Party, as well as members of the Constitution party, the Socialist party, and the Libertarian party were all snubbed by the Oregonian during their annual candidate endorsements recently.

It's not that most third party candidates expected to be endorsed by the corporate media, but certainly they expected to "at least" be interviewed for their positions on the issues. The Oregonian doesn't even bother to pretend that they are fair and complete in their endorsement process.

Oregonian Associate editor Rick Attig responded to my complaint that I was not even interviewed despite the fact that I made it very easy for the Oregonian do to so. He basically said that there are far to many candidates and to few resources to interview all the candidates and that they try to focus on Democrats and Republicans, who he claimed are the most likely to win.

If the Oregonian does not have the resources to at least do the basic investigatory ground work or a cursory interview of all the candidates in a given race, why endorse anyone at all? They should just issue a statement every year that says "The Oregonian only supports the duopoly, all third party candidates need not apply!"
Did You Catch the Lame Hatfield OpEd Piece? 23.Sep.2004 10:09

Cheney Watch

I noticed that although the Oregonian has not yet published an official Presidential endorsement, they included in today's paper a vague, embarrassing "I'm going to vote for George Bush" op ed piece by Mark Hatfield. Years ago, I used to have respect for this man, but no longer. Obviously old age has made him senile and selfish, given his latest endorsements and alliances. What a shame.

A very bad newspaper. . . 23.Sep.2004 12:02

Hal E. Burton

It's a close knit group there at the Whoregonian. I began noticing certain names repeating in the letters to the editors. Seems some folks are published all the time, while others almost never are. One guy actually had two letters on the same page on the same day in my local section. I've started compiling names and am thinking of sending a heads-up to the Columbia Journalism Review if not FAIR or Willamette Week.

They should be embarassed; the paper is very fat but the content is almost all syndicated and what's locally generated is mostly fluff.

Full disclosure: BA in journalism; MBA with final project on "controlled circulation" publications. My dad was a magazine publisher, and his dad was too.

Same 24.Sep.2004 00:52


The same goes for the Democracy for America poll. What a hypocritic group. It assumes a 2-party country, and doesn't deserve to call itself "Democracy" 4 America.