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Michael Moore update / U.S. troops watching F-911 in Iraq

Michael Moore movie update, overseas troops watching F 911
Despite Earlier Hassle with Disney, Miramax Will Back Moore's Newest Film

Miramax is proceeding with plans to back Michael Moore's next documentary about the American health care system and to distribute it once it's completed, Daily Variety reported today (Wednesday), citing no sources. Disney CEO Michael Eisner has apparently not indicated whether he plans to nix the new film, titled Sicko, as he did Moore's previous film, Fahrenheit 9/11. If he does, Variety observed, it could further jeopardize the already fragile relationship that exists between Eisner and Miramax Co-chairmen Harvey and Bob Weinstein.

'Fahrenheit' Gets Warm Reception by U.S. Troops in Iraq

Although Fahrenheit 9/11 has been widely condemned by conservative commentators as a device to undermine the U.S. public's support for American troops in Iraq, the film, now widely available on DVD, has become a big hit among the troops themselves, the Christian Science Monitor reported today (Wednesday). "Everyone's watching it," a Marine corporal in Ramadi told the newspaper. "It's shaping a lot of people'
"Sicko" Will Focus On HMOs 23.Sep.2004 14:07

Mistletoe Angel

Michael Moore's latest project will be about HMO's, attempting to make a claim in the necessary right for patients to have the ability to sue them, a debate under fire as we speak.

Sounds good. And congratulations for Michael Moore's film in making over $130 million domestically and millions more worldwide, but, far more importantly, if not exactly convincing, influencing or educating many worldwide of the grim aura of Bush and his capitalizing on a stolen election and the tears of 9/11.

Noah Eaton

chack 24.Sep.2004 06:27


Roman emporors didn't let the expendable soldiers enter Rome after a campain in foriegn lands. The powerfull were too fearfull of those they sent into hell.