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Nader Taking Electoral College Victory from Kerry

New Tracking Tool Projects Nader's Current Impact on Presidential Election in a Single Keystroke
News From: Progressive Unity Voter Fund
Contact: John Pearce (415) 738-0586 John Pearce

(Mill Valley, CA - August 12, 2004) In the most dramatic and clear presentation yet of Ralph Nader's impact on the presidential election, The Unity Campaign today launched a new interactive tracking map, "Nader 04 Impact Map." With a single keystroke, this new tool projects Nader's current impact on the Electoral College for the 2004 presidential election.It can be found at www.TheUnityCampaign.org/Battleground.

"Nader 04 Impact Map" is based on the most recent "likely voter" poll available for each Battleground state. For the week of August 10, "Nader 04 Impact Map" shows Nader taking Kerry from Electoral College victory to a virtual tie with George Bush. The Electoral College tally with Nader excluded stands at Kerry: 275, Bush: 227, and Toss-up states 36. This puts Kerry beyond the 272 electoral votes required to win. With Nader included in each poll, the current totals are Kerry: 254, Bush: 252, and Toss-up: 32.

"Nader 04 Impact Map" lets visitors view each Battleground state's current status. In addition, a companion "More Battleground Polls" table shows other major recent polls for each state. Since polls' inherent limitations derive partly from the sample size of any single poll, additional polls from each state provide valuable additional perspective.

"Nader 04 Impact Map" was built by Cinemetrix, Inc., with data drawn from the authoritative, non-partisan "PollingReport.com." Internet and partisan polls are excluded. Consistent methodology and data transparency provide full visibility into standards and criteria used.

"Nader 04 Impact Map" is a project of www.TheUnityCampaign.org, a citizen campaign of progressives working to beat George Bush in the 2004 election. The Campaign is a grassroots alliance of progressives and former Nader supporters, outside the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign. The Unity Campaign is sponsored by the Progressive Unity Voter Fund, a political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.

Cinemetrix, Inc. develops strategies and solutions for e-marketers that increase and measure response. The company uses proprietary measurement, diagnostic, and creative tools and methodologies to maximize business performance. The company is based in Newton, Massachusetts.

homepage: homepage: http://www.theunitycampaign.org/press/nader_takes_votes_081204.php