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The Nation on Ralph Nader

Eric Alterman artical in the ANtion Magazine, posting a link

I thought that this was a very good and insightful artical on Raplph Nader. Just wanting to share it...
Sucks 23.Sep.2004 00:16

George Bender

One of the stupidist articles I've ever read. By the way, the American left is not composed of minorities and unions, both of which have become fatally embedded in the Democratic party. It is made up of low-income people like myself who are sick and tired of getting screwed by both Democrats and Republicans, and are fighting mad. See you in hell.

The Nation is a Democratic Party magazine nowadays I think... 23.Sep.2004 08:01


After their continued attacks (which I determined to be unfounded and plain logically wrong) on Nader and those who would follow him, I deleted "The Nation" from my favorites about early Jan or Feb this year. It was obvious to me they were not a progressive magazine, (in my sense of the word) anymore and only cared about the Democratic Party.

Please, Let's Get Along Now 23.Sep.2004 12:15

Mistletoe Angel

Who's being hostile here? Honestly.

That "see you in hell" just now and "i wish someone could blowtorch your oblivious ass" rhetoric from an earlier thread is just the kind of rhetoric I've been talking about.

You see, it's actually YOUR behavior which is bringing out bad vibes to every community. I am strongly opinionated and I speak with a strong tone, but never would I address such things to anyone here as some of you have, and you know who you are.

I know there are Democrats who like to call Republicans "fascists" or those forming "The Fourth Reich". I prefer to distance myself from those labels, as I don't see that as the appropriate way in resolving conflicts and differences. I also have never called the Republicans "evil", because that's untrue and quite unfair when in fact there are many sound, sensible Republicans out there who adhere to traditional conservative values and have formed the values of faith and family in our cultural fabric. Calling someone flat-out "evil" is basically playing the same game as the Bush Administration in instantly declaring Iraq, Iran and North Korea "evil" countries because they are consisted of in their "Axis of Evil" diagram. There are indeed many wronged Republicans in this Administration that have so much penitence to make and explaining to do which many haven't even started yet, but we must keep our protest and volume within reason.

Again, and you know who you are, those of you who are committed to peace and the peace process, you're contradicting your notion with your stinging rhetoric. Frankly, it makes my heart cry seeing such firefight with words occur.

Peace begins with you. Nisaragada Ha Maharaj once said, "Keep quiet. Do your work in the world, but inwardly keep quiet. Then all will come to you.".

Please, keep keep declaring your heart and mind aloud, but can we please drop the obscenities? These riled words won't get us anywhere.

Thank you. I'd very much appreciate it, and believe it would be all the better for each of us.

Noah Eaton

A Note 23.Sep.2004 12:22

Mistletoe Angel

George, the American Left is made up of all the above.

That's just the beauty of being a liberal. It encourages the right to be YOU, it celebrates the freedom and pursuit of seeking new ideas and concepts, being individualistic, and having a diverse mind. There's no doubt conservatives work to seek new ideas and many celebrate diversity as well, although they also believe it is important to seek the necessity of conformity, or have established principles written in stone.

The former in which you've mentioned are fighting too, they're playing their role.

Noah Eaton

Blecch. 23.Sep.2004 12:25

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

The Nation can bite me. If Eric Alterman were running down the street on fire, I wouldn't turn my head to spit on him. That asshole.

Noah 23.Sep.2004 22:57

George Bender

This is the kindest way I know how to say this: you're a moron.

Why Thank You 24.Sep.2004 12:33

Mistletoe Angel

George, I can still sense the anger deep in yourself. That's OK.

I believe others would indeed think the same as me as you have, and that's OK. Others would think otherwise, and in the end what's important is we're all a walking contradiction of things. Variety adds spice to life.

And that's exactly why I enjoy talking to those like yourself. It gets me out of my comfort zone and gets me to understand he world and others better. Somehow, we're all anthroplogists at heart.

I compliment you personally for speaking your heart and mind, something which many, young people especially, don't do in this age of apathy, perhaps because they fear prejudice or someone confronting them and shouting so loud their ear drums shatter. I have much respect for you in having the courage to share your opinions and feelings.

In a way, calling me a "moron" I take almost as a compliment. Not much of a friendly expression but still an expression nevertheless. It shows we have opened up in conversation, and as we continue to discuss and debate perhaps we can learn far more from one another! :)

Noah Eaton

dot 24.Sep.2004 13:24


The US left is made up of privileged people who are nearly as much a part of the problem as the right. Behind the somewhat better rhetoric, you find people who are married to consumption and excess, who are hardly willing to actually make the sortws of changes that are needed in the world.

Liberals are closet fascists. They turn a blind eye to the harm that is done in their name around the world, and a blind eye to the direct harm their lifestyle choices do to other people in the world.

You can sugar coat things, say we are all together, but that is meaningless unless one is willing to back up the talk with real choices.

Oh, and yes, the bushmob are trying to impose fascism. They are not just misguided. However, it is not just them. The Democrats are aiming at their own sort of authoritarian state.

As for the article - it is disgusting.

Throwing stones in glass houses 29.Sep.2004 17:25


Hey Dash, when you begin to walk everywhere, live off the land and unplug completely from corporate civilization, you'll have some credibility. Till then we are all stuck trying to figure this thing out.

Your broad bush is a bit broad don't you think?